Chapter 52
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The group's rooms were on the third floor of the inn. After going into her room, Erin checked its interior. The free space wasn't really much. There were two beds, one on each side, left and right, a drawer, and a small table in the middle. With that, the room appeared to be a bit small as not much free space was left inside.


"Um, is there a bathroom here?" Turning around, she asked the middle-aged man who had come with her to show the room.


"Yes, there are two bathrooms on each floor. They are at the end of the corridor. The toilet is there, too. One for males and another for females." The man explained.


"Alright, you can go now, we won't need you," Richard said as he, too, entered the room. The man bowed and left them alone.


The room fell silent. Erin moved next to the left bed and sat down on it. It wasn't the first time when she was alone with Richard, but this time, for some reason, she felt nervous. Her head was hanging down and she was playing with her fingers, waiting for Richard to start the conversation.


Richard moved to his bed too. He looked at Erin and saw her head was hanging down. "Are you scared of me?"


Erin was surprised by this question. She looked up with wide eyes at Richard. "Why should I be scared of you?"


"Are you not? Then why are you trying to stay away from me? Or do you dislike me?" (Richard)


"N-No, I am not scared, neither do I dislike you. It's not that." Erin started murmuring, but still, Richard heard her words.


"So why do you try to avoid me then?" He continued with his questions. Erin was at a loss. What could she say? Because he kissed her before? Thinking about that, her face flushed. Shaking her head, she started thinking again. The incident at the village, those provocative words. But that was more than two weeks ago. She should have forgiven him by now, right? But why did she try to avoid him?


"Is it because what I said at the village? Well, I got too far there, guess I should apologize to you for that." Richard moved in front of her and knelt down on the floor, looking at her eyes. Taking her hand, he kissed it lightly. "I am truly sorry about that." He said, keeping eye contact with Erin.


Erin pulled her hand back. Looking at the place where it was kissed, her face got a bit red. As she looked up again with wide eyes, she wasn't sure how to react to this. Her mouth kept opening and closing. "I'll go see Anna and Lyse, we'll go shopping now." While saying that, she was already walking out of the room.


Richard kept looking at the door, even after Erin left. He sighed again. Erin needed time to think about this. He could see that. What would she decide at the end? He didn't know.


Erin was next to Anna's room. She rested her back on the wall and looked at her hand. She got it now, Richard liked her. The kiss, the actions he was taking for her, all revealed his feelings for her. She wasn't so dumb. She could see that he was doing all of that for her. The training, the test. Everything. But still, what should she do? She didn't have feelings for him, at least, not for now. Even more, she was a male in her previous life which gave her more reasons to reject Richard.


The scenes from the very beginning when she met Richard started repeating in her head and the fact that she was now a girl, also the last pureblood vampire. She knew what Richard wanted. She could guess it from the start with his speech. After that, she just accepted the training, not giving it much thought. But if the things weren't cleared soon, it wouldn't work. What was she supposed to do?


Did she have any feelings for Richard? She asked herself that again. Well, she was attached to him. Or else, she wouldn't be here right now. The bloodline connection was another factor. That made her trust him. But that wasn't all. He saved her twice. There were some feelings for him already, though it wasn't actual love. She liked him a bit, that was for sure, even if his character was a bit twisted in some moments. But he was a vampire, a Demon Lord, that was normal.


There weren't a lot of choices for her. She could reject Richard, and find someone else. Or she could be with a girl. That was a choice, too. She could even be alone. No one could stop her from that. What did she really want? She started thinking hard about that.


Finally, after forty minutes of thinking, Erin relaxed. Now she knew what she had to do. Going back to Richard, she found him sitting at his bed. He looked at her, but before he had a chance to say anything, Erin opened her mouth. "I know what you want, give me some time to think about it. For now, I want everything to be the same, I'll focus on my training and I'll stop ignoring you, but don't go too far! Just wait for my answer."


Saying that Erin rushed out of the room. She stumbled on the way and almost fell down. She didn't know why she was so nervous now. She could feel her face burning and her body trembling.


Going back to the previous spot, she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Next, she was going shopping with the girls, so she could relax her mind there.