That Person’s Existence
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[Time Skip To 1 Million Years]

'Who am I?'

'Where am I?'

When I thought of such things, I observed the scenery around me. To describe it in one word, it was hell.

"Oh, right. I am in hell."

I don't even know how long I have been here. The pain that I had experienced from those tortures made me forget my sense of time. I don't even know what my name is.

Despite that, I remember why I am here.

It was to make Hatsune Miku my wife!

Even if I had forgotten my name, I wouldn't forget about the waifu who brought light into my boring world. Even if it's the end of the world, I would risk it all just to spend my time with her.

And, that is the reason why I am here, in hell, of all places. It was because of my deal with the devil himself.

Do I regret making such a deal? Of course not. If it's for Hatsune Miku, I will gladly sacrifice my life for her cause.

My happiness, my entertainment, my life, my death, and everything that I own. I am willing to sacrifice all of it if it's for Hatsune Miku's sake.

*clap* *clap* *clap*

A series of loud clapping noises reverberated in the depths of hell.

I looked towards the source and it was none other than the person that had brought me into this hellhole. But this time, he no longer had those bright white lights that covered and concealed his appearance and body.

When I saw his appearance, I was utterly confused. For a moment there, I forgot all my sufferings in hell.


Because that person looked exactly like me. No, more as he might be me but...

Argh!!! I am getting more confused as I fathom what kind of existence that person is. It was as if something prevented others from comprehending his existence. He was truly an enigmatic being.

When I had looked in his direction, the series of clapping noises ended as that person who possess the same appearance as I walked towards me with a group of red imps behind him.

Those group of red imps, who had earlier tortured me and was pretty smug and arrogant about it, were now acting subservient and docile towards that person. It was like an employee meeting their boss.

"I am impressed! For you to have remembered her after all the tortures and mind break you have gone through!"

"I admit that I had tricked you when you had made that deal as those tortures that you had experienced were carefully created to brainwash those who had been inflicted with such torture. The purpose of it was to make you a mindless puppet so that I can easily obtain your soul and merge it back to myself."

When I heard him say that, I felt nothing. No hate, no desire for revenge, just nothing.

I used to be like this: Feeling apathetic towards anything that I had experienced, even if it was harmful to me.

The one who made me felt pure joy, excitement, and love was none other than Hatsune Miku. Her voice, her songs, had driven me out of my apathy.

But now that I couldn't experience such pure bliss after spending countless years in this hell, I felt nothing. My apathy was back. I was back to being a nihilist.

So even if I had heard that person said that he had let me experience such torture just to brainwash me, I didn't hate him. More like, I felt nothing towards him.

But, if he goes back on his words, I'll make sure to do everything I can to make him regret it!

"Chill man. Chill~"

"Don't worry as I always keep my word. And since I made my deal with you more advantageous towards me, I will allow you to have three wishes instead of only just one."

"I know that you will spend your first wish on Hatsune Miku's existence so any request on that?"

That person asked me as he gave me three wishes for the suffering that I had experienced.

"By merge, what do you mean by that? Since you have earlier said that you want my soul to be like a mindless puppet so you can merge it with your soul."

As much as I want to meet Hatsune Miku, that had to wait. For I need to know who this person was in front of me. If I deem him as someone dangerous, I dare not wish for Hatsune Miku's existence lest she suffered at the hands of this person.

"Well, I am you. But you are not me. For I am the main body and soul, while you are nothing but a fragment of my soul. An avatar or clone to be exact. The sole purpose of your existence was for my entertainment and for me to experience everything this existence of [The Box] could offer me."

"It is your fate to merge with me and be one with me. And if you want to go against such fate, it is pointless. For I am stronger than what you have imagined."

"If I want to, I can remove all memories you have for Hatsune Miku but I didn't as I wanted to know how this would turn out. And, I am satisfied with the results."

So he treated me like a tool for his entertainment despite me being his soul fragment? And from what he had said, he was more powerful than I had thought. Even those so-called Gods couldn't hold a candle to his power.

"If you are ignorant of the existence of [The Box], then let me enlighten you."

"[The Box] contains numerous barrel-shaped spaces known as [The Barrel]. While [The Barrel] contains the space that houses all Outer Gods which are known as [The Outside] or the [Outerverse]. [The Outside] is the space that surrounds the true reality, which is known as the [Omniverse]."

"And I am an existence that is hailed as Katake Kage Zenchi, the [Author Of The Box]. For I have written the whole reality that you have experienced. I have also surpassed the [Primordial Of The Box] who is none other than the True Creator of this existence."

Someone who had surpassed the True Creator...

How can I defy such Supreme Being?