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I have just read a post about someone who was laying on the bed while letting his mind to wander. 

And so, he asked to Ms. Internet 

' What's purpose in life? '

He began to type his experience about his dead cat.

How's it life? Why's it life? And soon

Then he asked

' what's your purpose of life? '

Was it for happiness?

Or calmness? Or what?

Was your life only game or joke where there was only 2 options between win or lose?

How would you act ini this stage named earth?

What kind of story' would you make as an real MC in your life? 

How high score would you get in this examination named 'IRL' ? 

How much fortune and profit would you gain for your 'afterlife's supply' ? 


To be honest... 


There is no information about what happen 'after dead' for ME, Idk what I will experience later when I entered 'that' new episode. 

There is no data I can gather but in religions. 

But, I can't be stuck only to that way of thinking. 

No matter how curious am I about afterlife, I am still alive and survive at the moment.

I am sure that the episode of [afterlife] Will also be Effected by this current episode of [Being Alive]

So what's my purpose? 

[ Living well ]


It is abstrack and can be different for each person pointnof view.

For me, It's depend on how much I know and understand about the world and the Creator of it.