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Star Wars has been a sensation throughout the world ever since the movie's release.

Within the initial two months of its release, Star Wars broke the record of being the fastest-grossing movie at the box office. Not only the fastest-grossing movie, but also became the highest-grossing movie in such a short time— the media acclaimed the Star Wars movie “Gone With the Wind”.

Since Ian had submitted the movie for the Academy Awards, Star Wars made it to the list quite easily.

The movie was nominated for ten Academy Awards including Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Costume Design, and Best Visual Effects.

“... Ian, you need to pick your suit for the ceremony,” Murphy walked in with a man who followed him.

Ian noticed that it wasn’t his usual designer as he looked at the man wearing an extremely highlighting gold chain.

He briefly nodded and let the guy walk in with his designs.

As soon as he walked in, he started showing his designs and let Ian look at every design individually.

“Well, I think we should go with the classic black tuxedo,”  Ian said while looking at the designs.

“I’ll send the sample in tomorrow,” the guy said and left the room after shaking Ian’s hand.

As soon as the designer left, Murphy sat in front of Ian.

“Ian, the numbers are still fresh and constant. Although there’s a positive fluctuation internationally, so, what’s our next move?”  Murphy questioned looking at Ian.

For the past few weeks that Ian had a break from offset and off the editing studio, he had spent his time in his library, thinking of what he was about to do next.

In his mind, he had more than several items on the list that he knew he needed to create in this world, but before anything, his plans for owning the Goofy were in his mind.

“Murphy, did Christopher’s assistant contact you?” Ian asked with a serious expression on his face.

“No, sir. Not yet, but the appointment for Tuesday is still on,” Murphy said and looked at Ian who smiled back at him.

“Alright, I’ll see you at dinner tonight,” Ian said, reminding him of the dinner tonight that was supposed to celebrate the box office numbers that were skyrocketing at the moment.

“I’ll head home,” Murphy said and walked out.

Ian looked at his laptop and the opened tab on his screen.

It was an article that was about Goofy and the newest movie that was released by the studio, the same week Renner Studio released and distributed Star Wars domestically and internationally.

| The Costly Frizzle Enters the Nominations of the Academy Awards! |

The Costly Frizzle, an embarking thriller done by Jeff Sanson enters the nomination list along with last year’s and this year’s bangers such as Star Wars, Ferris Life and even Heminson although the box-office numbers for The Costly Frizzle…


Ian stared at the article long enough that he read every single word on it. And apparently, the article that was done by Vanity Fair along with the interview with Jeff Sanson was hitting the headlines in almost every social media, emphasizing the hidden businesses that go behind the Academy Awards.

“Jeff… What are you doing, man? Why try to water a dead plant?”  Ian shook his head as he whispered the words.

The statistics proved his words, and so did the reaction from the public about the entire situation.

“He Costly Frizzle…”

Ian sighed and closed the article and opened the script that he was working on.

The next movie he was about to direct, followed the basic formula that made the original movie so popular – a funny, slapstick comedy where a kid gets to beat up the baddies and save the day. Since Star Wars will make a great deal of profits soon enough, he knew that he needed to create a movie next that would be low on budget, but would keep up with the buzz around the name of Renner Studio.

As the Renner Studio already is a big brand name and would get top-listed in the industry soon, keeping up with the originals was a big thing, and Ian personally wanted to get into something that he’d enjoy making.

Although his next pick was something he knew he would love to create in this world, there were certain troubles with the movie when it was produced in the previous world.

Ian sighed as his eyes stuck on the three words that were in front of him.

Home Alone 3

His next pick was to do the third movie of Home Alone. It was budget-friendly at the moment, and he knew if he avoided things that were done wrongly in his original movie, he could easily gain profits and take some time off of being entirely busy.

In the previous world, Home Alone 3 was made on a budget of $32 million and it was a super hit at the box office gross of $79 million.

But much to everyone’s disappointment, there was a kink that no one could avoid.  It was that from Home Alone 3 onwards the main cast had left the series and Colombus had moved on too. Hence a slide in quality. A lot of people didn't remember that the original Home Alone was a major Hollywood production - even the legendary John Williams composed the score.

However, Ian wanted to avoid it at all costs, although, for the rest of the sequels he had in mind, he knew that he might need to get a new cast knowing Adam would be out of age. But for now, he was good to go.

Adam was still available for the role and with the agreement the rest of the crew had signed for at least two more movies, Ian felt safe.


[Renner’s Mansion]

Ian walked inside the mansion with a heavy feeling in his gut.

The award ceremony was a few days away, and he was starting another project that was a sequel—if made wrong, or not up to the standard, his career would be in jeopardy. However, he was confident in himself.

“What’s for dinner, Valerie?” Ian questioned as soon as he walked into the living room.

“The usual Tuesday dinner, master Ian. Do you crave something specific?”

“Nah, it’s alright, I’ll be in the library, bring the food in an hour, thanks,” Ian mumbled and started walking upstairs.

As soon as he walked in, he sat in his usual spot, right in front of his table. He opened his laptop and started rereading the script he had been working on.

The images of the movie started playing right in front of his eyes. Every scene played one after another and halted at one scene where he left his work previously.


Peter: This boy is clever. Have you tried the door?

Unger: Not yet.

Peter: Let me point something out to you.

Unger: Missed that.

Peter: Stand clear.

(Peter cuts the rope.)


Ian sighed.

His thoughts went back to how the entire movie in his previous world was a failure. Without Macaulay Culkin, it failed.

Not only did Culkin not return, but neither did Joe Pesci nor any of the other original Home Alone actors. And without any familiar faces or notable connection to the original movie, Home Alone 3 in that world was always going to get a less-than-stellar reception.

“But it will change here, it won't be the same at all,” Ian whispered to himself and started typing.

He knew this would be the place where he would spend the entire night. Typing the script without a break.


A/N; I'm extremely sorry for the updated schedule. I was on a vacation in a different country. But now I'm back, we'll start with slow updates, shall we?