Friend or Acquaintance
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There are many people I know...

Some of them trully cared me

Several of them came only when they need something from me

A part of them only start a conversation because of the duty they held.

There were people who were always smilling to greet me

The other just make fun of me.

Lastly, there were also those who ignored me.

Only a few of them I could regard as a friend. 

A good friends would gladly share symphaty, Emphaty and advice.

We didn't shy to point each other wrong doings, telling our mistake and letting us know the solution. 

They would laugh when I laughed

They whould cry when I cried.

 They would laughed and crying at the sametime when there was a funny mistakes 

There was also another kind of friend. 

They could be called a 'yes' man.

Always support me even when I was the one in fault. 


They were who called me friend only by world, not by action. 

Always stay neutral in any condition and mostly being ignorant.


There were also those who gladly tried to blakened my heart by inflicting a virus called sin and taboo.

I just glad that theily only stopped in the line of inviting, not forcing or threatening.