Chapter 54: Tailor shop
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"Recommendation? Let me see! Right now, we have some clothes ready, but most of the time we take measures and tailor new clothes. So there isn't a big choice, but you can at least see what we can make with that." The girl tried to explain. Picking up a dress from one of the boxes, she continued, "Like this purple dress. It's light and nice to the touch. It's made of silk. We work with some other materials, too, but silk is still one of the best we can offer to you."


"That's a nice dress I see! So it's silk, isn't it? Hmm, do you work with magical silk, too?" Anna asked.


"Well, of course, we can make your clothes with magical silk, too. We have a few types, durable to fire, keeping safe from cold and sturdy as an armor. You can choose what you want. The prices are from 20 to 50 gold coins." The girl explained with a smile. Looking at their clothes, she could see that these girls were definitely from a good background.


"20 to 50 gold coins?" Erin gasped. She had no idea if this was expensive or not since she wasn't using money so far. Everything was for free in the castle. She looked at Anna, a bit uneasy.


Anna smiled at Erin and came next to her, whispering. "Don't worry Erin, our Lord is rich, we have money." She then opened a small bag which was quite spacious inside. It was full of gold coins. Erin's eyes widened from the view, but she tried to suppress the yelp that was about to come out from her mouth. She wasn't expecting them to have so much money.


"Lyse, you can choose whatever you want too, don't worry for the money," Anna said as she looked at the half-elf girl. Lyse smiled and nodded at her. Taking down her hood, she was about to check the clothes.


"W-We don't sell to slaves, sorry." The tailor girl panicked when she saw Lyse's face. She wasn't expecting there to be a half-elf in the group but thinking about it, it wasn't strange. After all, they were good for labor and could carry the ladies' baggage, so that they could be free and shop for things.


Lyse's movements stopped. She realized her mistake with the removing of the hood, but it was too late now. She sighed and put the hood again.


"Slaves?" Erin was confused. As she was still thinking about the gold, she couldn't pick what the girl meant. She looked at Anna, thinking about their contract, but Anna shook her head. Erin looked at the tailor girl and followed her gaze, only to see Lyse standing there still. "But she is not..."


"I-I want to t-take a walk. I'll w-wait for you outside. P-Please finish with y-your shopping first." As she said that, Lyse left the shop.


"Wait, Lyse..." Erin tried to stop her, as she extended her hand, but Lyse was already gone.


"Don't worry, Erin. She will be fine. I guess she needs some air. Let's finish our shopping and go out later to look for her. After all, she isn't a little girl. She can handle something like this." Anna said to assure Erin. It wasn't like they couldn't take care of the tailor girl with a few illusions, but it wasn't necessary either. And Lyse had her own problems. They couldn't help her with everything. It might be a bit cruel, but she was still a stranger to them. Anna could feel that the girl was still hiding some things from them.


"Are you sure, Anna? Isn't it better to leave.." Erin was still not satisfied with what had happened. "It's fine, really. I am sure Lyse won't mind that." Anna persuaded Erin.


"Okay, let's first choose some clothes then." Erin finally gave in. Though she wanted to go out, she didn't know what to say to Lyse. But still, was it fine to leave her alone like that? Thinking about what Lyse said before she left, she sighed and concentrated at the fabrics again.


There were woolen clothes, linen clothes, silk clothes and some that she couldn't recognize. She looked back at Anna, quite at a loss.


"Alright, we'll want a dress for each of us made from linen cloth, one from silk cloth for night use and one from magical silk with defense properties," Anna said as she understood Erin's expression. "Also, we'll need some underwear. Make it three for each of us," she added.


"Sure, let me take your measurements first. Everything will be ready in three days." The tailor girl said as she smiled, beckoning them to go to the back of the room, where there was a covered area. There should be a place where they would take their measurements.


Erin was a bit uneasy from that new experience, but she still followed. Going beyond the cover, she found another small room. The measurements were taken in no time at all.


She finally found out what her bust size was. It was B. And Anna's was C. But she wasn't sure what banana body meant. The tailor girl tried to explain to her it was something about the three sizes of the body, but Erin wasn't really paying attention to that.


They were finally done with their shopping there. Going out of the tailor shop, they started looking for Lyse.