World Background (Arknights) & Timelines
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Terra is a world similar to ours, but more technologically advanced and is plagued by Catastrophes. These catastrophes are much like natural disasters, though they carry a substance called "Originum" with them. If someone came in contact with it directly, it can only spell their deaths; or the acquisition of a disease called oripathy - basically cancer and aids combined. It has a hundred percent lethality rate and can only be slowed down by various medical products. What's interesting is that oripathy changed the entire world background of Terra, with it being the source of discrimination and wars. People with oripathy are treated unjustly, and even the countries doesn't care about them; thus the formation of an Infected "Terrorist" group called Reunion. To sum it up, Originum is the main cause as to why Arknights has the dark, dreary theme.

As for the timelines, it's the following:

Arknights: 3 years prior to the Main Story

Fate/Zero: 1 Year before the 4th Grail War

F/GO: Right after the Singularity F

Muv-Luv: The beginning of the Main Story

Chuunibyou: Halfway through Season 1

Sword Art Online: 2 Months after Episode 1

Azur Lane: Ashes Timeline; the one before the Main Story timeline