Chapter 1: Waking up in a cave
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Erin felt like he had a really long dream. He slowly woke up from it. His eyelashes were really heavy. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar scene before him. He had a bit of a headache and the scene before his eyes were still a bit fuzzy.


"Strange. Seems like I am still dreaming. Yup, that should be it." Saying so, he closed his eyes and laid down again.


After some time passed, he sensed that something was wrong. He opened his eyes again, but there was no change in his surroundings. He spaced out for a few moments. Then his eyes widened with shock.


"Where is this place!? How did I come here!?" he screamed in his mind. 'That's really unbelievable. I should be at home, how could I end up here?'


Before him was a narrow and dark place, like in a cave. There were no noises or whatsoever, which added to his fear. He just couldn't accept the reality. Any person in his place would be the same.


"Did someone kidnap me?"That was the first thing crossing his mind. His mind was preoccupied with all kinds of possibilities. He was so immersed in his thoughts, that he neglected everything else.


After some time, Erin stopped thinking about this. There was just no point, he couldn't figure out the answer. He then tried to remember what he was doing before losing consciousness.


Half an hour later, Erin finally remembered. The last thing he was doing was checking a game, which he saw in an advertisement. After creating his character, he had blacked out.


"What in the world is happening? Wait... My voice is different."


His voice was a bit feminine. Panicking, Erin checked his body. But when he took a look, he stiffened. There was long, black hair in front of his eyes, a petite body, and what's more, when he touched, it was soft and smooth. His skin was sickly white like he had never been under the sun.


"My body... T-That's not my body...What is happening here!? Can someone tell me?!"


Erin pinched himself and felt the sharp pain. With a slightly trembling hand, he checked the most important part of his body.

"T-T-Th-This has to be a joke, right!? I-I am now a girl?!"


Erin freaked out. How did he become a girl? He wanted to cry, but there were no tears. Had GOD forsaken him already? Was this really not a dream? There were too many things he couldn't accept.


"Huu~ Haa~ Huu~ Haa~"


Taking several deep breaths, the pitiful boy calmed himself down. There was no choice, he had to accept the reality. Surveying his surroundings again, he chose to walk out of the cave and check where this place would lead him to.


The cave was narrow but long. Walking for about 15-20 minutes, he finally arrived at the exit.


"It seems like the dusk has just set in. Come to think about it, how could I see in the darkness? That's really strange..."


Walking to the end of the cave, Erin saw a breathtaking scenery. He was at the foot of a mountain. Before his eyes, there was an enormous forest. It was really beautiful. That scene wasn't something you could see every day. He was sure that he would remember this scene for the rest of his life...


In another part of the forest, there was a hidden ancient castle. The surroundings were covered in mist. If you entered that mist, you were sure to lose your way.

The castle was as huge as a city. There were all kinds of creatures in the castle. If any human saw this, they would be frightened to death.

In the central room, there was a throne. At the throne sat a tall figure. You couldn't see him clearly, because the throne was covered in shadows.

The tall figure sat on the throne, unmoved. Suddenly, his eyes flickered open. The figure or you could say the man at the throne, looked in the direction where Erin should have been right then.


The man frowned. He abruptly stood up and disappeared from the throne.