Chapter 1
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“God fucking dammit!” I yell, tossing my controller on the ground.

“How the fuck did he not die?” I exclaim while watching the replay.

My name is Akio Smith. I'm 17 years old and a senior in high school.

“Akio!” Yells my mom.

“Get your lazy ass downstairs now! You're going to be late for school.”

I get my uniform on and head downstairs.

“Get off those stupid games and study for a change,” My mom says while passing me my lunch bag. “

Ya.” says my older sister, seated at the table.

“Your already stupid enough, don't fuck up your head even more” she sneers.

“And don’t forget your mission to kill those businessmen today.” She says as I walk out the door.

My family comes from a long line of assassins dating back a while. Every member of my family has undergone training since the age of 4. My sister and I occasionally have missions to do. Our parents have normal jobs, but carry out missions for extra cash sometimes. While heading to school I see a little girl's ball bounce onto the road, and she chases after it without seeing the truck coming for her. Time to be a hero I think as I leap into action, push the girl away, and get hit by the truck and killed. I wake up in a dark room, in front of me is a woman with beautiful white hair and a fair face.

“Where the hell am i” I ask her.

“Well…,” She begins “You died after getting hit by a truck”. She says. 

Holy shit I think am I about to be isekai’d??? I muster up the courage to ask her.

“Am I going to be isekai’d?” I say.

“You would If you got hit by a white truck,” She says.

“What the fuck do you mean by that,” I asked, frustrated.

“I mean that you can only be isekai’d if you're hit by a white truck. Rules are Rules my friend and your truck was blue.” She says.

“Explain to me how the fuck that rule makes sense” I yell, upset.

“I don't make the fucking rules you dipshit. The fucking animes and manga you read rubbed off on my boss and now he only lets you reincarnate if you got hit by a white truck.”

She states, annoyed. “Lucky for you though, you died just when the selection was happening so you are kind of a bug.” She tells me. “Selection? Bug? What does that all mean?” I ask. “To put it simply, your world is going to be attacked in 2 years.