Chapter 1: Fiance!?
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From what I have experienced, the so called human is an amusing creature. They have many personality and train of thoughts, but it was a pity that human emotion and ego is really a bitch!

What happiness that I found in my darkest days were nothing but only a temporary things. Like a cloud being blown by the wind, slowly moving and changing into many forms, just like how a human lead their lives.

I have grown my hair long enough to cover my face, and not to mention this thick, black rimmed glasses! It's not that I don't have emotion, I'm just too lazy to show it on my face. But, then again, my narrow and squinted eyes made it worse…

This random thoughts appeared on my mind as I lay on my bed and staring at the ceiling in a daze. This place is 3 hours away from my previous house, so I think no one knows me in this area… probably, I'm not really sure but, I just hope for the best.

With how I have been fighting here and there with some bullies and trash of society, this is the only choice my parents could do to make me have a decent normal lives.

To move from our previous house and move here, i'm really grateful to them for doing this, that father of mine even blackmailed his boss to be moved to this area to make me have some peaceful day after all... What a scum he is...

It has been 3 days since we moved in here, so my parents have been bugging me to go outside and find some buddies or something.

To hell with it! It's easy finding some people on the street but finding a good one in the endless bastards is hard!

I don't want to repeat my mistake and found some jerk that will leave me after I helped them!

"Kagami! Kagami! Come down here and help me clean the bathroom! Don't stay in your room all day like that, at least go outside and get yourself a girlfriend or something."

What the fuck?! Seriously, mom?! The voice of an angry and disappointed tone of hers made me quite annoyed. 

Let alone a girlfriend, I don't even have someone I could talk to…

"Kagami! Get down here!"

"Alright, I'm coming down!"

I shouted while getting up from the bed, no matter how much I don't want to get up from the bed, I'm not ungrateful enough to just ignore my beloved mother.

So I walked toward the door and opened it slowly, when I get outside of my room, I scanned my room before closing it.

The fear of my secret collection laying in the open is not something I wanted to happen, after making sure that there is nothing suspicious in my normal and average teenager room, i let out a small smile and then closed the door.

With a slow and lazy step, I descended the stair and headed toward the bathroom near the kitchen.

"Mom, you can get out from there I'll be cleaning it on my own!"

"What? You want to clean it on your own?! Are you sick? Did you hit your head, Kagami?"

My mom's worried and disbelieving voice came from the bathroom.

She let out a chuckle and then walked to greet me with a happy expression on her face.

There is a pink colored glove on both of her hands, her long curvy brown hair tied into a pony tail behind her back, although she is 36 years old, she still retained her beauty and looked like she is 29 or 30 years old.

Her name is Haozaki Suzu and her maiden name is Ibiki Suzu, she is a former trash of society before she met with dad and now has become a proper human, which I'm happy about, it was something that should've been worth celebrating, but too bad, it was a pain in the ass to do that.

"Well it's time for me to be helping an old hag from her back pain."

I said that with a hint of mockery and mischief.

Contrary to my expectation she didn't get angry and just laughed with a happy expression.

"Hahaha~ that was funny, if I'm an old hag, then your father won't be riding me every night, idiot."

I blushed when she said that with a grin and narrowed eyes.

She has a high bridge nose, brown eyes, a thin but sexy red lips and her white fair skin makes her into quite a stunning woman. Not to mention that she has a perfect body for male, a D-Cup breasts, a thin waist and a pert butt.

Her only downside is that, her eyes look scary!

And because I got that eyes of hers, it made my lives really hard… But, most of it is because the personality I got from my father, so I guess It was the both of them that ruined it…

A Yankee mother and an expressionless father ruined my very being.

I was really grateful that they at least teach me to be a proper human of society, even if it were only slightly.

"Heh, it's too early for you to make fun of me, brat!"

"Tsk… then why don't you invite me to ride you next time, mom."

"Damned brat, you want to ride your own mother?! Who the fucking hell that teach you to become like this!"

Isn't it you? With a snort, I ignored her and then walked to the bathroom to start my duty as a cleaner for the day.

"Hey, I'm not done talking with you, you brat."



I closed the bathroom door as hard as I could and locked it from the inside.

From the outside, I could hear her screaming and banging the door while letting out a curse.

"Damned brat, why the fuck did you lock the door?! Listen here, I might be saying something nasty and not educational, but I'm not a fucking whore damn it! Only your father that has touched this sacred body of mine!"

"Whatever… I'm going to start cleaning, so you can just watch TV and relax or something."

"You bet I will damn it!"

What a drag, to think that this is my mother. I bet that if dad's not a decent guy who is cold on the outside and caring on the inside, she would be used for her body only by other.

Just remembering what dad's told me about her younger days, it made me think that she is a bitch that was kept by some trash.

If he didn't tell me that he got her first time and then blackmailed all of her former supposed to be friends, then I will believe that she cheated on him.

No dog will forget its previous owner, as the saying goes…

But thinking about something like that is too troublesome, i just have to leave it for the future and see how it goes.

Well then, I should probably start this mess.

"… Let's get this party started~"

After being silent for a while, I stretched my body and then hummed a tune as I picked up my battle gear.




[Pov Change]

I could feel my cold sweat dripped from my forehead, with my twitching eyes and annoyed expression plastered on my face, I let out an awkward smile on my mouth.

"So… I'm engaged? To whom exactly?"

I asked my mother with a neutral tone.

We are currently seated face to face in the living room, with a table as a line that separated both of us, I'm currently seated while crossed both of my hands on my chest.

My name is Yamabuki Rika, a very average student with a very average look! Alright forget about that, I might not be average if it were about my look and figure, but I consider myself as a normal second year high school student.

I don't really care how I looked to other people, but I always have this same problem of getting called out by the majority of the male students. It was a tiresome and bothersome things to reject them actually.

But I don't want to give them hope and make them keep bothering me all the time, so I did a very good job at rejecting them by telling them that I have a boyfriend.

However, getting an imaginary boyfriend as a shield and having an actual and living fiancé out of the blue is out of my mind!

I know that when I woke up this morning I already have a bad feeling about something, but I never would have thought that I would be killed by this kind of bomb…

"He is a year younger than you, but I have confirmed that he is a very good person. But I have to tell you that he has two face, one is gloomy otaku like image, and the other one is that of a yakuza member…"


This is nonsense, ridiculous, unbelievable! I refuse to accept it!

What kind of good person has two faces! This is strange! This is definitely a god damn scam!

However, seeing that her expression didn't change in the slightest bit made me became more annoyed and angry!

Does she even realize that her own daughter is in danger?!

"I know that you are confused however, he is definitely a good person. It was only because of his DNA that he look like that, that is also why he grew his hair longer and became quite gloomy."

Mother said with a sad expression on her face.

She looked really sad and yet there is a glint of light of her eyes, it was like she is sad and happy at the same time.

"What do you mean his DNA?"

Knowing that she said something strange, I asked her with a bit of contempt. In this kind of situation, one must remain calm and cannot miss any words that was spoken by the other party.

It would be a disaster if I miss something!

"Well… how should I say it, his mother and father, they are both a very unique people… I guess."

A sound of something snapped inside my head resounded in my chaotic brain.

"What the hell mom!? Are you messing with me?! This is just stupid, you woke me up this early in the morning and then told me that i have a fiancé that I have never seen before, and then you tell me that his parents is unique?! Please mom, just get to the point already!"

With a red face and angry shout, I told her while standing and looking down at mother, my saliva flew everywhere and I don't care about it in the slightest.

Shame is something that is not needed in this kind of situation!

To hell with everything!

Even with me shouting at her, she is still looking at me with a smile on her face. Without breaking eye contact with me, she opened her mouth with a happy expression.

"You know, maybe you should meet him on your own and see for yourself. He is attending the same school as you, he is a freshmen in fact. School is starting again tomorrow right? Then go ahead and look for him tomorrow, his name is Haozaki Kagami."

"…. Fine! Tell me how he looked? How tall is he? Is there something that I should take note of? And tell me how is this engagement come to be!?"

Like a machine gun fired without stopping, I asked my mother with a chain of question after questions.

"Suzu-chan and i have an agreement that we would marry our first child if they are both male and female. Ah… Suzu-chan is Kagami-kun's mother by the way, we are very close back when we were in high school, but after we got married, we lost contact with each other because of our husband job. But we met each other yesterday at the mart, so I brought your father with me last night and met them to talk about this engagement, and we both agree to marry you without question asked."

"What?! Are you serious?! You just go and sold your daughter off like that?! Mom, you are really one hell of a worst parents there could be…"

"Huh?! You call that worst? Then how about I really sold you off for real? I might earn some nice cash from selling you, seeing that you have a nice figure and all. Look at that C-cup breast, thin waist, tall and slender legs, not to mention your pretty face and fair skin."

Mother's narrowed her eyes as she checked me out from top to bottom with a dangerous glint on her eyes.

T-this woman… her being a Yankee in her younger days seems to be true after all…

With a twitching right eye and a stiff smile, I faltered when looking at how dangerous she looked right now.

"Y-you're joking r-right?"

"Who knows… Anyway, you are going to be married to him no matter what. Just meet him first and then talk to me again, and as to how he looked, he is around 173cm tall, shoulder length black hair, and he is wearing a thick black framed glasses."

What the hell, I can only imagine a dark and gloomy damned otaku!

"A-are you serious? Isn't he just an otaku?!"

"Remember that I told you about his two images? Just talk to him first, will ya?"

Ugh.. I forgot about that, what kind of bastard is he? I just hope that he is really what she described him to be.

When I was contemplating bout his unknown fiancé with an otaku like appearance, mother then continued with her usual neutral tone, her expression is now back to her happy go lucky one…

"Oh, one more thing. He doesn't know about this engagement so you can play him hard when you meet him. I could only tell you that he is a good guy, so don't hurt him okay? I'll strangle you to death if you do."

That last part is not needed right, mom? Just who is your child here, and stop with that dangerous expression please!

Your daughter's heart is on the verge of having a heart failure!

I could only nod and slumped to my seat with a pale face. What else could i do to change her crazy and rock solid brain of hers...

"By the way, Rika. Let me tell you something about him for you, although he is a nice and good guy, he is no push over. Just don't drive him into a corner too often, not to mention that he… nevermind."

"He, what?"

Hearing that she just tell me about something but cut it off halfway Is just so damn annoying, but then again, I don't have the energy to retort to her anymore and just asked her weakly.

When I looked at her face, I was quite surprised that she is making a very not so like her expression, she looked really gentle and caring unlike her fake happy go lucky one.

"Just talk to him first, okay?"

She said with a gentle tone.

"Well, sure, I don't have any other choice now do i? I just hope that he is as good as you told me."

Not wanting to continue this ridiculous topic, I got up from the sofa and then walked to my room in the second floor.

With a heavy heart and step, I keep brooding and muttering curse after curse to this unknown fiancé that I have never met before.