Chapter 55: Lyse’s power
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Lyse was walking through the streets, stumbling from time to time. She felt that there were people following her. There were three guys dressed in black, walking close behind her. She could tell that they didn't have good intentions. 'Let's see what they are worth,' she thought to herself.


As she turned around to a narrower and desolate street, the shadows of her followers started approaching her faster. 'So they had finally decided to act!' Lyse smiled to herself. Her life was always like that. There were troubles everywhere, even if she doesn't want them. The fact that she was half-elf just worked against her wish to live peacefully.


"C-Come, let me see your p-power!" As she said that the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, but that didn't stop the three black-clothed men to approach her. Her smile got wider as she pointed at one of them. "Freeze!" She said and the man in front started to convulse. The veins all over his body rapidly turned blue. A bit later, ice started covering his body. His veins ruptured and from there you could see that all his blood was actually frozen, and then crushed to pieces from the accumulated pressure.


The other two stopped in their tracks, astonishment showing on their faces. They looked at each other and tried to run away. "Where do you t-think you are g-going?" Lyse shouted out and used her hands again, pointing at the other two. "Freeze," she said again.


There were no screams or any sound from the two black-clothed men as their blood got frozen too, then shattered to pieces like the first one. The street was deserted in the first place, but now you could only hear the sound of the footsteps of Lyse, as she got next to the bodies and started searching through them for something useful.


"I s-should go back t-to the tailor shop." Saying that she finished with her picking and started walking in the direction of the shop again.




Richard watched from the side as Lyse killed the three men. His brows furrowed for a second but then relaxed as he smiled. He looked at another direction, where a man was trying to escape from the scene, most probably he was working with the other three.


Richard contemplated for a few moments and decided to let him leave. That would be training for Erin later too. He looked back at Lyse again, trying to measure her powers. A few seconds later, he nodded to himself.


"Not bad, she is quite strong, but there aren't bad intentions against Erin. I'll let her live. Let's see what she brings to us. " As he said that to himself, he disappeared from the spot.




"Lyse? Where is she?" Erin looked around as she left the shop. Not finding Lyse nearby, she looked back at Anna.


"Don't worry. She said she is going for a walk. Let's walk slowly through the street and check what the vendors are selling, that way Lyse can find us easier." Anna suggested.


Erin nodded and started looking around with Anna. There were quite a number of interesting items put up for sale. She looked at a golden necklace with a crimson ruby in the middle of it. It was quite beautiful. She contemplated for a while and sighed, giving up the idea. Why did she start looking for those things? There was no point in it. It wasn't practical. It would only enhance her beauty. Why would she want to make herself beautiful? Richard's face crossed her mind again and she shook her head. It wasn't definitely for him! She just wanted to look prettier and be satisfied with herself when she looked in the mirror.


As they continued with their tour through the vendors, Lyse finally appeared. "S-Sorry, I walked f-for a bit and l-looked around too," she said as she showed some clothes in her hands.


"There is no problem, we were looking around too, so it's fine. Can we go back to the inn if you are ready?" Erin asked as she looked at the clothes and started packing them in Anna's bag.

"S-Sure, let's go b-back," Lyse answered, a bit touched from Erin's help.


Finishing with the packing, they started walking back to the inn.