Chapter 366 | Starring Night
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Ian had started to work on the script for his next project. He intended to begin pre-production as soon as the ceremony for the Academy Awards ended, but little he would get to know how he still had things undone.

Thus, the discussions about the Academy Awards were being extremely publicized by the media. Television, news articles, social media and every source of media people take information from.


Galactic Showdown— Ian Renner Nominated for Star Wars at the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards, affectionately known as the Oscars, are undoubtedly the most prestigious event in the world of cinema. Every year, Hollywood's finest gather to celebrate and recognize the remarkable achievements in filmmaking. In an unexpected twist, this year's nominations have thrown a curveball, featuring a mix of cinematic giants and delightful surprises. Among them, Ian Renner finds himself in the spotlight, nominated for his stellar direction of "Star Wars." His competition? None other than the beloved Jeff Sanson in "The Costly Frizzle," alongside an array of other intriguing and fictitious contenders.

Star Wars: A Galaxy of Nominations

Ian Renner, known for his versatility and dedication to his craft, has been nominated in the Best Original Screenplay category for his creation of a brave, yet vulnerable Jedi in the latest installment of the iconic "Star Wars: A New Hope”. Hamill's ability to connect with audiences through the screen has made him a standout candidate for this prestigious award.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker Ian Renner, the man of the hour, "Star Wars" captivated audiences worldwide with its stunning visuals, intricate storyline, and Mark Hamill's gripping performance.

Goofy's Unconventional Journey in "The Costly Frizzle"

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the Academy has recognized Jeff's remarkable directing in "The Costly Frizzle." Known for William’s comedic antics and endearing clumsiness, William Heffley took on a challenging role that showcased his depth as an outstanding actor, proving the years of nominations back to back.

Directed by Jeff Sanson, "The Costly Frizzle" tells a thriller tale of Kiyan's journey to self-discovery as he navigates a whimsical world of surreal adventures. The film masterfully combines thriller and emotion, earning Kiyan a well-deserved spot in the Best Actor category.

The Fictitious Frontrunners

The Academy Awards are known for their surprises and imaginative nominations, and this year is no exception. Here are some other fictitious films and nominees that have captured the Academy's attention:

"The Enigmatic Quokka"

Nominated for Best Picture

Directed by Oscar Senile, this mysterious drama takes viewers on a journey through the enigmatic life of a quokka, a small marsupial from Australia.

"Whispers in the Time Capsule"

Nominated for Best Original Screenplay

Written by Penelope Quill, this time-traveling love story explores the secrets hidden within a forgotten time capsule.

"The Daring Spoon"

Nominated for Best Visual Effects

Directed by Alex Marge, this thrilling adventure follows the escapades of an anthropomorphic spoon who battles culinary chaos in a whimsical kitchen.

"The Midnight Moon Parade"

Nominated for Best Costume Design

Costume designer Lulu Stardust brings the ethereal world of moonlit creatures to life in this enchanting fantasy film.

"Whiskers of Destiny"

Nominated for Best Animated Feature

A delightful animated tale directed by Mia Catterson, "Whiskers of Destiny" follows the adventures of a curious cat on a quest for feline enlightenment.

As the anticipation builds for the Academy Awards ceremony, film enthusiasts around the world eagerly await to see if Mark Hamill's Jedi prowess in "Star Wars" can triumph over Jeff Sanson's unexpected brilliance in "The Costly Frizzle." With a mix of star-studded performances and imaginative storytelling, this year's nominations promise a night of cinematic wonder and unforgettable moments.

Who will take home the coveted Oscars? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: this year's awards season is a celebration of the boundless creativity and talent that make the world of cinema truly magical.


A guy who was in his middle-aged years stared at the paper in his hand and finished reading what was yet to come. He was seated in his little office. The brown leather seat kept his back straightened.

Behind him, there was an old antique cupboard with multiple awards just standing there as if they were nothing. The dust that formed on the shelves stayed there as if they were barely cleaned—not so often.

On the shelves, there were three Academic awards and several more awards that were given due to his works in the past.

“This young man… This young man is about to make a change,” he whispered just above his breath.

His finger came to adjust his glasses which were on the bridge of his nose. He took a brief look at the article and continued to scroll down at the comments.

They were all positive comments towards Ian and how they were comparing the two movies that came out to the theaters during the same period, basically inviting a competition that kept the Hollywood fans interested.

But in the discussions, the people were surprisingly positive about Ian—the director who had just come into the industry, who hadn’t even been for that long to know the audience.

However, the entire comment section criticized The Costly Frizzle negatively, and it was not only the criticisms but also how they continued to compare the two continuously and had already made assumptions on how Star Wars will win on the nominations that Star Wars and The Costly Frizzle were sharing.

“Well, the two genres are easy to compete, and everyone knows who’d win in one glance… What sort of an idiot Jeff must be to release a movie with a competition?” The guy shook his head and looked around his place.

He was in the middle of a mess. His table was a mess with different types of papers all around him. The dust that made him sneeze when he first entered the area made him wonder when he cleared the place he was supposed to be working in.

But it has been months… It has been months since he last worked or even thought about typing one of his many ideas for the movie industry.

He sighed.

His thoughts had been moving around ever since he last decided that movie-making was not for him, but now… the sudden realization hit him.

“I need to meet Ian Renner,” he mumbled and took his nameplate that was by the corner of his desk.

He wiped the name with the sleeve of his shirt.

Martin Scorsese

The silver plate read.


[Renner Studio]

Ian walked inside the conference hall where the directors of Renner Studio were present.

They all were waiting for him to begin the meeting.

“Good morning, everyone. So, we’ll head right into the subject now that we all are here, I think I might as well just dive right in,” Ian said as soon as he sat on the furthest chair from where the people were sitting.

“Okay, so, we are here to discuss what next project the Renner Studio will probably produce, but before we head any further, there are a certain few things that I need to discuss with you…” Ian started by saying to the people who were present.

The meeting started with his plans of talking about the release of The Godfather—which he held for some more time considering how Star Wars was released right on time for the Academy Awards and the other awards in line.

He discussed by explaining how the release of the Godfather would be. His plans to take some time off the screens with the productions of Home Alone 3, and release The Godfather at the same time was ideal.

By the end of his explanation, the analysts sat there while typing on their computers.

“Ian…” One guy who sat to Ian’s right among the directors of the company looked at Ian’s eyes directly.


“According to the statistics, it’s highly unlikable of you to not appear for any media interviews when the release of GodFather is happening. The movie’s importance and underlying facts should be claimed to the public by you, so-”

Ian sighed, ‘There goes my hope of a vacation’.

“How about we postpone Home Alone pre-production by four months? I believe we can do it, and it’ll just give us more time to focus on the Godfather as we need to right?” Ian asked.

“Yeah, that will work. And we need to discuss the last week of Star Wars…”

Thus, the conversation continued.

The next in his plan was to finish things with the Academy Awards, release The Godfather, and then focus on the pre-production of Home Alone 3. Or so he thought.


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