Chapter 3
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I look around the room. I see a man standing in the front of the room on a podium.

“Testing, Testing.” He says in a microphone.

“Welcome to the death game. You are all bugs.” He says.

“I will not answer any questions. It was your job to ask your angels that.” He says.

“You will be participating in this death game to earn your spots in the other world.” He explains.

“You all have abilities to help you in these games.” He continues.

“You can all now test your abilities. Please note that murder at this time is prohibited.” He states.

I look around me and see the displays of power. I’m dumbstruck. People are flying, manifesting fire, lightning, water, and wind. I see some people emanating powerful auras. My own abilities won’t be able to stop them. I should have gotten a better ability, I think to myself.

“Now that you have tested your abilities, the death game will start in ten minutes. Good luck” the man says.

“Hey, what the hell is this game?!” yells a contestant. The man on the podium sticks out a finger and eradicates him.

“I said no questions. Do not ever question my authority over me.” He says.

The room goes silent. Everyone waits in silence until the ten minutes is over.

“The first game will now commence.” The man says.

“I will explain the rules.” He continues.

“The first game will be a maze. You will have 1 week to escape the maze. You can escape the maze by any means necessary. Murder is allowed. There will be a deadly monster trying to kill you while you attempt to escape. You will each be transported to a random spot in the maze a certain distance from the end. That is all. You will be getting teleported now. Good luck.”

I am instantly transported. I look at my surroundings. I see large stone walls covered in vines and moss.

-Looks like you're doing good-.

I jump back and look around for where that voice came from.

-it is me the angel. I decided to observe you and be your guide for a while. I got nothing better to do.- she says.


-Quiet down you little shit. Your the only one who can hear me and you sound pretty stupid screaming out loud plus, you're giving away your position.-

she's right. I immediately begin to leave my area. Not long after I hear a scream. I follow the sound to see a lady being attacked by three men. I’ll attack them while they're distracted. I enter my void and sneak behind them. I pop out and snap the first guy's neck. I punch the second guy's throat to stun him for a second. I poke the third guy's eyes out to daze him and crack the second guy's neck. The third guy sends out a wave of fire at me. I hop into my void just in time, getting minor burns, and pop out behind him. I snap his neck. All of them down I guess.

“Are you okay?” I ask the girl.

“I’m fine, thank you,” she replies.

“What's your ability?” I asked her.

“Mines not an offensive ability. I just have lie detection,” she tells me.

I walk up to her and snap her neck.

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