[Volume 1] Prologue
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I finally know the meaning of youth! The feeling of warmth, spreading in my heart like a wave in the wide blue sea.

For someone like me who has been a lone since forever, this feeling is like a blessing that has been given by a god. At least that is how I, Haozaki Kagami is feeling right now!

With a careful yet stealthy manner, I glanced at her direction as she keep her eyes glued to the book she's reading on the table, as if the scene itself came from a painting, it looked so beautiful and breathtaking.

As the wind coming from the slightly opened window blew her shiny and soft long black hair, she tucked her long hair to the back of her ear with her right hand, her light brown eyes did not leave from her book.

On her thin pink lips, there is a small smile that came out from times to times.

Her pale white skin that was like a polished jade is so perfect that she looked like a goddess that has descended from the heaven.

In this quite place called library. As there are no exams, there are almost no people going in and out to this place. This empty room with only me and her, seems like an empty world that only the two of us in it.

Too bad for me, with my squinted eyes and cold expression, I look like nothing but a part of the so called trash of society.

However, although I'm good at fighting, I am by no means a delinquent!

I loved to stay far away from trouble if I could avoid it. But reality is really cruel as I keep getting involved in something troublesome.

Getting involved in a fight almost every day made me think that I might be cursed by the gods!

It was mostly self defends from my part. I have always questioned myself as to why I look like this… it was from DNA for sure… but I just can't accept it!

At first, it started from bullying which made me fell into extreme depression. Until I became a middle schoolers where I rebelled and fought back, I have always been enduring it like a good kid.

As such, when high school start, my parents moved from our previous house, to our current one which is quiet far away from our previous one.

In here, there is no one that knows me. And in here, I looked like a gloomy otaku that always sit in the far away corner of the class.

I found it really ironic actually, to think that I have to wear a thick black rimmed glasses and grown my bangs just to have a quiet and normal high school lives. Although I was mistaken as a real otaku… It's not that bad as I could still have some normal conversations with the other students.

As an only child in the family, I don't have to worry about being picked on by a stupid creature called 'Sibling'.

But I really have to say that DNA really is a scary factor that determine a person future and happiness.

I got this eyes from my mother, which is a former yankee back in her high school days, or so I was told by my father. I even wondered why the hell did he marry such a violent yankee?!

However, I finally get it why he married such a creature…

The answer is very simple and unreasonable. Love is blind! And I have to say that, today, at this very moment, I have become blind…

Be that as it may, looking at the orange sky and disappearing sun, I need to tell her to go home or it might be dangerous for a girl like her to be out so late in the night.

So with a slight nervous step but dead expression, I walked toward her table and tell her with a normal tone… or at least, I tried to sound as normal as possible.

"…. I'm sorry, but we are going to lock the library now…"

"Ah? I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was this late already!"

"Don't worry about it, please check again your stuff and don't forget anything."

"T-thank you, I'm Yamabuki Rika from second year…"

"Haozaki Kagami, first year… I will be sorting out the book on that shelf if you need me."

So she is a second year, but why did she have to bow her head to me, a first year? Honestly, I really don't understand why people look so awkward when they talk to me. Is it because I look gloomy? Or is it because I spoke to them with a cold tone?

Well that question will never be answered unless I asked somebody, which I don't even dare to think about it.

While thinking about that, I ignored her and walked with a slow step to the middle shelf to sort out the messy book. Well, I actually don't have to do this, but I just want to see her more as this is the first time I ever saw her after becoming a librarian for a week.

When I was taking out the second book from the shelf, I could hear her pleasant and nervous voice from the left side of my back.

"Excuse me… I have gathered all of my belongings, so I will be going back now."

"Is that so…"

I gave her a curt reply and a nod while only turning my head to look at her direction.

Within the corner of my eyes, I could see that she is bowing slightly toward me and then walked away with a slow and elegant step as she hold a book with her right hand.

When she is out of my sight, I could only let out a lonely sigh as I keep sorting out the books.

"I am doomed to have a lonely life… until I graduated from high school and entered the world of a working slave in the society… that is assuming I will be accepted by the society itself…"

With a gloomy and heavy tone, I mumbled those words in this empty, cold, and gloomy library. However, it must have been my imagination when I heard a chuckle from the opened library door.