Chapter 4
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-DUDE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT FOR- The angel yells. “You do know I'm an assassin who kills people for personal gain right?” I asked her. -Ya but I didn't expect you to be downright villainous-“Lie detection is a very powerful ability. I needed it.” I say. -Promise me you won’t do evil shit like that again- she asks, “Why the hell not” I reply. -Because when you die, I would prefer for you to go to heaven and chill with me, then go to hell and be endlessly tortured for an eternity. Plus I will ditch you and quit being your guide. I have a fuckton of useful information that you will need. You basically have an advantage over everyone else.-. “Fuck fine. I promise I won't do evil shit like that” I say. -Good. Now explain the abilities you got from the others you killed- “How do I check?” I ask. -Says status page- “Status page” a blue window opens up and I spot the skills section. “The skills I currently have are Lie detection, Void Space, Flame Control, Lighting Control, and weapon construction,” I say. -Flame control and lighting control are pretty basic. Lie detection is pretty rare and weapon construction is super rare and useful- “What does weapon construction do?” I ask. -it allows you to create a weapon and allows you to adds attributes to that weapon. For example, you can craft a weapon and input one of your skills into it, without losing the skill itself- “Whoa. That's pretty overpowered.” I say. “Let's keep moving, I say.” I take a step and stumble. I didn’t realize how exhausted I was. -you should rest. Voiding uses a lot of energy.- I sit with my back against the wall, close my eyes and fall asleep.


I wake up to distant chatter and stand up immediately. I follow the chatter and eavesdrop on the conversation. “We found the exit boss.” says a man “Well done,” says another in a deeper voice. “Where is it?” The deep-voiced man says. “It is around quadrant O,” says the other man. “Good,” says the deeper voiced man. Let's head out at once” -We should follow them- “We will. But I need to prepare first.” I say. -Prepare what?- “My weapon. I'm gonna make a gun first.” I told her. -hate to break it to you, but a gun won't be effective.- “Why's that?” I ask. -The humans in the death game are much more durable than they used to be “Then how did I kill those 3 guys with my bare hands” I ask. -Because obviously, you're also more durable. That was a stupid ass question. Smarten up.- “Shut the fuck up you condescending bitch. You could have just answered politely. You didn’t have to be a fucking twat about it.” I tell her. -Well fuck you too. Make your weapon and follow them already- “All right, All right. Jeez. Stop rushing me.” -You literally slept for like, 4 days. I kinda have to rush you- “I SLEPT FOR 4 DAYS AND YOU DECIDED NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO LET ME KNOW??!!!” I yell. “HEY. YOU THERE” says a man. -Now look what you did you fucking dumbass.- “I blame you for this,” I say. -your lucky only 2 of them were left to hear you.- “fuck. I guess ill have to fight them.” I say. I stretch my arms and legs and prepare for battle.