Chapter 359 | #NewIan
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After an hour of Ian’s appearance on and off during the breaks—the host finally came back from another break. 

William’s smile was unmatched. He looked at the cameras with the same smile he had plastered on his face, even before. 

“And welcome back folks! Our time with the brilliant Ian Renner has sadly come to an end, but what an incredible journey it's been. Before we bid our guest farewell, let's recap some of the highlights from our conversation tonight!”

The audience cheers and applauses filled the studio once again. 

“Ian Renner, your insights into the world of filmmaking have been inspiring. From your early days as a budding storyteller to the pinnacle of winning that Oscar, your dedication to your craft is truly commendable. We've laughed, we've marveled, and we've even shed a tear or two – all in the span of this unforgettable interview!” His words held the truth. 

The crowd nodded and agreed with the host. 

“Thank you so much, William. It's been an absolute pleasure to be here and share my experiences with you and your wonderful audience,” Ian smiled while his eyes stayed on the cameras. 

“Now, before you go, let's talk about your upcoming project that has us all on the edge of our seats. The teasers you've dropped have ignited a firestorm of anticipation. Can you give us just a little taste of what's in store?”

“Oh! Without giving away too much, I can say that this project is something I've poured my heart and soul into. It's a departure from my previous works, delving into uncharted territories while still retaining the essence of what makes storytelling so powerful. You can expect a rollercoaster of plots, unexpected twists, and a visual experience that will leave you breathless. And honestly, this is going to be one of those movies where I do not doubt that my crowd will love it…”

The excitement-filled gasps and the cheers didn’t go unnoticed by him. He bowed his head slightly and thanked them. 

Even though the crowd in front of him was little, he could tell that, with the numbers he had reached for the night, there must be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who were gasping with excitement at the moment. 

“Well, if that doesn't pique our curiosity, I don't know what will! Ian, thank you for gracing our stage tonight and sharing your incredible journey with us. We can't wait to witness your new masterpiece and experience the magic you're about to unleash upon the world. The trailer will be out…?” William questioned and directly looked at Ian. 

“Tomorrow. Seven sharp. Begin the countdown!” Ian smiled and looked at William. 

“Thank you for coming, really,” William finally said humbly. 

“Thank you for having me, William. It's been an absolute pleasure.”

“And to our amazing audience, thank you for joining us on this extraordinary night. Remember to mark your calendars for the release of Ian’s movie! – it's a date you won't want to miss.

“That's a wrap for tonight's show, but fear not, for the Late Night Spotlight will be back with more laughter, more entertainment, and more unforgettable moments. Until then, stay inspired and keep chasing your dreams. Goodnight, everyone!”

As William ended, Ian could hear the cameras cutting from the earpiece. The crowds kept clapping, some even trying to get Ian’s attention. 

Ian stood up and waved at them nonetheless. 


“Once again, it was good to have you here,” William, who was now dressed in a casual shirt and trousers, said while shaking Ian’s hands. 

“It was good. I’m glad the numbers exceeded what you expected.”

“Ah!” Ian chuckled. “I did not doubt the first place-”

“Yes, I honestly have got to tell you. My wife is a huge fan of yours. As this entire thing was a last-minute call, I had to contact my wife before I appeared on screen—and trust me, Ian, she was beyond thrilled to hear that you’d be here. She admires you so much for how young and successful you are.”

A genuine smile took over Ian’s face. 

Because throughout the evening, Ian had to keep a straight smile and a straight face considering how one camera was always pointed at him. 

But this time, hearing his words—made him realize how much impact he had on people. 

“I’m grateful to know.”

“Would you mind… Taking a picture with me? She’ll be extremely happy—you know, happy wife, happy life,” William said and pulled his phone out of his front pocket. 

Ian nodded and walked closer, smiling at the phone camera. 

‘Someone is getting lucky tonight’, Ian thought to himself and walked away. 


A few hours after the live show ended, the internet burst into flames. Ian’s little interview had taken the interview by a shock-filled wave. 

There were already articles that started to circulate on social media. 

"Breaking: Ian's Highly Anticipated Film Teaser Set to Drop Tomorrow – Get Ready for a Cinematic Spectacle!"

"Countdown Begins: Catch a Sneak Peek of Ian's Latest Film with Tomorrow's Trailer Release!"

"Set Your Alarms: Tomorrow Morning Marks the Unveiling of Ian's Blockbuster Trailer!"

"Exclusive First Look: Tomorrow's Trailer Release for Ian's New Movie Promises Thrills and Intrigue!"

"Rise and Shine: Get Your Popcorn Ready for Ian's Movie Trailer Premiere Tomorrow!"

"Brace Yourselves: Ian's Upcoming Film Teaser Hits Screens Tomorrow – Don't Miss It!"

"Breaking Dawn: The Sun Isn't the Only Thing Rising Tomorrow – Ian's Film Trailer is Too!"

"Calling All Film Buffs: Tomorrow's Early Treat – The Trailer of Ian's Much-Awaited Movie!"

"Ready, Set, Watch: Tomorrow's Sunrise Brings Ian's Film Trailer to Your Screens!"

"A New Day, A New Teaser: Ian's Latest Movie Trailer Arrives Tomorrow Morning!"

Just like the headlines, the comments were full of excited people who wanted to see what was Ian’s next big step. 




Ian Renner once again struck his mastery of movie directing! I can’t believe how he is always ready to come up with something very creative all the time. Oh my! #eager #newmovie #newIan 


From what everyone is saying, I believe the movie is going to be something he had never created before… A sci-fi movie! But from Ian’s words in the show… It’s going to be an exciting one, nevertheless. Guys, if anyone knows what it is going to be, please, I beg, reply to me in the comments! 

@Harrison.Edward replies to @Guffawkins 

Weird name, my guy. But yes, it’s going to be sci-fi. #newmovie #newian The #newIan hashtag is trending. 

@Mc.Clair ✔

@Ian Renner excited for you, hun! #newIan. All the cast! Mark Hamill, a newbie actor! When Ian mentioned him in the show… I was wondering! But I'm excited! #tomorrow 


Ian took Nwitter by storm this time! Can’t wait for what’s tomorrow! And guys, if the trailer is amazing, I’ll be selling tickets for the premiere! Hit that follow button and reply to this Nweet!

@Leo Club LA 

Ian Renner! Who have you introduced this time to the industry? Hopefully, another actor will succeed and bring your vision of the movie! I honestly am more excited knowing that it’s going to be sci-fi! A good sci-fi series hasn't been released in a very long time! Haha #newIan #tomorrow! 


[In an online forum] 

GalaxyGuru: OMG! Can't believe the hype for tomorrow!! 😲

WonderingWanderer: What's happening tomorrow? Did I miss something?

GalaxyGuru: You're in for a treat! Wait till you see what's coming!

CuriousCrafter: Okay, spill the beans! What's the big deal about tomorrow?

GalaxyGuru: I'm about to explode with excitement! But I won't ruin the surprise!

LostInSpace: Seriously, someone enlightens the clueless here. What's going on?

WonderingWanderer: Is there a new movie or something? I'm so lost!

GalaxyGuru: Movie? Nah, it's more like a phenomenon! Tomorrow's going to be epic!

CuriousCrafter: Phenomenon? Are they finally releasing that secret project?

LostInSpace: Ugh, I feel like I'm in the dark here. Can someone shed some light?

GalaxyGuru: Trust me, this is the light you've been waiting for! 🌟

WonderingWanderer: Is it a concert? A celebrity appearance?

GalaxyGuru: Not even close, my friends! Tomorrow, brace yourselves!

CuriousCrafter: I'm baffled. Is it a TV show, a book, a product launch?

LostInSpace: Seriously, this suspense is killing me. What is it?

GalaxyGuru: Drumroll, please... The trailer for the one and only, Star Wars: Episode 4, is dropping tomorrow!

WonderingWanderer: Star Wars? What's that?

CuriousCrafter: Never heard of it. Is it a new indie film?

LostInSpace: Wait, are you serious? What's Star Wars: Episode 4?

GalaxyGuru: You guys are in for a ride! The galaxy is about to change forever!

WonderingWanderer: Okay, now I'm intrigued. Can someone explain what Star Wars is?

CuriousCrafter: Change the galaxy? How?

LostInSpace: Seriously, enlighten us. What's the big fuss about Star Wars: Episode 4?

GalaxyGuru: Oh, just wait! Tomorrow, all your questions will be answered!

[End of Comment Section]


Ian’s eyes came down to the last reply of the form, ‘All the questions will be answered tomorrow’. 

It was just the trailer of the movie that was about to be released, but Ian was excited all over again.