Chapter 5
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The first man tosses a green liquid from his hand while the second one bites his hand and blood flows out. He then makes the blood into a blood blade. I dash towards them and open my void -Akio, be careful. Blood manipulation is an extremely powerful skill if used correctly. Do not get sliced by it. The green stuff is poison so watch out for that too.- I hop out of my void and kick the guy who uses poison. The blood user swings his blade at me. I grab the poison user and put him in the way of the attack. The blood user slashes the poison user. I kick back on the poison user and he falls into the blood user. “This guy is stronger than he looks,” says that poison guy, barely standing. “We need to watch out for him,” Says the blood user. I open my window and check my stamina bar. I’m halfway through. Better finish this quickly. I have one more void left in me. Then I can attack for approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds before passing out. If I pass out. I can’t pass out because if I do, I'll be out for a couple of days. I think.  “Hey, angel.” -What do you need?- “How long will it take until I reach quadrant O?” -About 5 minutes- How convenient. “Let's get his bitch ass,” Says the poison user, launching towards me. I void past him, knowing he’s already weak, and head straight for the blood user. I unvoid in front of him, landing a solid punch to his chin, knocking him out. After I knock him out, I quickly got behind him, cracking his neck. 5 minutes 15 seconds left. The poison user sends poison projectiles at me. I use the blood user's body as a shield and charge at the poison user. I toss the blood user's body above and slide down, sweeping the poison user down. As the poison user is falling down, I use my feet to twist his neck, killing him.  5 minutes left. I hope to my feet and dash. “Which way do I need to go angel?” I ask. -Just follow my instructions carefully.-. “You got it,” I say. -Right, Forward, Left, Forward, Forward, Left, Right, Left, Forward, Right, Left.-. I reach the exit. It looks like a glowing rectangle, around 8 feet high. I jump through it. Only 20 seconds to spare. -Quickly, invest your stats in stamina and mana. It will reduce the recharge time.-. “Wait, I can invest stats?” -This is no time to be asking questions. Do it quickly!-. I open my status window and see a little plus sign beside my mana and stamina. I currently have 50 points. It seems you get 10 for every human killed.  I invest 15 in stamina and mana. I’m slowly starting to slip away. “Hey angel, how long until the next trial?” I ask -You have a 3 day grace period. You will be asleep for about 2.-. “Thanks,” I say, as I slowly slip away. My eyes start getting heavy. Then they drop.


I remember muffled voices. Shouting. Yelling. I think they're my parents. “Come over here.” says a girl. She’s young, about six years old. In this dream, it looks like I'm around her age. She pulls my hand and leads me to a treehouse. I climb inside


I wake up, groggy. My dream is starting to fade away, but I remember a few things. Who was that girl? Why were my parents fighting? Why did I just start remembering this? I have many questions, but I know I won’t be able to find an answer. Not yet anyway. -Get up. The grace period is a buying period. Get some gear quick and make some friends before the next match. You're going to need them.-.