Chapter 3 – End Before The Beginning
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I indulged in the world around me as I ran towards my DOOM. Darkseid was like DOOM walking. Every step is heavier and more potent than the previous. The water drops near me remained floating in the air.

The ground contorted beneath my feet, strengthening my grip, molded to the form of my feet. The wind didn’t hinder me much, I would say it was like pushing your finger in jello, only it was my entire body instead.

At this speed, the wind became a plasma – maybe even close to solid.

Pieces of rocks floated in the air and broke against my skin as I whizzed by. The lightning… well, the lightning was still moving pretty fast but it looked cool nonetheless.

Even the explosions in the distance slowed, and I could see the moment a grenade became ablaze, sending shrapnel shooting into the air. A piece of shrapnel slowly floated across my eyes, and I realized that the past me would have died then and there.

How many soldiers died to grenade shrapnel during the war, and here I was, moving so fast that even grenades couldn’t touch this! A floating piece of concrete blocked my path, and I simply crawled over it.

It felt funny, crawling over something that blatantly, but I was moving at superspeed, nobody would see this pathetic display. As an expert in the Science of Superpowers, I knew one thing – as long as you were moving fast enough, objects floating in the air became as solid as a normal walkway for you.

Just like The Flash could run on water… I could run over a slab of concrete floating in the air. Though I doubt I could run on the water at the speed I was running.

I ran…

I ran…

And I ran…

And I continued running…

At superspeed, the distance you had to move was the same, but your perception of the world changed. It was like running in a slow world while you were still moving faster than usual. That was the only way I could describe the feeling of running at superspeed.

Soon, I was in the thick of it… a couple of hundred meters away from Darkseid, but this was where the challenging part began. The closer I got to Darkseid, the denser the air became.

Heroes and Monster battled mere feet away from me, and I had to avoid their battle at all costs… one miscalculation could lead to my severed head.

I brushed past heroes, slicing through villains, and Nazis with my sword whenever I could… needless to say, the sword I took from Deathstroke shattered after the third attack. Now, I understood why Speedsters didn’t use weapons… if Deathstroke’s sword could not handle superspeed, then I needed a weapon made by the Gods.

At one point during my run, everyone was fighting and it was a total mess. It was so messy that I didn’t know who to attack so I just started ripping apart anything that looked Nazi-like. I honestly didn’t mind killing heroes, but knowing the DC Universe, such actions would come back to bite me in the ass later, so I avoided the issue altogether.

On my way to Darkseid, I managed to dodge most of the random blasts that impeded my run, and I closed the distance of a hundred meters in a split second.



The air shook, forcing me to stop and take cover as Superman and Darkseid battled blow for blow. I could feel some of my internal organs rupture from the aftershocks alone. Another lesson learned – a battle between Alpha Monsters could kill you just from being near.

If my body was enhanced, like I suspected, that meant any normal human would have already died, but I could see Batman in the distance, still fighting the good fight. I had a newfound respect for the man who could stand amongst such monsters as Superman and Darkseid while being just a human.

After a couple of minutes of withstanding the clash between Superman and Darkseid, I came to an inevitable conclusion. If I remained hidden, I would die from the aftershocks alone, so might as well waste my life trying to scale the mountain that was Darkseid.

I superspeeded into the battle between God and Kryptonian, only to be faced by an immediate twisting Omega Beam that I could not dodge in a million years. Luckily, Wonder Woman appeared before me, tanking the Omega Beam with her Bracelets of Submission.

She moved as fast as I did, but it seemed that such a feat took a lot out of her. I slipped to the side, maneuvering my body away from Superman and Wonder Woman. Darkseid was less likely to notice someone as weak as me if I avoided the two monsters in front of him.

“What are you doing, kid?” The Flash appeared at my side like a ghost, faster than even I could recognize how he got there.

It was only then that I realized that I wasn’t a Speed Force speedster, just a normal speedster that probably looked as slow as a snail in his eyes. A Speed Force Speedster was the only type of Speedster worth being in the DC Universe.

I had obviously gotten the short stick when it came to reincarnation/transmigration body.

I know they say never to look a gifted horse in the mouth, but what if the horse only had one tooth? I was feeling a lot like a horse with one tooth. The Flash continued his ramble, running casually as I desperately tried to get to Darkseid.

The Flash was talking faster and faster until his words became random babble even to me.

He followed me all the way behind Darkseid, though, I was sure the God of Apokolips was still aware of us both. Using The Flash as a cover, I leaped into the air, delivering my strongest Speedster blow at the God of Apokolips’ head, but Darkseid didn’t even flinch.

He grabbed me before I could even land the attack. I was held in one hand and Superman in the other… then Darkseid slammed us both into the ground twice. Superman could probably tank such a hit without issue, but I could feel my super-healing struggling to preserve my life at the moment.

But this was just a small hindrance to the plan in my mind.

After all, my ultimate goal was to get close to Darkseid, and even if I was being beaten to a pulp, I had achieved the first part of my goal. Darkseid spewed an Omega Beam that stalled the incoming Wonder Woman, then he emitted a pulse of Dark Energy that sent Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian flying away.

With another slam from Darkseid, I knew I was approaching the physical limit that my body could take, and I was no closer to retrieving the white disk on Darkseid’s chest. Just as I felt my head was about to burst, Superman escaped Darkseid’s grip and uppercut the God of Apokolips with enough force that he was forced to release me.

Instead of heading directly for the white disk, I focus on the Motherbox Darkseid always carried on his person. There was one advantage I had…the only advantage I had – I watched Young Justice on Netflix.

In Season Three, Halo could use a certain phrase to alter the Motherboxes, and for added security, also provided the formula for the Anti-Life Equation.

“ANIA STOM KATSO TO CHIO NO… loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding ⋅ guilt ⋅shame ⋅failure ⋅ judgment n = y where y = hope and n = folly, love = lies, life = death, self = dark side,”

The moment the words left my mouth, The Motherbox on Darkseid boomed to life, and I was quick to grab the White Disk and make a quick departure. If there was one talent that all Speedsters possess, it was the talent to run away from danger faster than they ran to it.

I was nearly two hundred meters away when I glanced back to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Martian Manhunter combining their strength to force Darkseid into the newly opened Boom Tube.

Even then, The God of Apokolips was fighting them back nail for nail. I ran so fast that my body started to smoke, and my skin started to overheat. Yet, even at my fastest speed, Professor Zoom casually used the Negative Speed Force to jog next to me, watching me struggling desperately to getaway.

It was probably amusing for the sadistic asshole.

“Fuck!” I cursed, vowing to get the Speed Force, even if it was the Negative Speed Force.

“You’re a bit out of your depth here, kid,” Professor Zoom ran circles around me, searching for the White Disk I had stashed away “Just hand over the Disk before I make you.”

I honestly considered handing the Disk over, but a chill ran down my spine and I knew what was coming next. Using a burst of speed, I didn’t know I had, I grabbed Professor Zoom and spun our bodies around, forcing him in the path of the Omega Beam that was meant for me.

The Omega Beam tore through Professor Zoom, but it didn’t stop there, also tore through my chest, just barely missing my heart. We both tumbled to the ground. We rolled into a nearby crater, and I held Professor Zoom’s body close to tank the impact of our tumble.

When we finally stopped rolling, I used my feeble strength to kick his body away, and then I could no longer move. A couple of minutes passed before someone came looking. The rough outline of a summoning circle appeared next to my blood-soaked body, and out came Constantine.

He watched me for a couple of seconds, and then hopped into work, burning Professor Zoom’s body and scattering the ashes around my own. I honestly thought he was going to turn me into a demon or something… you could never know with someone like Constantine.

“You got the White Disk, kid?” He asked, and I nodded in response, fishing it out of my pocket to give to him.

I knew John Constantine had the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time to get things done, so giving him the hot potato seemed like a good choice.

“Keep it,” Constantine quickly said, as if the White Disk was toxic to him.

With a flicker of lightning, The Flash stopped next to me, confirming the ashes were indeed that of his greatest foe.

“He is dead,” Barry confirmed, a soft look of sadness on his face.

Leave it to the kind-hearted Barry Allen to pity an enemy that would even attempt to kill his children in the future.

“The Speed Force is enough for a restart,” Constantine advised, finished sprinkling the ashes of Professor Zoom around my body “It’s time to start over Barry.”

“I promise I wouldn’t do it again. Iris gave her life to make sure I didn’t,” Barry muttered his response, glancing around at the war that had all but destroyed the planet.

These were one of those times when even a victory was losing.

“I don’t think it can get much worse than this, mate,” Constantine comforted, and with a flicker of lightning, Barry was gone.

“Now, for you, kid,” Constantine directed a serious gaze at me. “Zatanna used her life to summon you here, convinced you were the only one who could protect the Omniverse, so don’t prove her wrong. I am not sure where this Trans-Dimensional magic circle will take you but just remember-”

White light exploded from the horizon, engulfing the Earth and I knew Barry had created a new Flash Point, wiping clean the slate of this disastrous war.

“Shit… too late!” Constantine cursed, quick to activate the magic circle “Remember to protect the Omniverse with your life!”

I felt a shift in gravity, but just before the magic circle could transport me away, the white light covered everyone on the battlefield, erasing us all from existence.

For a moment, I was contented with just the experience of stealing something from Darkseid, even if I didn’t hurt him one bit.

Thus, my short life in the DC Universe came to an end.

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