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It's no big secret that every everyone's goal was to look for happiness. 

Sadly, Instead of reaching that state, most of all people were trapped in a fake state of 'being happy'.

It was only a condition which having short term effect.

It had to be repeated to increase the duration or to re-gain the feeling.

No wonder that fake happiness was always addictive because how easy it would gone, attract an infinite looping.

In other case, a happiness could be felt when we reaching our dream, a full of desire goal.

At that time, you could even smilling while crying.

Sadly, after that goal had been reached, you would felt empty and need another new goal to gain the simmilar happiness.

A goal after a goal, another infinite looping

No wonder that a wise man ever said

" A happiness in our hand can't be called A happiness anymore"

To resolve this problem, people began to think wisely, what kind of happiness they wanted.

One philosopher said that the true happiness was a exclusive personal experience that make their own self smile.

Other said, it was an act that always pleased everyone and could be enjoyed by people in general.

There was also saying that calmness and peace was what we were the one we should be looking for.

Some of modern people would say that a true happiness could be gain through being reach, famous and held a powerfull authority.

Etc, etc...


There was not a few people who hunted the true eternal happiness choosed "death" in their own way. 

You couldn't be hurt by dying. 

A death people couldn't cry. 

There would be no complicated problems that frighten dead people. 

Because of that, people who saw this state would always said "Rest In Peace"


This was not a complete healty way of thinking.

Let's say that the true happiness could only be reached after death. 

It meant, in the 'afterlife'.

The question, what would happen then in afterlife? 

There was no modern science could answer that, but a knowledge from religion.

I was just too arrogant if I didn't acknowledge that simple fact. 

Hey reader, did you ever think about what happen before you were born in this world? And what happen afterlife?

An infinity dark? 

Was this life just a joke without any goal? Nah, an action called joke it self contain it's own purpose.

Was this life only a game to reach happiness only by winning? If it so, could you tell me the rules? 

Was this life liked a Trading which forced me to get theas much Fortune as possible? If so, how? What kind of tortune? Trading was tiring, so when I could trully enjoy that fortune?

Was this life actually an Exam full of problems that had to be answered correctly? Wait wait wait... Don't i need to study first?

Was this life a kind of event? A competition?  A race? It had to be the most serious and fun agenda. I did wonder who was the winner. 

Was this life a dream? Huh.... Dream? Was i actually sleep at this moment? How could I wake up?

Was this life a kind of story and I was the MC ? Was i actually being isekai-ed to my mother womb?Hey hey hey, where was the magical thing? My problems were Actually for my own development? Where Was the plot armor? 

Aye aye... I was confusing my self. 

Just let me tell you the fact that surprised even my own self. 

No matter how desparare you were, the fact that you were still alive showed that there was a chance to redeem your mistake and restart everything'.

Should I tell you that the only impossible HOPE every dead people wished was to back alive.

Be gratefull and don't waste your life bruh.

No matter how big your problem, I was sure that you could still smile in daily.