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Erin was a boy, who loved to play fantasy games. That was a normal evening for him, as he played some games from his PC.

"Fuck, I got ganged up again!"


He was a bit tired and irritated after playing a whole night, so he chose to check the internet.


That was when he saw an advertisement for a new game, or so he thought. The name of the game was ‘Second Life'.


‘Are you tired from your life? If you are, then you've come to the right place! Create your own body and live your second life in another world. A fantasy world with magic and miracles, but be prepared! The world is ruled by the strong, only they could survive! If you love challenges, then this world is for you!


"Hmm, that sounds interesting."


With that in mind, he decided to browse through it. It was really well made for a game. There were various choices of races. Dragons, Elves, Vampires, Dwarves and a lot more.


Erin chose a vampire as his character. For the gender, he picked it to be a female. Why female? Because it's always better to look at a girl than a guy in-game. Thus he started to make the character. He worked on that a few hours, only to be satisfied with the looks of the vampire girl at the screen.


After he finished with the character's looks, he pressed the button Next. The surprising part was that there were no classes, allocations of attributes, or anything else. There were only a few warnings and a button at the end of the page.


‘WARNING! Are you sure you want to continue with your choice? This will be your new body in the other world! Think carefully before you make your final decision!'


‘WARNING! If you press the button, you will start your second life! There won't be coming back!


"What a cliche phrase, hopefully, the game is good, I don't want to waste my time in this."


With that in mind, he pressed the button ‘Second Life'. In the next moment, he lost consciousness.