Chapter 6
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“I’ll get some gear. But first, Can you explain my skills to me?” I ask -Sure. You currently have 8 skills. They go in the order Steal, Void, Fire Control, Lightning Control, Lie Detection, Poison, Weapon Construction, and blood manipulation. The first 6 abilities are pretty straightforward. The last ability blood manipulation is a bit tricky. Blood manipulation means you can control your own blood. This skill is so powerful because you can control your blood flow even through injuries. For example, if a limb is cut off, you can control your blood to connect it back together, shape your blood into needles and stitch your veins back together, while continually circulating your blood. Someone like you, who has extensive knowledge of the human body due to your line of work would be able to control blood easier than most.-. “Whoa. That's a lot of information. Thanks.” I say -No problem. You should go get some gear though. You only have 20 hours left until the next game.-. I start to walk around. I see a clothing shop. It seems to sell gear that has increased durability on it. “Oh by the way, how do I purchase items? I don’t have any money,” I ask. -You can buy items with battle coins. You earn them by killing monsters, killing people, or by clearing the games.-. “I didn’t see any monsters during the maze.” -They were low-level monsters. They were all slaughtered in the first 2 days. You only didn’t die while sleeping because you fell asleep in some leaves, covering you from them, and other humans. You can see your coins by saying “balance” or by thinking about it.-. “Balance,” I say. A blue screen opens up. It reads “6000g”. “So I have 6000 gold. 1000 for each kill I presume?” I ask. -you are correct.-. “I saw a couple armor and weapon shops back there. Shall we head over there?” I ask. -no. There is an underground market that sells much better loot for a tad extra. You can also purchase weapon materials since you have a construction skill.- “Good idea. Lead the way,” I say. She tells me the directions to the underground. When I enter, it is nothing like I thought it would be. I expected it to look like a red light district but instead, it look very fancy, like where an extremely wealthy person would shop at. “This is…, Unexpected,” I say. -I don’t care. Stop it with this useless dialogue, hurry up, and get your fucking shit. We only have so much time to buy your items and prepare for the next game.-. “Alright, Alright. Fuck. You're so fucking annoying,” I tell her. I walk over to the armor shop first. I buy pants, shoes, a shirt and a cloak for a total of 2000g. They each give 20+ durability except for the cloak. It gives 25+ durability. They are all D-grade items. “Explain the grading system,” I ask her. -There are 8 grades SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, and E. SSS is the best and E is the worst. The same applies to materials.-. “Ok thanks,” I say. I then head over to the materials shop. I buy 2 B tier metals called “wyvern plates”, A fireproof material, 2 D tier items called “Three horned hogs skin” and one C tier item called “Elder tree wood”. They cost a total of 3500g. I then head over to the mana stone store. -Buy a mana crystal instead of a mana stone.-. “But I can only channel mana through a stone,” I say. -With your weapon construction skill, you can turn a crystal into a stone. A low-grade crystal is way cheaper than a stone because there aren’t many uses for crystals rather than stone. To put it in perspective, a C grade mana stone cost 1000g while a C grade mana crystal only cost 100.-. “Whoa. Thanks for the explanation.” I say. -No problem my feeble-minded entertainment.-. I ignore her comment only because she has helped me save a lot of money. I buy a C-grade mana crystal for 100g. I then head to the skill store. -What are you doing here?-. “You’ll see,” I reply. I look for a size control skill. I find one that only works on objects, not people. The one that works for people and objects is way out of my price range. I head over to the store clerk and buy it for 400g. -What did you buy it for?-. “I said you’ll see”. I reply I head over to my room and begin to craft.

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