Chapter 3: Hunger
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The shelter was created in half an hour. It was just a few branches for a roof to be safe from the wind and a fireplace to start a fire. As Sam made the shelter, Erin collected some dried branches for the fire. After starting the fire, they sat in front of it, facing each other.


"So you said you woke up in the forest and didn't remember how you had come there?"(Sam)


"Yeah, actually, I don't remember anything at all. I only remember my name. It seems like I lost my memories."(Erin)


'I don't know anything about this world, if he asks me something, he will figure it out in no time at all, better pretend I have amnesia.' Erin thought.


When Sam heard that Erin couldn't remember anything, he slightly frowned. It was obvious that the girl in front of him was hiding something, but he didn't want to get involved anyway, so he let it pass.


"Alright then. If you can't remember, it can't be helped. Let's have some food before we rest. I caught a rabbit while I was hunting today, so we can cook it.."(Sam)


Saying so, Sam took out the rabbit he had killed from his backpack. He sighed, thinking to himself, 'This rabbit was not a big one. Hopefully, it will be enough for the 2 of us? Anyway, this girl looks so frail. I wonder how she got so far into the forest.'


"So, Sam, can you tell me what the name of this forest is and what brings you here?"(Erin)


"Sure, the name of the forest is ShadowForest. Why shadow? There are 2 reasons. The first reason is that it is mostly gloomy and misty. The second reason is related to the creatures of the forest. There is a lot of predators here which can easily end your life if you are not careful."(Sam)


As Erin heard that, he shivered. He remembered the strange sensation that he had earlier. Like something was watching him. He felt a bit puzzled. 'If that was some kind of predator, then why didn't it attack me? Or was it really my imagination playing a joke at me?' At the same time, he was greatly relieved that nothing happened.


"As for your second question, I already told you. I am a hunter, my village is close to the forest, so with a few friends, we entered the forest today setting traps to catch animals in different locations. Once we set all the traps, we will gather again by the side of the lake. (Sam)


'Seems like he is telling the truth. So there is a village nearby. I hope I can get some information for this place later when I go to the village.' thought Erin.


"Well, I'll start skinning the rabbit. Please step aside, so you don't get some blood on you. (Sam)


Saying that Sam started skinning the rabbit. As Erin watched, his heart started beating faster for no reason at all. As he watched the blood dripping from the rabbit, he couldn't help but gulp. In the next moment, he sensed that something was wrong. Why was he so excited as he watched the blood? What was wrong with him?


As Sam worked to dismantle the rabbit, he accidentally cut his hand. 'Fuck, that damned rabbit, that's a newcomer's mistake! I have to calm down, but still, this Erin girl is really a beauty! It looks like she is around 14-15 years old, just turning into an adult. And what is with this gaze of her? I can't concentrate at all!'


Erin watched as the hunter cut his hand, and his heartbeat started to beat faster. He was really hungry, barely keeping his sanity. He finally remembered that he was now a vampire, and there shouldn't be anything wrong with wanting to drink blood. Still, the thought made him a bit scared, because he might do something wrong.


Finally, Sam had finished cutting the rabbit into pieces. He started cooking them and let out a sigh of relief. He really couldn't concentrate on this. The girl just kept staring at him.


Both of them were silent for a long time. Only the sizzling sound from the fire could be heard now. The two of them were immersed in their own thoughts.