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Hello there, 

Hope all of you are doing well. Sadly, I'm not here with a new chapter (though I have drafts pending to publish). I'm here with rather exciting news. After writing two fanfics and more fanfic drafts, I realised I want to do an original. So me and my friend Extra26 started writing something. 

It's available on R*yal R*oad and Scribbl* H*b.  Please, drop a follow on R*yal R*ad, will help out a lot, and a review after reading the chapters that were posted!

R*yal R*ad: Extra26 (author acc for easy access) 
SH: My account 

It's annoying to censor these words :/


Title:  Magus Reborn

Synopsis: Kai of the Sorcerer's Tower is one of the last mages left, barely surviving in a world ruled by creatures of the dark — where the era of mages ended, and most of the lands got contaminated with dead mana.

To save his world and fulfil his master's last wish, he put himself through a forbidden ritual, risking his soul being ripped into pieces to make his way into the past. In an era with abundant mana — an era yet to enter the Golden Era of Magic.

Things go wrong, of course, as they always do, and he finds himself thousands of years before the world fell to mana contamination — in the body of a young lord, Arzan. All is not well, though, as the young lord was murdered by someone and he had a beast wave to protect his territory from before moving to larger threats as well trying to get back his former strength in a world where magic techniques and technology is primitive.

He might be able to change that.


Hardcore wish fulfillment. Feel free to practice your skim reading.
If the novel gets 500 followers in the next two days, there will be bonus chapters. So, please follow, rate and review if you can. It really helps out. [All on R*yal R*ad]

PS - Contact Extra26 for any business inquiries.
dc: https://discord.gg/T8AuS5jeUc
TC's server for author updates: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv