Chapter 53: Out for shopping
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Richard was left alone in the room, looking at the door where Erin was just a moment ago. After a while, he smiled. His little girl was quite smart. She knew from the beginning what he wanted and still pretended not to know! She even started ignoring him. That's why he started questioning her, but he didn't expect her to react like that.


So she wanted him to wait? Well, that definitely wasn't the best answer, but it wasn't the worst either. Only from that, he could tell that she had him in her mind, or else, why would she ask him to wait and not reject him at the spot? He had time, so he would wait. There was no problem with that. After all, their lifespan was unlimited. He didn't even know how old he was at the moment.


"Hmm, I should buy her some gift. She is going for clothes now? It's the perfect moment to look for something." Thinking about that, he prepared to go out. Gifts were another form of showing his feelings. She asked him not to go too far, but that didn't stop him to buy her a gift and make her happier.




Erin left the Inn with the girls, walking along the streets and looking with interest all around her. There were a lot of people on the street. Vendors were selling different things, calling for the attention of the crowd. From time to time someone would stop in front of them and start bargaining for their goods. There were fruits, vegetables, clothes, and a lot of other stuff.


Looking at her companions, she saw Anna in her light dress and Lyse in her trousers and shirt, with a hood covering her face. "So, do you want to look around at the street vendors' goods?" Erin asked them.


"Let's first go to a tailor shop. We don't have much time left for today, so it will be better to go there first and take measurements to make us clothes," Anna answered her.


"I-I see, alright, let's go to the tailor shop first. Is this okay with you Lyse?" Erin looked at the half-elf as she asked her.


"I-I am fine. L-Let's go to the t-tailor shop first." Lyse answered, but as she did so, she stumbled. Thankfully, Anna was next to her, saving her from falling. "You should be more careful, Lyse," she said, a bit concerned.


"I-It's okay. I am l-like that from when I was young." Lyse tried to smile as she explained herself, though it didn't work really well.


Anna and Erin sighed at the same time. That girl was really a bit clumsy, but her personality wasn't bad. Even worse was that she needed to use a hood, so no one bothered her. And those scars...


Erin really wondered who could be so cruel to a girl. Some of the scars were quite deep. She couldn't think any human could be so cruel, but the reality was in front of her. She remembered the chaos in the castle the last time she was there. Her eyes turned red for a second, but she managed to collect herself in time.


'I want to see with my own eyes what the humans in this world are like.' Thinking about that, she looked around her. Most of the humans looked kind and the atmosphere was lively. But what if some other race was between them? Would they be kind? That was hard to say. And still, her impression wasn't really good at that point.


Training. That was the intent of their travel. She would have to kill more humans. That was still a bit uncomfortable for her, but she could do it.


"There is a tailor shop, let's check it," Anna said as they were walking through the street. Erin came back to her senses and looked forward. "Alright, let's have a look!" She smiled and started walking in the tailor shop's direction. It was a two-storied building. There was a wooden logo in front of it with two needles and a thread.


Stepping inside the shop, Erin looked around. Surprisingly, there weren't any costumes at the moment. There were some clothes displayed inside, but they were in boxes with an open lid, so you could see the fabric and color.


"Welcome, are you looking for new clothes?" A girl in her twenties greeted them with a smile. She was quite pretty herself, with short brown hair and brown eyes. She was about 1.70m tall, with a big bust. Erin couldn't help but look at it and then look at her own and sigh. The girl was really gifted in that area. But for Erin, that wasn't what she wanted in the first place, or else would she make her body like that?


"Hello, yes, we are looking for new clothes. Can you recommend us something?" Anna asked with a smile as she looked around too, ready to start the shopping for new clothes.