Chapter 278: Solo’ing World Peace
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What does it feel like to talk with your younger self?

It is extremely embarrassing.

Not in a way that I am concerned about others reacting to it. Rather, I could only laugh at my past self's carefreeness. It is in sharp contrast with the seriousness that I previously held. Now that I have returned to my home world, this carefreeness somehow affected me.

Having enough power to handle most things is one thing. I am just glad to see my former comrades' faces. Even though Nichiro is currently sleeping, I believe that my Creator-level strength is enough to deal with everything. The consecutive quests that I received during the mission pushed my stats to an extreme degree.

Plus, some of the SSRs could be upgraded to their UR version with the help of [Points]. [Phenex's Regeneration], for example, evolved into UR and had its regenerative capabilities powered. It could even affect the current me. Of course, it spent a huge amount of points, too. Still, it is better to have an ability that you need than tons of abilities that has spread-out specialties.

With all of these, there should be nothing that could severely injure me.

"Even if you have—"

"You might be mistaken about something. I am not a normal KANSEN, nor do I possess comparable strength with them. I am also not from that place who had evolved their [Wisdom Cubes] into [Origin Cubes]."

I spilled out some information, enough to let my past self get a gist of it.

"For your insight... I could easily destroy a Siren fleet. That, and the base of beings stronger than them."


I summoned forth a flat grey screen and showed him a portion of my memories. It is my memory when I crashed into an Arbiter's base and obliterated it.

'That should do it.'

I stood up from his seat. Then, I approached the still-stunned me and picked one of the medals that I used to wear. Imbuing it with my power, I pinned it along with his other medals.

"Let's set things properly this time."

With that, I disappeared from the office. Reappearing on top of a radio tower, I looked up to the skies.

"What was that saying... Let justice be done through heaven's fall, is it?"

For now, I am going to settle the odds between the ones who claimed my life.




The door to Shikikan's office opened. It was Enterprise who had returned for her recon reports.



She stared at him snapping back to reality. Immediately, she saw a golden star-shaped medal in his hand. It is five-pointed and has a crown and laurel in it, signifying its value as—

"A Medal of Honor?"


The one held by him is the Medal of Honor, the highest award that one could receive in the US Navy. Albeit, it looks a bit worn out, with some scratches on its edges. Clearly, it had seen battlefields often. It is different from how everyone else handles it, in which they place it within a safe place and preserve it as a sign of bravery and honor.

"How was it damaged like this?"

"...It's not mine."

Shikikan began explaining his encounter with 'Nimitz'. Since Enterprise belongs to the few that he could completely trust, he had no hesitation in doing so.

"Nimitz appeared here? One of the Royal Navy told me about her appearance not long after."

"I think I could guess why she did so. Nimitz... she wanted to meddle in the war by forcing the two sides to stop fighting."

"That's... impossible."

"I thought of that as well... until she showed me something."

He told her about the destruction of an Arbiter Base. Despite not knowing the difference between Sirens and 'Arbiters', he noticed that their strengths do not differ much. Even, the Arbiters were stronger individually. Yet, such strength was nothing but a paper in front of 'Nimitz'.

"...Nimitz might be the strongest KANSEN that we currently know."





Sou-! Sou-!

Sou-! Sou-!

For twelve straight hours, Shiro continuously obliterated leviathans. As they are the mirages of a broken world, they spawned en masse. Furthermore, their strength in numbers is quite difficult to deal with at once with him complying with his world's rule. Even so, he did not have much trouble destroying hundreds of them.

"Fifteen of them could already destroy New York." He mumbled with nostalgia. "How far I had grown from that moment."

Even when he was the Magus or Fenrir, he never stopped dreaming of how he could handle the problem in his home world. Only his restraints prevented him at that time, but it was nonexistent now.

Dozens of fighter jets flew across the illusionary world. At first, the surroundings would look like an ocean, but it would change into a blood sea, a ruined landscape, bombarded islands, and so on.

It is only deemed fit for the place where most destroyed timelines converge. Leviathans use it as a place where they increase in numbers. The first timeline had only experienced the invasion of dozens of leviathans simply due to how they are recent at that time. Now that they had influenced many timelines, they grew in strength.

Even so—


Another steel leviathan went up in smoke as three jets laser-locked it before dropping their bombardments. With a rate of hundreds of leviathans per minute, Shiro had effectively reduced their numbers to an all-time low.

That was what he meant by settling the odds.

That is...

"Complete annihilation."

The symphony of explosions rang across his surroundings. The black smoke produced by it was so thick that it could impede a KANSEN's vision easily. The unpleasant metallic smell could also repulse them in this place.

"How I dreamed of this day. Power tripping what you deemed as a last boss in the past is fun, to say the least."

All of a sudden, he felt the surrounding space quake.

"I see."

With a smile, he got out of this space.


Moments later, he found that space collapsing into akin to glass shards. The continuous stress that he had imposed on that space made it collapse. He did not know that the place itself would give up first rather than his enemies.

Fortunately, he acted swiftly enough to save the destroyed timelines in his [Genesis Wisdom Cube]. Boundless heaps of information were now stored in this conspicuous-looking golden box.

"They must have known about this by now. Well, it does not change my actions much."

Shiro knew that the other factions would know about what he did—the imminent destruction of this world's greatest foe. It was not an exaggeration to say that he contributed greatly to world peace all by himself. But then, there's still work to be done. He had not dealt with the source, only the imminent leviathans. Lesser stress would be experienced by other timelines, but it did not prevent their source from producing new ones.


A swift hug from behind caught Shiro off guard. Her familiar scent was caught by his nose. Her nine bushy tails touched his back.

This moment overlapped with the one from his memories.

"It's been a long time."

"Indeed. However..." The woman behind him emitted a dangerous vibe. "Why are there numerous marks from other women?"

For now, he received the quest of quelling his fox wife's rage.


A/N: It's Akagi's appearance. I don't know how it'll go, but I'm sure Shiro could handle her ;)