Chapter 364 | The Comments
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Ian walked inside the office with his phone in his hand.

He took the elevator while his eyes were still glued to his phone. On his screen, there it was, the #1 website that had been there ever since he had started to make movies.

The same website where many famous critics, celebrities and almost everyone who counts gather to share their aspect on how good or bad a movie was.

And since it had been two nights in a row, Ian finally came out of his little holiday inside his library in his mansion to check out on how well the movie was doing.

Not that he didn’t see all those articles that kept the people entertained in every social media he was on, yet he knew he needed to check the statistics officially to feel the success and decide what would need to be done in the future.

| IAM: It’s A Movie!|

@Movie.Fella6700 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I couldn't have asked for anything more. Star Wars: A New Hope had it all. If I had to sum it up in one word, ‘superlative’ would be my answer. I saw the film for the first time and loved it.

I have to say that the film looks amazing with highly imaginative sets and dazzling special effects. And the action sequences were superbly choreographed and brisk, the Death Star climax was a knockout. The music is outstanding, by far one of his more exciting and rousing scores. The story is fast-paced, intelligent and has an essence of sophistication, and the screenplay is sharp and decisive.

And the performances were flawless. All in all, a definite sci-fi movie that blew me away. 10/10

@Miranda.SciFi  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Star Wars is a movie like no other. The characters are fun and interesting to watch, the special effects are astounding for their time, and it sets up whole character arcs that play out for many in the future.

This movie is something special and it goes beyond how fun and engaging each arc is and how well they're all made. A New Hope had gone through a hectic production, with multiple rewrites (as Ian mentioned in his interviews) and last-minute decisions being made to prevent budget increases and corporate meddling. The reason I say all that is to show how meaningful this movie was for Ian Renner to make. He managed to make something that's loved and cherished by almost everyone.

One controversial aspect I want to talk about is the narrative. All things considered, I love it, but it's not as earth-shattering a narrative as a lot of people would like you to believe. The whole "different people uniting for a common purpose" thing had been done in many other movies before this. Not to mention that the whole "blow up a space station" thing is in pretty much every other low-rent sci-fi flick from the time period. Again, I love it, but without the characters and especially the visual effects, this movie would've gone down as just another forgettable sci-fi movie.

Now that that's done, what a way to kick off one of the best movies ever. Thank you, Ian Renner.


The comments:

User123: OMG, just saw Star Wars: A New Hope, and it's an absolute masterpiece! Ian Renner has outdone himself. The special effects were ahead of their time. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to witness this moment in cinematic history…

GalacticFanatic77: Star Wars: A New Hope is pure nostalgia and epicness! Ian Renner has truly captured the essence of the Star Wars universe. And Mark Hamill as the lead role? He's a Newbie! The Force is strong with this one, and I can't wait to see the rest of the trilogy– Ian’s words not mine.

JediKnightMaster: The Force is strong in this film! Ian Renner has crafted a space opera like no other. Mark Hamill's portrayal of the hero is just awesome, and the world-building is just incredible.

RebelScum101: The battles, the characters, the music – everything is top-notch. I'm officially a Jedi Knight for life!

LightsaberLover33: The lightsaber duels are epic, and I can't stop humming the iconic soundtrack. May the Force be with you all!

DroidEnthusiast: Star Wars: A New Hope is a triumph of science fiction cinema! Ian Renner's direction and Mark Hamill's performance are both legendary. The droids, especially R2-D2 and C-3PO, steal the show with their charm and humor. This film has redefined the genre, and I'm ready for more adventures in this galaxy!

ForceAwakens45: Just saw Star Wars: A New Hope, and I'm in awe! Ian Renner's vision is unparalleled, and Mark Hamill is the perfect choice for the lead role, like if it was someone from the industry, I don’t think it will be this success. The space battles, the Force, and the sense of hope in the face of darkness – it's all there. Can't wait to see where this epic saga takes us next.

ChewieFanatic: But let's not forget about Chewbacca – he's a scene-stealer! This movie is a masterpiece, and I'm already planning my next trip to the galaxy far, far away.

EmpireStrikesBacker: The battle against the Empire is riveting, and I can't get enough of the characters. The Force is strong with this one, and I can't wait for the sequels!

YodaFanatic99: Star Wars: A New Hope, a cinematic gem it is! Ian Renner and Mark Hamill have given us a masterpiece. The Force, the Jedi, the Sith – it's all brilliantly portrayed. This movie will be cherished for generations to come. May the Force be with us always! I love this comment section :))


Ian took a deep breath as he continued to read the top two reviews. As he was still inside the elevator, the website didn’t allow him to read more than the first two reviews.

He looked at the reviews and let out a sigh of relief.

The elevator door opened, revealing Murphy, with his usual tablet in his hand.

“Mr. Renner, Good morning,” Murphy muttered politely and welcomed Ian.

“Were you waiting for me to come out of the elevator, Murphy? And please just call me Ian,” Ian said as he looked at Murphy and started to walk away to his office.

“Uh, yes, I saw you getting out of the car, and There were the applicants for the internship program who were present, and that’s why I thought being formal was suitable.”

“Ah, good job. But take them to the fifth floor, this is not the place, Murphy, can you come back with the box office reports? And the meeting is still on, right?”

“Yes, all the executives will be there. I checked the reports before you came, and I must admit that they’re more than what we imagined,” Murphy mumbled with a proud smile.

“The reports can never be more than what I imagined,” Ian smiled and looked at Murphy to make a point.

It was true that he had his assumption of every movie he created because he simply knew the potential of him and the worth of the movie. But it was something anyone except him wasn’t able to understand.

“Understood, sir. I’ll bring them to you in a bit.”

Ian nodded and removed his blazer as he waited for Murphy to be back with the reports.




Box Office Report: Star Wars: A New Hope (2024 Re-Release) - Opening Weekend

Release Date: May 24, 2024

Friday (May 24, 2024):

Domestic Gross: $32,500,000

International Gross: $45,750,000

Saturday (May 25, 2024):

Domestic Gross: $28,750,000

International Gross: $39,500,000

Sunday (May 26, 2024):

Domestic Gross: $26,000,000

International Gross: $35,250,000

Total Opening Weekend Gross (May 24-26, 2024):

Domestic Gross: $87,250,000

International Gross: $120,500,000


With the numbers, there were the statistics that proved and backed them up.

“Isn’t that more than what you expected?” The financial head questioned Ian as he continued to stare at the graphs.

“The budget will be covered in three to four weeks, and the rest of the profit will flow back to the company, right?”

The man nodded as he looked at Ian.

“That’d be it, thanks,” Ian let the guy go because there was something much more important he was about to attend to. The meeting with the executives was not only a meeting with the executives but also there were the investors of Renner Studio who would be present.

He knew the current statistics would surely make them feel good, but they’d be questioning the future of the studio even if there’s no reason.

“Ian, are you ready?” Murphy asked Ian. “Also, they’ll ask about the Academy Awards, and if you’ll be  putting Star Wars in.”

“Well, I’d come out as an idiot if I didn’t let Star Wars enter. The chances are just higher and better this year and that’s what matters. Also, soon enough, Goofy will be under Renner Studio, so I’m pretty sure they’ll walk back to their offices with pretty little smiles on their faces,” Ian said and stood up. He had a plan to conquer Hollywood little by little, and he knew that he’d get there.