vol.1 ch.3 acid drops
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because some people was confused <<>> means I am talking, but <> means thinking, then () this is rather and important thing, a fact, or an SFX, also I will be uploading some pictures my instagram for the characters if you would like to look it up My Instagram

As I reach the end of the cold stone stairway, I was standing upon the new amazing sight, blue-green grass on the ground and small trees with purple leaves, soon enough all of the new information entered my brain.

  • poki grass: blue grass used in speed potions
  • New potion recipe obtained:

speed potion lv.2'(like here it is now a D tier potion

Ingredients: speed potions lv.1 - poki grass

Effect: increase the user speed by half for 20 minutes


I was so exhausted to concentrate on that information, and just slept on the grass right there.

Chisuke: <<where…. Am.. I>>

I soon realize that I was surrounded with dark void.

Aya-chan: <<hey there onee-chan>>

I was just able to hear her, I did not see her at all.

Chisuke: <<uh… and where is that exactly>>

Aya-chan: <<ah!.. welcome to my realm, maybe you won’t be able to see anything as you still a novice witch>>

Some would ask why wasn’t I scared of that void, it is simply because that childish voice just broke the scary atmosphere.

Chisuke: <<then why did you bring me here??>>

Aya-chan: <<I just wanted to gift you for your progress, this won’t happen often but every time I do I will invite your consciousness here>>

Chisuke: <<so it is a new skill!! Better make it a good one>>

Aya-chan: <<here I go, close your eyes one-chan>>

Chisuke: <ugh it would be better if she chose to call me by my name than that “one-chan” thing> (SFX: angry)

Chisuke: <<wait what is this?>>

My eyes were getting more and more hotter by the moment.

Chisuke: <<ughh what is this?>>

Aya-chan: <<……. Just don’t open your eyes>> (SFX: nonchalant)

Chisuke: <I take back my words this is so scary>

Chisuke: <<ughhhhhhh>>

The pain was beyond bearable at that moment, but suddenly it was all gone and the world me was filled with small balls of pure white light.

Just then I open my eyes back to the real world.

Chisuke: <<(gasp)>>

Just then I started to open and close my eyes making sure they aren’t damaged.

Chisuke: <<huh??>>

But to my surprise the world around me was clearer than ever, like my eyes hasn’t been used before.

  • new skill obtained (mana eyes)'passive skill'

Effect: enable you to see the concentrated mana area when activated

-( after some time )-

I took me some time to collect myself, but the I realize that, I used all my potions in the last room.

Chisuke: <<think I shall make more of them>>


glass maker lv.4 --> glass craft lv.1

moving to the next room, it looks like I am in a forest, bleu grass and tall trees with purple leaves. It seems hard to believe I am still in the dungeon at first glance, but you can know that just by looking up at the room roof.

  • Yoku mushroom: a mushroom that contains very liquid sap with strong alluring aroma that allure low level monsters to eat it when extracted from the plant used in several potions.

Chisuke: <<ugh its smell is so strong, but that might be useful someday__>>

???: <<gyuuu>>

Chisuke: <!!wait what was that sound>

As I jump behind a bush looking at the source of the sound.

There was a large crocodile like creature by a huge lake, it was huge maybe about 8 meter long.

Chisuke: <but wait, is it even alive??>

If not for its breath I will definitely think he was a corpse, it has completely white eyes, and a lot of parts of its body was messing, it was replaced with other parts made of clear water.

It was definitely a red flag for me so I simply decided to go from behind the bushed unnoticed, and eventually I succeeded in that.

Chisuke: <well too…. Easy I think>

??: <<kroo??>>

There was standing a relatively small spider compared to other monsters here about 30 cm long, and it was just standing there looking confused, it did not even seem to have the intention to attack me.

Chisuke: <so shall I just… kill it?>

It was a very confusing situation, then the spider started to move towards me slowly.

Chisuke: <_!!>

But to my surprise it just started to rub its head against my leg.

Chisuke: <<so I think I am out>>

But whatever I walk I will follow me everywhere.

Chisuke: <I think, it is not even a monster huh??>

I mean it looked dead, but it was actually behaving cute, and while I was looking at it following me I tripped hurting my knee a little, and dropping a little a mount of blood, then as if aroused with the sent of blood the spider charged towards me, in a frenzy, and due to my reflexes I punched it directly on it stomach crashing its internal organs, and finally it was dying.

Chisuke: <<I know it, you are just a monst__>>

The spider: <<KROOOOOOOOO>>

Chisuke: <<ugh, cannot anyone in this place wait for me to end my sentence>>

Leaving behind his death shrike, it was silent for some seconds, but soon I started hearing it echoes.

???: <<krooooo>>

??: <<kryooo>>

??: <<krrro>>

Chisuke: <<wait these are not echoes>>

Just at that moment 8 red eyes were visible behind the bushes, but their number was getting more and more by the second.

Chisuke: <<don’t tell me>>

Just as I thoughts it was tens of that spiders, collected from the other spider death shriek.

Chisuke: <wait what do I have to do!!>

It was a tariffing sight, how fool was I to think I can clear that forsaken place.

Chisuke: <so this is how I die>

I might seem like a coward, but simply the sight of red eyes towering above each other, each was filled with gruesome killing intent, was just very frightening.

As my mind was entering a state of dark, my legs start trembling, I fall to grass covered ground knocking some items out of my bag.

At that moment, in the void in my mind, a strong smell intruded my thoughts.

Chisuke: <<!!!>>

It was the mushroom laying on the ground next to me.

Chisuke: <that’s it!!>

Then I was hit with the idea, that was used in may movies, which is to distract the monster and run, so in a flash I cut the mushrooms and throw it immediately on the crimson eyes, the mushroom was spilling a red liquid just as if it is bleeding.

Spider: <<krooo>>

Spider: <<kywaaa>>

Just after hearing the load shrieks of the spider they started to collect around the ones that has the liquid, but the plan decided to take another way.

Chisuke: <! I thought they were just going to stand.. there>

What I remembered at that time the sentence of “and eat it” from the description of the mushroom.

The spiders were eating each other even if the spider has no legs left, it will try to eat the others as the scenery in front of turned to a pool of shiny green liquid, I know I killed monsters before, but that sight was behind gruesome, a brutal sign of how nature can be cruel.

As the number of eyes decreased to eight, the last spider tried to approach me, but died in its way from its injuries. And I was just standing there, unable to even get the smallest sound out of my mouth.

???: <<gyuwaa>>

Looking behind me as if the misery did not end, there stand the visitor that was attracted to the sound of the dying spider, it was that huge crocodile, walking slowly towards me.

Chisuke: <<….>>

I was silent for a moment there, but soon after I was back to my cruel reality.

Chisuke: <!! What NOW>

As if a primal instinct was controlling me, I ran towards a tree, and climbed it quickly using my high agility, the crocodile was just behind my running towards the tree, I was lucky he cannot climb the tree as the spiders, but just his speed running towards the tree was unbelievable.

Chisuke: <<what to do now??>> (SFX: terrified)

Speed of taking an action, is a very important factor in combat, even I knew that I has a small-time frame to think, as it won’t take the crocodile long till it figures that it can just break the tree.

Chisuke: <<maybe I can find something in the bag!!>> (SFX: wary)

Rampaging in my bag I found the copper red bones of the akomi from the 1st floor.

Chisuke: <<maybe I can… >>

My idea was trying to combine the glove and the bones, to give even the slightest combat power, just to make it daze a little as I run, but there was a big problem, I did not know if I had the right level of skill to do so. If this world is just like an RPG game in principals, then their will be some equipment that would require me a higher level of skill, even destroying that failed trial material, therefore decreasing my combat power, was a probability.

Chocking my head, because I know that it is the only possible solution, and if it did not work I will just die, which seem bad news, but I was out of solutions.

Chisuke: <<ughh (forge materials)!!>>

Ending my spell, the materials was covered in a dim black light, indicating their origin, then a black glove with red bone plates on all the fingers, wearing it I finally decided what to do.

Chisuke: <<here goes nothing>>

As I jump from the tree on the nose of the crocodile, and as I heard on Tv, crocodile mouth muscles are very weak when opening, that anyone can hold its mouth shut, but its another story about closing the mouth, so I quickly try to hold its mouth shut, which surprisingly worked. Taking my opportunity, it started to bunch its eyes.

In response to the hit it tried to throw me off its head with great force.

Chisuke: <<ughhh>>

As I use the greatest force my body can produce to jump, changing my position so it can sit on it nose holding it shut, just as my plan.

And as if the crocodile was a wild pull, it tried to run towards a tree hitting it to throw me off, breaking the tree as it fell to the other side, but I was still there, because of my strength potion.

Hitting several trees, as finally my goal was reached as one tree was falling towards us, just then I jumped of that monster leaving it to be stomped under the tree


Hearing such a crash, it shall be really dead.

Chisuke: <<fuwoo>> (relieved)

Then I started to collect its fallen scales as I know I might regret not doing so, I was really in need to rest, but I had no time or place to.

The crocodile: <<grrrr.. grrr>>

Isn’t it dead, the sight was definitely for a tree that has fallen on a crocodile body sideways, therefore crashing all it organs, its true the head was in a good condition, but there is no way its alive.

But as if saying it last words the crocodile opened it mouth, as a strong stream of air started to move towards its head, looking at where the crocodile was looking.

Chisuke: <<no.. way>>

All of the small spiders’s mana crystals was moving in its mouth, as it explodes Turning the tree log to small pieces, from the dust of the explosion rise a green water golem, with its right hand in a green blade shape as it cut the last part of the tree log that was in its way.

Chisuke: <<no… way>> (SFX:  stunned)

In the next moment I felt a heavy bunch on my stomach sending my flying to the now tree remains, then the golem turned its hand to its water form again, trying to catch me by it to devour me in its body.

Regaining a piece of my consciousness, I fled in the last moment, and kept doing so, which required me to be watchful to every move. Which started to hurt both my brain and eyes.

The slight amount of pain in my eyes reminded me of that skill.

Chisuke: <<mana eyes!!>>

Say the skill name in my state of panic, as I feel pain in my eye again but that time it was different as my eyes got used to it in mere seconds, after that a whole new world opened upon me, my eye sight was so good , and I was able to see small white dots on leaving being as bugs flying by, and one big dot in the golem heart place.

Chisuke: <<!!>>

Which made me notice the hand sized crystal in that monster.

Chisuke: <the mana crystal!>

Seeing that ray of hope made me drive my body to the its limits even more, as I tried to gain more velocity jumping between the trees and sometimes on my akomi shield platform, such operation was very painful as logic says, but I cannot care less now the amount of adrenaline in my body was just going up with second, as I finally gained enough velocity to start my plan, as I go towards the golem heart like a bullet, but just then it hardened its chest area

Chisuke: <<aghhhhhhhhhh!!>>

I was aware of that probability so I summoned an akomi shield just behind me as I jumped of it in a single, close enough thrust, so I was able to cut throw its shields using my new glove, taking its heart and exiting from the other side of its chest, it felt as my skin was going to melt if I stayed another second there, but I was worth it as finally that golem was turned to a pool of acid.

Chisuke: <<huff.. huff.. shall find a safe place>>

I was aware that I have some seconds before I lose all the adrenaline and collapse so I ran crossing the forest, using my body agility right for the first time, crossing the jungle with the crystal in my hand, I finally reached the next healing square and just collapsed there next to the pond

  • Wizer spiders: undead spiders which moves I large groups to hunt down preys using sound to communicate
  • Kazodile: large crocodile like monster '8m long' with hard flexible green scales 'hardness lv.4' hostile in nature, uses water mana to apply more force throw circulating it in its blood vessels to move faster
  • Grim Golem: the evolution of kazodile, made of acidic green water, can harden any part of it body in seconds

  • New achievement unlocked (the acid filter)
  • New skill obtained (healing water)
  • Effect: a medicine made of acid, with its hideous nature to harm or kill all living being in under direct interaction, except its users as only the acid maker may benefit from it (healing effect)

  • Akomi shield lv.4 à hound shield lv.1
  • Mana eyes lv.1 à mana eyes lv.2

Status screen

Name: kawashima Chisuke

Gender: female

Race (folk): cat folk

Job: witch

Passive skills:-

Isekai language

Poison resistance

Disease resistance

Which knowledge

High agility

Obtained skills-

Tier one:-

Forging materials lv.1

Mana eyes lv.2

Healing water lv.1

Poison spore lv.2

Tier two:-

Hound shield lv.1

Glass craft lv.1

Hope you enjoyed the chapter don’t forget to comment and see you later