Chapter 01.
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The reflection of his fingers running through his hair in front of the mirror hit the boy with the realization that it was him. He was controlling this unknown body.

A slight gasp escaped through his dry lips revealing a bitter expression, it was not him, yet him. The picture of the upper body was stark naked while the lower body had bright blue sweatpants on. Something he'd normally not wear, unlike his dull solemn colors.

"Am I dreaming?" He asked a bit loud. The voice reverberated back to his ears.

He slapped himself while still staring at the mirror making sure it was still him doing everything that is happening to the reflection and trying to know what is actually going on.

A hard slap hit his left cheek and left it stinging, he opened and closed his sharp jaw, which he realized was his.

Ian Renner, who last remembered sitting on the E class flight to London, could not remember anything apart from the short sleep he decided to take on the flight because he was worn out by his busy schedule.

Looking around, all he could see was a luxurious-looking room with a high-quality interior and he assumed that he was either in some mansion or a Five-star hotel. But much to his horror there was no trace of where and what he was doing right there.

The slight ray of sunlight passing through the glass calmly enjoyed its stay on the navy blue bed which indicated the morning sun still had plenty of time left to arrive.

Looking here and there around the four corners of the room, he realized the mirror seemed to help him with showing what he looks like but making it worse by not telling him why he looks like that. He now has a brand new body.

Taking a few steps backward, he sat on the edge of the bed wondering how and why all of this happened.

Suddenly there was a noise from the door that was on his left side which made him jump, numbing his brain for quite a good second.

Revealing a young girl, who seems to be in her early 20s with her damp hair and white robe wrapped around her fair body. Seeing her Ian made a frown along with a confused look.

Thousands of questions attacked his head giving him a slight headache. Looking from her head to toes, he saw how pretty she is but realized she isn't his type at all.

The longer he stared at her, the longer she stared back at him. His headache increased while bringing him memories of the original body owner and girl having nothing but sex throughout the night. Sarah was her name.

"Hey, you look odd. What happened?," She enquired and walked in front of the mirror, swaying her hips side to side.

"Doesn't matter. Leave now." He responded coldly. Due to all the questions which seemed to be ringing inside Ian's brain, he just wanted to be alone.

The girl turned in a split second to look back at him. She was bewildered. His gaze remained cold, locked on hers, intentionally.


"Leave. You heard me." He cut her off shortly.

"You promised to take me shopping. And I-"

"Leave, Sarah." The coldness of his voice surprised Ian himself. The girl didn't dare to utter a single word more and just gave him an annoyed look.

She collected her belongings that were lying on the floor and bedpost, then she left. His eyes, which had been locked on to her the whole time, moved to his tangled fingers while his elbows rested on his legs.

A low groan left his lips. His hands grasped his throbbing head which was having an increase in pain with every moving second.

The steps of Sarah faded away while leaving Ian and his thoughts alone. The progressing headache gave him more memories.

"I'm transmigrated," Going through memories one by one, this realization finally hit him but many things were still unclear.

He took the phone that was on the bed-stand, which said 8.17 am, and the date read the year, 2017.


Ian was from a middle-classed family, he grew up and pursued to be an actor on his own will. Studying in film school was one of the things he desperately wanted to do in his life.

After turning 18, without much support from his family, he grinded his way into the film industry. He had to go through hours of one after another audition to finally find a place in this Stardom.

Years of struggle finally brought him up as a C - grade actor. It was after all this that he got an offer to act as a supporting role in a big Disney movie with more than 100 million USD production cost.

He was more than content with what he got because he solely knew that he would be able to climb up to be a B lister actor easily after this movie, but fate had different plans. His attempt to go to London failed as ended up inside the body of somebody unknown who is also named Ian, but with a completely different background.

A series of memories flashed through his mind rapidly, explaining not just about his new body but also about the new world he is going to live in. The history and its geography, and almost everything are a bit different except for the technological development. The more he kept recalling it, the clearer it occurred to him.


Ian, the body owner, was from a quite wealthy family. He basically is the typical definition of a spoiled brat. His father owned a production studio and made a huge fortune and a successful career until it came down after investing millions of dollars in a few disastrous projects and facing massive losses due to it. Despite the attempts of his father to get back the old glory, they never fully recovered from it.

Making things worse, Ian's parents died in a car accident around two years ago. What was left for Ian was five million dollars, an old mansion in Beverly Hills, and the studio that his dad owned which was now on the verge of shutting down.

The original soul of the body, who was always covered with luxury, had to face their sudden death. Yet he dealt with it in the worst way possible. He turned himself into a playboy.  Laying down with random girls and leaving them was one of his daily routines. Not to mention, the jail was a place he visited more than twice this year. His teenage days were filled with nothing but things that he was going to surely regret one day if he was still here.

Nevertheless, after last night's one-night-stand, Ian's body was replaced with another 'Ian', but who-knows-how this happened.


The actor-Ian was still lying on the bed with a deep frown thinking about these memories, debating what exactly to do now. The scene of how he died in his sleep kept replaying in his mind much to his displeasure. With a little time he knew, he could control what he saw. Subtly, he stopped the replay of his death as it wasn't that much of a nice scene to keep watching.

Straightening his back, he let out a deep sigh which he held for too long due to all the memory flashbacks. He started thinking about why his soul was transmigrated into this body. Is there anything left for him to do? Is this a second chance or a payment? He started thinking of all the sins and merits he did in his lifetime. Various thoughts invaded his brain.

Out of it all, the worst was how he thought of paying back for the sins he did. Ian was no saint after all. Clearly, the thought gave him something to be afraid of but something he would never do. He was always someone who reasoned whatever he committed to. Either good or bad. His thoughts didn't seem to end.

Suddenly, what he saw sent a chill down his spine. His mouth curved into an 'O' shape in surprise. He couldn't believe his eyes for the second time. First, it is this body. Now, it's a treasure. Pure treasure.


Various types of famous, peak-hit movies from his world were in front of his eyes. He was sure someone was playing with him badly and he was unsure why in the world he was seeing all this.

They all were like an open library in front of his eyes. Various types of names and images were projected on the front screen through his eyes. Thinking of one particular film, it appeared on the front screen slightly away from the library of movies. He found that the movie folders contain literally anything and everything it takes to direct a movie. From soundtracks to dialogues, start to the end, which gave him goosebumps.

What many legends suffered to create by spending days after days in his original world, was right in front of him. The irony is, from what he saw through the memories, the new universe in which he now resides in, people haven't seen many appreciable movies that were created in his original world. Basically, he realized the people in this world missed big-time entertainment. Ian's eyes were locked on to the screen.

Thinking about the screen behind the library, the movie folder appeared back. He decided to open more and more folders from the library and surprise himself. Meanwhile, his brain was in a huge debate of questions about this superpower he is blessed with, or maybe cursed with.