Chapter 4: Out of control
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The first to come back to his senses and break the silence was Erin.


"Can you tell me how long it will take us to go to the village?"(Erin)


"Oh, that? Hmm, more or less 2 days. But first I have to reunite with the others and check the traps, so it might take a bit more. But I guess we will be there in 3 days' time."


'That's quite far away.' thought Erin. 'It seems like the forest is bigger than I imagined it to be.'


As he was thinking about it, he couldn't stop watching the wound on Sam's hand. He didn't know why, but the bleeding wound continued to hold his gaze. 'I wonder how it would taste?' As Erin started thinking about that, he couldn't help but gulp again. It was just too tempting to ignore it. He tried really hard to distract himself, but in the end, he was still thinking about that wound.


Shaking his head, he started watching the rabbit. 'That's not right. Why am I so excited as I look at the wound? I feel like the rabbit meat won't taste good at all, but why? What is happening to me?'


Sam watched the girl in front of him. He really wanted to know how she came here. But still, he stopped himself from asking. He was sure that the answer will be that she didn't know either. That frustrated him a bit. 'How is it possible to come to one of the most dangerous places on the continent alone, without a single injury? Isn't she a little abnormal? It's impossible for her to survive here. And the nearest place is my village, two days travel from here. Something is not right, that girl definitely is hiding something.'


"The meat will be ready soon, I will go fetch some clear water from the lake for drinking." Saying so, Sam stood up and walked away to the direction of the lake. As he walked, he looked out for any sign of wild animals that might be lurking in the shadows of bushes and trees. 'There was a high chance of animals coming to the water for a drink', he thought.


As Erin watched Sam going to the lake, he started to calm down. He felt like he was really close to losing his sanity. That wasn't a good sign, as he knew that once he lost his sanity, he might attack Sam. If that happened, everything will change for the worst. He didn't want to start wandering in the forest alone again. He was really scared of the fierce beasts, whom he could meet there.


"Alright, I got us water for drinking. Want some?" As he said that, Sam approached the campfire again


"No, thank you. I am not thirsty at the moment." Erin collected himself from his thoughts. He tried to stay calm. With a bit more distraction, maybe he could forget the instincts telling him to drink blood. Thinking so, he concentrated once again at the rabbit meat. He frowned a bit. 'Why isn't looking tasty? And the smell isn't good at all.' He was really baffled.


Sam thought that the girl was just too hungry. She was concentrating too hard at the meat. He laughed to himself, thinking 'looks like this girl is starving. Well, the meat will be ready soon. Even if there aren't many left after she eats, I can handle a bit of hunger.' He was ready to give her more. She was just a frail little girl, after all. He shook his head again. 'It's not because of her beauty, definitely! Damn, am I lusting for a little girl? But still, this is the first time I see such a beauty.'


"Ahem, seems like the meat is ready, go ahead and try it." A bit embarrassed and with slightly reddening cheeks, Sam offered the rabbit to Erin.


Erin accepted the meat and sniffed it. He frowned even more. He braced himself and tried it. As he bit into it, he froze. The meat was just awful.


*Cough Cough Cough* He couldn't stop himself from coughing. As he was trying to expel the meat from his mouth, his eyes were already teary. This was just the worst meat he ever had in his life.


As Sam saw that, he rushed to give Erin some water. However, as he was stretching his hand across, the girl suddenly stopped moving. She trembled for a few seconds, then fixed her gaze at his hand. As he saw her face, Sam had a really bad feeling. He watched as Erin's eyes suddenly turned crimson. His face fell. 'Fuck, I am doomed' This was his last thought before feeling sharp pain at his neck.