Chapter 2: Encounter
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Erin decided to walk into the forest. Sooner or later he would have to find food and water. He was a bit scared. The forest was just too gloomy. The night was also coming. Although he didn't know how he could see in the darkness, that wasn't of help for his feelings.


"Hopefully I will find something. I don't want to starve to death, but that forest...Isn't it a bit dangerous? I saw many TV shows for places like that. There are all kinds of bugs and animals."


He walked forward, trying to search for something edible, but at the same time, he was really nervous. The forest was just too scary. There wasn't a path, so it was a bit hard to walk. He wandered around, totally lost.


Erin had a bad feeling like something was watching him. He turned around, but couldn't find anything. 'It must be my imagination.' he thought. With unsteady steps, he continued forward. From time to time, he would turn back. That feeling of being watched just wouldn't go away. He shivered and quickened his pace.


After walking for a long time, he became tired and a little hungry. The good part was that he didn't meet any danger so far, but the bad part was that he couldn't find any food or water till then. The feeling of being watched had already disappeared, but it was strange that he hadn't encountered any living being so far. It was just too quiet.


Erin decided to stop for a break. He sat next to a tree and started thinking about the things that had happened so far. It was really hard to believe that he was now in a girl's body stuck inside a gloomy forest. He couldn't help but think of those horror movies he had watched in the past. Just the thought of them made him shiver.


"Alright, let's continue to walk. I don't believe that I can't find anything at all in this forest."


He braced himself and continued his journey through the forest. 1 hour later, he found a small lake. Stepping next to the lake, he checked his reflection in its clear water. He was surprised by what he saw.


"Black hair, hanging down to my waist, blue eyes, slightly pointy ears, petite figure, not higher than 1.60m. Damn, isn't that the girl I created?"


Now Erin couldn't think of anything else, except that he really was in another world. He had a feeling about it, but seeing the image of the girl, he just resigned himself. What could he do? It was obviously some kind of transmigration, but how and why? But there wasn't anyone who could provide him with an answer.


As he was lost in his thoughts, suddenly he heard a noise not far from him. Looking in its direction, he saw a young man, around 20 years old. The man had short, brown hair and black eyes. He wasn't really tall, just about 1.75m. He had a bow, a quiver, and a backpack. It was obvious that he was hunting in the forest. The man also saw him and froze for a second.


"Hey miss, how did you come here? Are you lost?"(man)


Erin was surprised, he could understand the man just fine. It looks like the language they used there was English as well. 'That will really save me a lot of work in the future.' He thought.


It seemed that the man didn't have ill intentions, at least for the time being. But still, Erin couldn't lower his guard in front of the stranger. He backed a few steps away and was ready to run. Anyway, better to be prepared for the worse.


"Hello, I am lost indeed. Who are you? (Erin)


The man furrowed his brows, still standing at a distance. It was obvious that he was on his guard, too. That was understandable, it was nearly impossible for a weak girl to be so deep inside the forest without any injury on her.


"So you are lost? Do you need some help? I can guide you through the forest. Oh, sorry for the late introduction, my name is Sam."(Sam)


"My name is Erin, nice to meet you, mister Sam."(Erin)


"No need to call me mister, just call me Sam. Let's see, where did you come from? If you tell me, I might be able to help you. (Sam)


"I am sorry, I can't remember anything. I only know my name. So, mister Sam, what brings you in the forest? (Erin)


"Haa~. It seems like you can't trust me so easily. Well, that's obvious! Meeting a stranger, everyone will be on guard, especially in these circumstances. Let's see, you asked what brings me in the forest? I am a hunter, my village is close to the forest. I got separated from my group which was out to lay traps for wild animals. So I decided to wait for them by this lake. And please stop calling me mister."(Sam)


As Sam said that, he shrugged and put down his bow and backpack next to a tree. He sat down and wiped his forehead with his sleeves. He looked tired from his walk through the forest.


"I see that you are a hunter. Alright, I will trust you this once. But remember, if you try something, you will regret it later." As he said that, Erin felt like dying. What regret? It was obviously a lie! He couldn't even kill a chicken, what could he do to that robust guy in front of him? Hit him at the crouch? Well, that was a good idea, wasn't it? As he thought about it, he couldn't stop giggling. His image was totally ruined in front of Sam. Bringing back himself to reality, Erin saw that Sam was looking at him with strange eyes. He coughed a few times to clear his throat, a bit embarrassed. His face slightly reddened.


Sam was really wondering if this girl was alright in the head. In one moment, she warned him with a straight face; in the next moment, she started laughing! But it seemed she had regained her composure. Thinking of this, He chose to continue with the conversation.


"So Erin, Let's first make a temporary shelter. It is dangerous to walk around in the forest at night. We will gonna need to find some dried branches and start a fire. I will let you do the collecting, as I will start preparing the shelter for resting." (Sam)


With that being said, Sam stood up and started making a shelter...