Chapter 2 – Falling Heroes
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As I combed through my memories, I realized I was still down on the ground, staring at the skies above in a daze.

My mindset was not attuned to battle, and as a former Marine, I knew for a fact that this childish playfulness was not me.

Whoever’s body this was, is obviously influencing not just my emotions, but also my mind.

Lucky for me, it was as simple as flipping a switch, and my battle-ready instincts roared to life.

Sadly, it roared for me to run away.

After all, guns I could battle but flying men that could punch a mountain to oblivion were a bit out of my weight class.

I searched my body for anything that could be used as a weapon, but I found nothing.

My idea was very simple – if I couldn’t use this body to the fullest, then I would just have to battle like I was used to.

Bombs, guns, and a dagger to the throat.

It worked for me in the army, and I don’t see why it can’t work now.

Given, that I was no Batman-level combatant, I could probably kill a Nazi or two.

As for the Parademons – those shits were ugly and strong.

The comics did them no justice, so I decided to stay clear of any of them.

“Everyone hates fucking Nazis,” I shouted, hyping myself for the death I knew would inevitably come.


My sharpened eyesight was able to glimpse the Kryptonian word for hope imprinted on Superman’s chest as he dodged Omega Beams in the skies above.

From what I could tell, there were at least two Supermen above, but I couldn’t identify the origin of the other one – maybe, a version of Superboy or something?

I could judge, at the very least, that I was in a Universe where Superman was a good person.

He kept the battle away from the ground, where the weaker heroes mainly battled.

An overwhelming sensation of fear bombarded my mind, and my body reacted instinctively, speeding me a couple of dozen feet away from where I previously was.

I glanced back and realized several Sinestro Corps members crashed to the ground, being butchered by Wonder Woman.

Heroes didn’t kill my ass!

I didn’t feel disturbed at all, since this was clearly a war, and this was not a comic book anymore, it was life and death.

Hence, for every comic book and tv-show I ever watched, I just had to add blood, core, and chaos.


A beam of purple energy zigzagged across the battlefield, tearing apart Nazis and heroes alike.

I barely managed to leap out of the way with my superspeed before I could also get hit… clearly, not using the superspeed was not an option anymore.

I watched in my solitary slow world as the beam ripped several heroes to shreds.

Guardian fell.

Robin fell.

Beast Boy fell.

Red Arrow fell.

Mercury fell.

Jay Garrick fell.

There were too many bodies to count, and most of them were reduced to ash so there was no telling how many important heroes had died.

The severity of the situation finally dawned on me.

“Eyon!” Zatara called out to me, fighting her own strenuous battle with a dozen Dominators and Parademons.

My body moved, the world slowed and the next thing I knew, my hand was cleaving through Dominators and Parademons like a knife through butter.

The Flash couldn’t do this with such ease, so I suspected I was an enhanced speedster.

“Em revoc dleihs!” Zatara chanted and the beams the Dominators directed her way were deflected.

One of the beams nearly split me in half, but I just barely managed to get out of the way.

“You seem confused,” Zatara walked to my side, taking my hand into her own and I felt my body relax.

“I am fine,” I barely managed to mutter, taking note of the name ‘Eyon’ since my body responded to such a calling.


Our reunion, or at least, I think it was, didn’t last long as a shockwave threw us in different directions.

Out of the smoke came Superboy, with a Dominator close behind, no doubt the creature had taken control of his mind.

Without hesitation, the world slowed and I was off towards the Dominator.

I had thought everything through, one of the many benefits of superspeeded thinking.

However, I had overlooked the fact that this wasn’t a tv-show or a comic, not everything would be remotely the same.

In my mind, Superboy was half Kryptonian, so there was no way his speed could match my own, but obviously, I was mistaken.

Before I even had the chance to react, I could feel Superboy’s fingers pressed against my chest, ready to tear out my heart.

But Zatana intervened.

“Secalp hctiws,” She chanted, and then “Lortnoc morf eerf.”

Suddenly, I was in Zatana’s place, and she had taken mine… her heart rammed through by Superboy, who had only just regained his mental faculties.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” A maddening rage overtook my mind, and the ground cracked as I shot toward the Dominator.

I leaped in the air, aligning my body horizontally to the ground and I spun… tearing through the chest of the large creature like a bullet.

Due to my unfamiliarity with superspeed, I did myself more damage than necessary… I had injured my legs just to take down a single Dominator out of rage.


When I stopped spinning and my feet touched the ground, I ignored my injuries and sped to Zatana’s side.

My legs gave in a couple of feet away from her, and I was forced to crawl.

I was careful to avoid the ongoing battle between Wonder Woman, and Shazam versus Granny.

“Heal yourself,” I pleaded, tearing off what was left of my shirt to cover the gaping hole in Zatana’s chest.

“I- I c-can’t,” Zatana choked, placing both hands on my cheeks “I-I u-used all m-y magi-c to b-bring yo-you he-re, Axxel… I-I wa-was go-going to die an-yway.”

“You know who I am?” I asked, appalled by the revelation.

She nodded in response, and used to last of her magic to project an image of Darkseid, and specifically, the white disk in his armor “You’re the only one who can claim it… The Omniverse Equation.”

Omniverse Equation?

I had read about the Life Equation, and The Anti-Life Equation, but never an Omniverse Equation.

By the time I returned my eyes to Zatana, her body had turned into motes of light, disappearing from my embrace forever.

Everything on the battlefield suddenly turned meaningless to me.


Lightning bolts rained down from above, and I finally heard the screech of Darkseid for the first time since I awakened on this godforsaken battlefield.

I looked around to take in the magnificence and dread of being inside a Comic Book World.

Raven and Nightwing battled furies a couple of feet away from me, and for an instant, she directed her mystical powers in my direction, deciding whether to end me or not.

She probably sensed something wrong with my mind, soul, or both.

Ultimately, the daughter of a Celestial Demon decided to leave me be, but I was not relieved.

My eyes stayed focused on Darkseid in the distance, waiting for the perfect moment to fulfill Zatana’s last mission.

Get the White Disk, save the Omniverse, and then bang some superhero chicks before I die, that was the grand plan!




Nazi soldiers took aim in my direction, and I dashed forward, watching the bullets as they cut through the wind, passing near my ear.

I punched at the first Nazi Soldier, expecting to hear the familiar crack of a broken neck, and I did hear a crack… only, it was the crack of my fingers against the robot Nazi’s skull.

Still, I managed to grab hold of the robot, and my superspeed sent us both tumbling down, only I had superspeed healing and the robot had shaky circuits.

That was just one out of three down.

Superboy flashed to my side, destroying the two remaining robots with a punch each.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, and then leaped away.

I glanced at the city, which city it was, I don’t know… but this seemed to be a battle for the Earth.

Everyone had hopeless looks on their faces.

Black Canary… Hawkman… Hawkgirl.

Even Red Tornado gave off the feeling of hopelessness, which should have been impossible given he is an android.

But crazier things have happened in the comics.

Still, as long as there was a chance, then I planned to fight.

Just had to change my way of thinking from a soldier to a speedster.

I superspeeded by several Nazi Robots and instead of punching them, I did the speedster thing – push and run.

And it worked… the robots were tossed into walls, and buildings, breaking due to the force behind my push.

I came to a stop near Diana – Wonder Woman, herself.

“Darkseid grows tired… the war will soon be over, and I know not if we will win,” Wonder Woman muttered, looking around the battlefield “But I do know that you will have a small chance at the zenith, Eyon.”

I remained quiet and just listened, noting that my name (this body’s name) was ‘Eyon’ for the second time.

On the battlefield.

The entire Justice League was here.

The Legion was here.

The Outsiders were here.

The Young Justice was here.

The Amazons.

The Teen Titans.

The Forever People.

The New Gods.

Everyone who was anyone was here… The battle was probably not just Multiversal, but Omniversal.

Still, fighting alongside all the great heroes of the DC Universe did nothing to bolster my confidence, because I knew enough to know how this would end.


The moment Wonder Woman departed my side, a blast of yellow energy tore through my abdomen, and The Ray materialized, setting a foot on my chest.

“She is dead because of you!” He yelled, aiming at my head with his light-based beam of energy.

I honestly didn’t know this hero that well from the comics, but I could tell that he felt that Zatana’s death was my fault, and I was inclined to agree with him.

But when I expected death, a sword pierced through The Ray’s chest, killing him in an instant.

“Get up, kid,” Deathstroke ordered, but he too was taken out before he could offer me any advice.

Spears of ice jotted out of his chest.

Now I was uncertain about many things.

Ray, a supposed hero, tried to kill me, and I was rescued by Deathstroke, a supposed villain.

But before I could contemplate these profound realizations, I had to survive.

The world around me slowed, and I rolled aside, snatching Deathstroke’s sword from his dying grip.

I swerved to the side to avoid the ice spikes that were being shot my way, and before Killer Frost could react, I dragged the sword across her neck in an instant.

I was thankful that she looked nothing like Danielle Panabaker who played Killer Frost in the tv-show.

“This is definitely the right way to use super speed,” I mused, glancing back at Killer Frost’s decapitated body, and knowing I would be carrying a weapon from now on.

Also, Deathstroke should rest in peace knowing I killed his killer with a single stroke of death.

But apparently, the mercenary extraordinaire of the DC Universe was still alive, beckoning me to his side while coughing mouthfuls of blood.

I felt like he was a mentor to the previous owner of this body.

“Remember kid,” he whispered through mouthfuls of blood “Always sell to the highest bidder.”

I felt appalled at his advice since even in death, the mercenary who valued money above all else remained true to his comic book origins.

Now, this was a good fucking Origin Story!

I rose to my feet mechanically and directed my gaze to where the League’s heavy hitters battled the God of Apokolips.

Anger flooded through my veins like a shot of adrenaline, and the world around me slowed.

Of course, not as much as I would have liked, but slow enough that I knew this burst of speed would be my greatest.

Even if I died attacking Darkseid... if I ever reincarnated again…. This would be a story I could brag to my grandchildren about.

Not many could say they died attacking a comic Dark God from another Universe.

Then, I dashed forward to my ultimate goal – slugging Darkseid in the face.