Chapter 282: Swordsmen Convention
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In the end, the two spent an entire afternoon going around the base. When they bought lunch or other accessories, their barrier immediately disrupts the others' perception, making it so that they'll be remembered as a blurry passerby.

Seeing the cute little girls dressed up as kindergartners crossing the road orderly, they suddenly remembered their only daughter.

"How is... our daughter?"

"You have a lot of debt with her."

"I know. Suddenly disappearing without telling anyone..."

At that time, it was the best plan possible. If he did not draw up such a scenario, their envisioned future would change. He thought that the "foreseeable ending" would disappear by doing so, thus he did.

Little did he know that the future has more in store for him.

"Sforas worried at that time. She left our world hoping to find any traces of you, but she didn't. She should have returned into our world by the looks of it."

"It seems like you used her marker."

As a worried parent, Shiro did many precautions when Mana was born. One of them was a "tracker" that works beyond the gaps of worlds. It was one of his greatest masterpieces then, equating to the UR-class rating in the chat group.

"I knew you would not truly die. If not, what was the meaning behind our visits to hell during our early days?"

"I could still remember Hades' exhausted looks from back then. I am fairly sure that the other Hades whom I met this time was not like him." He added, "Another world's Hades fought a battle against humans, it seems."

"Mortals battling gods? Interesting."

Akagi's eyes narrowed down at this absurd prospect.

"It's amazing, considering that it was their world giving mortals the chance to survive. All of their histories was compressed and given as a part of their power... it's similar to Altera's world."

"The Throne of Heroes, huh?"

Sensing her voice slightly staggering, Shiro immediately caught up on something.

"Did you cause some trouble there?"

"A disturbance, rather." She replied. "I saw your last traces in that place, so I politely intruded in their place."

"Poor Romani. I'll have to fill him in later."

Suddenly, his gaze met another girl. Unlike the preschoolers, she wore a garb of ritualistic clothes in Japan, which made her look like a priestess. 

His blood-red pupils met her golden pupils. Although, her confounded look was responded with nothing as she only saw the clear blue sky. Besides her, two white-uniformed KANSENs acted as her escort.

"Is there anything wrong, Nagato-sama?" The older sister, Atago, asked.

"None. My senses must've been wrong."

The two bewildered sisters closely followed her as they entered an establishment.

"My, her senses are still abnormally sharp." Akagi commented.

"She's the leader of a faction. Now, I saw her connection with the world."

"That answers a lot of questions."

During the olden days, Nagato was one of the few that supported Akagi behind her back. It was not only her will to rope him into their group, but it was also because she saw how earnestly Akagi likes him.

In such a world barren of wars, she sought to accomplish her responsibilities as a "leader" despite her small stature.

Seeing the look in Akagi's eyes, Shiro asked:

"You plan on helping her?"

"I'm repaying the favor. This isn't a big deal."

"Let's do that first, then."


In a certain world.

"No. No, no, no!" 

The man who defeated Poseidon with a close call, Sasaki Kojirou, muttered in disbelief.

"We shall let our swords do the talking, no?"


The woman in front of him swiftly unsheathed her twin blades before striking at him.



With the katana in one hand and a wakizashi in another, he was quickly suppressed. The movements that he could do became limited to blocking and parrying. 


He barely blocked the sudden strike that came from the katana's back blade. Then, she flipped the blade by twisting the grip and letting it go momentarily. She easily disengaged with the 'History's Strongest Swordsman' within a breath.

Recalling the sword styles demonstrated against him, he caught on her every resemblance against his greatest foe.

"That twin-blade style..."

He saw the woman casually wielding her two blades in an optimal position.


"You could always recognize me every time, Sasaki."

During the breaks of "Ragnarok", a woman suddenly came to him. She said that she was "Musashi", which is incredibly absurd. The Musashi that Sasaki knew was a muscular man whom he fought to the death, not a woman!


"It used Niten-ichi Ryuu as a base, but it is something else." He said. "...are you really Miyamoto?"

Even though he had successfully developed a new style that carried Musashi's Niten-ichi Ryuu as well as the techniques of his other opponents, he saw another insurmountable peak during that brief clash.

"It doesn't really matter, does it?" Musashi playfully remarked. "Since I came into this world, I finally found something to do."

The air around her changed. Accommodating a fraction of her insights, it soon became a powerful pressure unlike any Sasaki ever faced. Even the gods who they faced did not bear as much pressure as the "sword saint".

Fortunately, she controlled it well. With her special characteristic, no worlds could initiate something against her. As long as she abides by this world's rules, it wouldn't be able to do anything to her.


Just as he prepared himself to deal with a triple-layered attack (two feints and one real), he found her wakizashi in a reverse grip. Then, an impossible thing happened.


He saw it. Three blades ubiquitously present on the same space and time. No traces of supernatural power was present in this reality-twisting attack. Only, the will of a swordsman could be vaguely traced on it; someone who he was greatly familiar with, yet has no recollection whatsoever.

"Tsubame... Gaeshi."

It dawned on him. As the three blades dug on his chest, he finally found the answer.

"That's... my style."

As he was sent flying to the ground, he found himself rid of the injuries that he had supposedly experienced. His vision shifted towards the woman who made all of this.

"Your skills are up to par." She commented. "But, the Sasaki that I know is farther."

Just as he was about to speak, the door to this training grounds opened.

"Doing an intense training, eh? Like I have said—"

Immediately, he dodged an incoming strike of a katana. The ones that followed were barely dodged by him due to his sight catching some of them. As for the majority, it ended up reaching him.

"Really... Meeting with your other self isn't boring." She muttered. "I locked the final destination, anyways. I'll stay here for a few days, then!"

The intersection of a swordsman who shouldn't have been here and this world's swordsmen officially began.


A/N: If anyone's wondering, Musashi visited the Records of Ragnarok world, just in time after Sasaki Kojiro's victory against Poseidon.