The last Inhabitat of heaven
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I heard an funny story' from a wiseman.

Later in afterlife...

There was a person who would enter the heaven at very last.

He took too long because he could only crawl to go there. 

To his surprise, the Heaven was full.

He was forced to go back to The God and complain.

" Oh God, The heaven Is full "

" Nah, Ya can re-chek it now "

The man was Crawling again to the Heaven...

And it was still looked full.

So he came back to complain.

" Oh, God, It's full for sure "

" Nah, I had make the heaven Ten Times wider than an earth only for you "

" My God... The Most Mercufull, The Most Compassionate. Am I being made fun of? This is a joke isn't it? "

The wise man laughed hard while telling me this story'. 

He said 

" Don't worry, 

That person Will enter the heaven at the end. It is only a joke from the God because how tiny the 'goodness' he had done when being alive "