From Cluj to Athene – Part 5
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A few minutes later, on a street who is heading to the Airport, our four males, Anakin, Marcus, Radu and Alin, are approaching their destination, right when they avoided a countless of zombies, survivors who were not caution around them and cars who were driving badly and crashed into other cars, buildings or other weird spots.

Alin was driving like a bad ass, while his best friend, Radu, and the other two passengers, on the back seats, were encouraging Alin to drive safely, and a few times, trying to put the zombies down who managed to grab their car somehow. Alin looked on the sign from the left sign of the road which is written the number of kilometers to the airport and it shows only four kilometers, which is about one mile for the people in U.S.A. .

"We are getting closer." says Radu to the people on the back seat. "When we got there, we will have to fight against these things."

"T-There are going to be a lot?" asks the mechanic named Marcus.

"Most likely." says Radu to Marcus. "Look on the streets, man. The world has really fucked up this time."

"Indeed." says the guy who is cosplaying Anakin. "If the world has truly ends, at least I got the chance to see and fought a zombie."

"Have you put a zombie down?" asks Alin while is driving this car and avoid other cars and other zombies on the way.

"Yes. I do put one down to its misery... It was brutal, but that guy was already a lost cause."

"What do you mean?" asks Marcus feeling curios about this cosplayer encounter with the first zombie.

"I had a friend of mine... We used to live together, but... It looks like I was the only one who got a job and use my money to buy his food and pay rental. He had a family, but his parents and brothers forgot him and stopped sending him money. Even though he uses those money to never work in his entire life and only live in his apartment, eating McDonald's and looking at porn, every single day and night. But, when I came back from a cosplay, I found him in the apartment, trying to walk to me, walking like a zombie and having blood all over the face."

"Whose was the blood?" asks Radu.

"From my cat, Tomi. That roommate hate my cat so much, that one time, he got it injured after he throws his phone to my poor cat."

"What a fucked up person." says Marcus to the guy who call himself Anakin. "And how did you killed him?"

"It was fast... I just pushed him out of the stair poles at the ninth floor and he fell a few meters to the ground and there, he probably got crushed to death. I go downstairs to see his condition, but when I got to the eight floor, I saw my neighbor being eaten alive by another zombie who looks like his eight years old child. They were screaming and trying to put the kid down. I tried to help them by taking that child, but his mother, was close to my bite my arm cause she was also an zombie. I used my light saber and put that monster down at the first occasion, the run from this building without looking back at my dead roommate."

"Wow..." says Marcus being the only one able to talk because the other were speechless by this.

Anakin might be a loser who cosplay as an imaginary character, but he was a guy trying to be an hero and a guy who carried a huge burden with him in this life, a obsess roommate who probably threaten Anakin like a piece of shit. Then, Marcus was about to start his story, but Alin stops the car and then he quickly turns back to his people at the back seat.

"We have to run!"

"Why?" asks Anakin, but then he sees the reason.

In front of their cars,there is an immense group of cars who are stopping them to the airport, all of these people are screaming, yelling at each other and hooking like this is just a weekend in Romania mountains instead an apocalypse. There is even a gypsy guy who is trying to beat down a woman who is driving her BMV and is in front of her, but her husband quickly takes out his pistol and shoot that guy, while he is yelling.

"You deserve to die, Gypsy!"

Almost everyone of this highway is terrifying by this and attempt to abandon their vehicles and run to the airport. And those people were Alin, Radu, Marcus and Anakin who quickly grab their things they taken and run to the airport, together with the groups there. The man who shoot that gypsy laughs while he is shooting random people, killing a few of them, and his girlfriend, doesn't do anything she just sits there, smiling at the killings her husband is doing it. But then, Karma has decided to hit that man in the nuts, by transforming that dead gypsy into a zombie who tackled the man down and proceed to eat him alive. The girlfriend starts screaming and attempted to leave her car and help his boyfriend, but God... This girl got jumped by a zombie who recently got killed by her husband while he was still human. The zombie starts biting the girl cheeks, and she is crying, yelling and trying to stop that thing by using her artificial nails which broke down easily.

The four males are following the other groups of people who are heading to the airport. They dodged a few cars stocked, avoided a few opened doors by drivers who decided to avoid their vehicles and run to airport. Anakin even had to encounter a zombie, but he pushes that zombie into an opened and empty car, then he quickly locks it and he runs to the airport with his light saber on the right hand.

These four survivors are at a close distance to their airport, but, right when they were close to cross on the building, they heard a giant explosion coming from a few meters from the west. Anakin, Radu, Marcus and Alin saw an helicopter, crashing into the nearest building and exploding at the impact, which made that building collapse, slowly. A few screams and "Dumnezeu!", "Căcat!", "Ferească sfantul!" and others phrases which Romanians are using often in their daily life.

But they didn't stayed there for long because an apocalypse is happening and zombies are appearing out of nowhere. These four survivors continues to run, while they are putting zombies down or they dodged them. Alin has punched a thing head so hard it made it collapse. Alin has used a great kick, who hit the zombie head, and made that nasty head flying right into an old lady, who fall on the ground and start to be taken by three close zombies, who proceed to eat her. Alin is feeling guilty for this, but Marcus told him to carry on or they will be eaten. Alin and Marcus runs to the airport, together with Radu and Anakin, who helped a family getting out of their car because they were locked thanks to the cars parked close to their doors. They broke all four of car windows and helped them get out of there. There were only three people there, a Father, Mother and a nine years old daughter. This was a fast thing to do.

Alin, Radu, Anakin and Marcus have made it at the airport, togheter with almost eleven survivors. Some of them got killed on the run, or got lost, or worse, they got hurt while they were running to the airport. Anyway, they arrived there, and the first thing they see there, are a bunch of soldiers who proceed to aim their weapons at the eleven ones, and yelled at them.

"FREEZE!" says the soldiers, who then let's three doctors soldiers with equipments coming to those survivors.

"We are going to check your temperature." says a medical soldier to Alin aiming his pistol looking thermometer. "If your temperature is higher than 38 grade Celsius, then you might be infected and proceed to be shot."

"This is bullshit!" yelled a man in his thirty when a medical soldier finished taking his temperature and observed it is 38.1 grade Celsius, but it was to late for him to realize what is going to happen before a soldier has shot his head with an AK-47, by using only a bullet.

That corpse has fallen on the concrete. And later on, another three human corpses has fallen on the ground because they scored a higher temperature than 38 grade Celsius. But at those three bodies, weren't Marcus, Radu, Alin and Anakin, they were the only ones who scored about 37 grade Celsius, and there were other people there who made low to thirty seven degrees Celsius. They are escorting to the room, where they will be checked to see if they have a bite on them or an injury.

After they finished that test in the first room of the airport, they made it. The soldiers gives the survivors who were successfully checked, a backpack with supplies which will need it when they made it to islands they choose to go. Anakin, Radu and Alin are going to the reception, were a female soldier stays at the reception, and she tells them directly.

"Which flight are you choosing? The one to Africa is already full, and the one to Ada Kaleh. The only remaining ones are to Athens uninhabited islands which are the property of the government and Serbia. Which are you choosing?"

"We will take the ones to Athena." says Radu for Alin and Anakin, after they discussed this thing for a short period of time.

"Alright. The gate number six. It will start flying in about three hours."

"Three hours?" asks Alin. "Why that late?"

"Protocol measures." and that was the last thing she said to them, while they were escorting by two soldiers to a waiting room, where other survivors are located and wait for their plane.

Alin asked a few passengers from there, which flight they got, and they responded that they are all flying to Athena uninhabited islands which is a big coincidence. Anakin told his friend, Radu. that this room it is probably the ones of those survivors who are boarding to Athena plane.

Now, these three survivors are wondering about Marcus. So, Alin leaves this room, telling the soldier who is guarding the door, that he is going to search for a friend. The soldier, being a kind human being, let the man go and find his friend into this airport.


A few minutes later, Alina and with other survivors have made it to the airport by using the helicopter, a transport way nobody has trying to use it to arrive there, since the street have started to became quickly filled with zombie, and corpses who were eating right now by these lifeless creatures.

Alina and with the other survivors are leaving the helicopter, but when they left the soldiers aimed their guns to them and asks them if they are infected or present a bite. All of them, raised their hands surrounded and told them they are fine. But, when the soldiers with these thermometers looking like guns come, one old lady felled on her ground. A medical soldier quickly runs to her, he checked her temperature and got a shock.

"The lady it is 38.9 grade Celsius!"

And one soldier steeped from the ground with this glock, and shoot her head. And this, made the muscular guy feel angry. He was about to leave his spot, ignoring the soldiers who aimed his assault rifles to him. But this beast, was about to grab the soldier who shot the old lady. But unluck for him, he got shoot into his head, then got shoot all over his body by the rest of those soldier.

All of these survivors there stood there, by in shocked by the thing what was happening in front of them. One of them, which was Cassandra screamed in agony, and these soldiers were closed to aim at her, but then, a soldier has quickly checked her temperature and tells them that she doesn't have a high body temperature. The rest of those soldier checked the other survivors, and all of them passed this test.

They were escorted to the elevator, and there, they will be send to the reception, to choose a plane delivering them to a safe land.