Chapter 51: Settling at the inn
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The inn was situated in a four-story building. It was made of stone of a yellowish shade. Coming inside, Erin saw that the first floor was actually for dinning. There were six tables lined by the wall. Each table had eight chairs around it. Still, it was quite spacious. At one corner, there was a middle-aged man, with wrinkles all over his face.


Richard stepped forward and moved in front of the middle-aged man. The man looked up, and when he saw Richard, he straightened. "How can I help you, Sir?" He asked.


"We need two rooms. One for me, and one for the other three." Richard answered. The middle-aged man looked at the girls in the back and at Richard again. Then he said, "I am really sorry, Sir. At the moment, we have only two vacant rooms. Each room can accommodate two people only."


Hearing that, Richard turned to look at the girls. Anna had a smile at her face, Lyse was just looking around, and Erin, well, her eyes were wide open. "I think we should find another Inn," She said after thinking for a moment.


"I-I am really sorry, miss, but that might not be easy. We have a yearly festival going on at this moment. It's the day the Western City was found, so most of the inns are already full. It will be like that for another week or so." The man hastily said. After all, he didn't want to lose his noble guests!


Richard looked at the girls again, his smile was almost showing there. He wanted to see what they would decide, or at least what Erin would decide.


"T-Then, I'll be with Lyse in one room, and you can be with Anna, Richard? Or you want to be with Lyse?" Erin asked.


"N-No, I won't be w-with him in the same room!" Lyse protested with wide eyes. How could Erin even think of this? To put her in one room with a stranger, and a male on top of that. If it was a girl it would be fine, but it was an unknown male there!


"Erin, you should be with Richard in the same room. That's the best option. I can't be in a room with him, after all, you know what our relationship is." Anna answered as well, trying to help her Lord.


"T-Then how about we squeeze in one bed? Lyse and I aren't that big, to begin with.." Erin still tried to struggle. She felt wrong. Why should she be forced to be in a room with Richard?


"That is a bad idea, miss. The beds aren't that big in the first place. It will be too cramped." The middle-aged man said, apprehension showing on his face, as he watched Richard.


"A-Alright, let's look for some other Inn then!" That was Erin's final plea. But what she didn't expect was Anna's answer. "Erin, the man already told us, it will be too hard to find another inn for the four of us. Why not accept it and be in one room with Richard? It's not like you weren't alone with him before." As she said that, Anna smiled at Richard.


Richard nodded to himself. That's what he wanted. More time with Erin, so they could become closer. He looked at Erin again, waiting for her response.


Erin's mouth twitched. Struggling inwardly, she finally nodded her head. "Alright, I'll be in a room with him." As she said that, she couldn't help but look at Richard with wide eyes, trying to intimidate him not to do anything funny.


Richard saw Erin's face and his smile widened. She really looked cute at that moment. She just didn't know that her gaze now wasn't intimidating at all, but adorable.


Finally, they decided to stay in that Inn. Richard and Erin in one room, Anna and Lyse in another room. They got to their rooms to put their luggage and rest a bit from the journey.