Chapter 1: Lost Contact
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I'm not to sure how to write this one. It's been sitting in google docs for while now and I never got around to writing it until now. Don't ask why I'm starting another story.

April 15th, 2175

Substrate Homeworld

As I watched the Substrate Nexus get bombed, I ordered all of my armies to rush the Nexus, soon after a report came in that the Substrate Nexus was destroyed. Signaling the Victory for the PHC. 


But another warning came in. 


“Anomaly detected under Neophytes’ Nexus.” Reported the automated voice, then another report came in.


“Disconnection detected. Neophyte not disconnected. Contact with Earth lost, attempting reconnection.” The A.I reported.


“Connection attempt failed. Retrying.” The A.I said, during that time I decided it was wise to figure out where the hell I was. For one I luckily had detected metal which meant I could at least get the most simple of Brutes and Engineers constructed. So I did just that, according to the A.I I had just enough metal to make an Engineer and a Metal Refinery which was nearby my now replaced Nexus.


There were actually five of these deposits that could be exploited. So I did just that to exploit them. Soon after I began the construction of a factory and a Sky Factory when I had enough. Which wasn’t all that long though. A few minutes at best all I could do was blindly watch from over the sky as my tiny drone only had enough sensors and range for me to be able to see. No sensors, nothing. I only had an idea of the surrounding terrain. That was all.


Nothing fancy at all I couldn’t see much since it was all shrouded in a black mist like the fog of war. I didn’t know what was in the darkness. So as soon as I could I built a Pan. Which was done relatively fast and I sent it out in one direction in a 100 kilometer radius of my Nexus.


So it was sent off. For the first few minutes of flying all it came across was nothing more than grasslands, trees and rivers. Something she’s seen a lot on Earth. That wasn’t exactly interesting to say the least. Till a report came in.


“Civilization detected.” The A.I said. ‘Civilization?’ I thought it was rare to come across a human settlement, let alone an alien civilization. It was vague by what it meant by Civilization detected. So I panned towards the location it was seen and there it was a town made out of stone and wood.


The drone I use was in fact invisible to even the best radar and detection systems. I wasn’t too sure what I was actually used to viewing the battle from space. Nor how big the units are, but considering there's a strategic view was an indicator I wasn’t a drone but probably a satellite of sorts.


Which meant I could possibly contact Earth but considering the fact I lost contact but was still here was the strange thing. PHC tech was pretty confusing anyways. I volunteered to be a Neophyte cause well I wanted to experience something new, I was soon to become what was essentially a god at some point.


Although the town in question looked like it came out of the Medieval era. Zooming in or lowering altitude one of those two I was able to get close to the ground level and see that it was inhabited. People moved about their days, children played in the streets. Horses came by, it was a lively little town.


There was a road that went through the town, most likely leading to other towns. I wasn’t too sure since the Pan was still exploring but it was nice to know I wasn’t alone. I heard rumors that a Neophyte or a Post-Human could manifest themselves via nanites and interact with the world around them that way. But I decided against it since well I wasn’t too sure where I was but considering there were signs of civilization I got busy building some units as a precaution.


In time my Nexus would become large enough to where I expanded to the east where I found another deposit of metal and Radioactives surprisingly enough. So I got busy placing refineries there. Afterwards I built some Quantum relays to begin upgrading storage capacity so I don’t waste anything. Within a few hours I had well over 30 Quantum relays. I was producing a lot of Quanta. 


I then upgraded my storage capacity of Metals and Radioactives to the point where it would take an estimated 3 days to fill it up completely at current Metal and Radioactives production.


Granted things were fine and calm. As calm as a being that can control thousands of Machines. That I didn’t notice that something was attacking my Engineer. Nor did the computer at all, that I went an entire day without realizing that my Engineer was having its paint chipped. 


Night eventually came, despite the fact I was a Neophyte. I decided that sleeping through it was a good idea. My engineers were already backlogged on many things to construct so might as well sleep it through. But the question hit me. I was a sentient machine that was once a human. Do I really need sleep, but how do I get sleep? 


After some thinking I decided that turning off my camera on the drone or satellite and waiting for the Sun to rise where my Nexus was located and turn on, and I did just that it worked sort of.


The next morning I woke up, the sun was rising and my second day in this world would begin. So I decided to do the unthinkable. Explore this world via a hermes, and a Nanite body.