Chapter 5: Awakening
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Erin felt like he was in heaven. The ecstasy from drinking blood just overwhelmed him. It was such a good feeling. He just couldn't stop himself from drinking the blood.




As he sucked the blood, he started feeling that his body got hotter and hotter. He got more and more excited, his body felt stronger and stronger. He just couldn't describe how good he was feeling right then.


If there was another person nearby and saw this scene, he will definitely misunderstand. Why? Because at the moment Erin was closely hugging Sam's body as he was sucking his blood from the neck. It was a really intimate scene. But if you looked closely, and listened to the sound that was coming from there, then you would shudder and run away. That sound would have just made you shiver from fear.


As Erin continued to be preoccupied with his meal, he didn't see the change in his body. His eyes turned crimson from  blue. His nails and canines got larger and sharper. He was just like a predator in a human's body.


The blood was like a narcotic. Once you started, you couldn't just stop. And even if Erin was sober right now, he just wouldn't be able to stop either. Though, that was definitely not the case at the moment. His eyes were getting brighter and brighter, he couldn't stop trembling either. His drinking got faster and faster. It was like a man, lost in the desert and finally getting to a water source.


Sam, on the other hand, felt weaker and weaker. He just couldn't struggle at all. He watched in horror as the girl in front of him continued to drink his blood. That was really a nightmare for him. He was really regretting his choice of staying with her. She was a vampire for fuck's sake! A vampire! That was something you don't want to meet for sure! He felt like his luck was finally over. He was at the end of his life. But still, he wondered, why was she playing with him so? She could have killed him when they met for the first time. Thankfully, he didn't show her the location of his village, or else he might bring a calamity there.


'Sorry, my brothers, I will be the first one to leave you' That was the last thought he had. Then everything before him became dark.




Erin finally sucked all the blood from Sam. He licked his lips, a bit unsatisfied with the fact that it was too little. He was still lost in that feeling. It was just really hard to forget it. He was standing there in a trance, with closed eyes and blissful expression.


After about 15 minutes, Erin finally came back to his senses. He checked his surroundings again, saw Sam lying there, and froze for a few seconds. 'What was I doing? How is this possible? Why did I attack him? Oh no! Is he dead?'


Erin checked Sam's body and froze once again. The body was already cold, even a bit dry. Like an old man with only skin and bones. It was really ugly to watch it.


"No. No...NO! W-What was I doing? I-I just killed a person...This has to be a dream, yes, a dream..."


He pinched himself and felt the sharp pain. That was definitely not a dream! It was the reality! The truth was before his eyes. Even if he wanted to deny it, he couldn't. That was just too much of a shock for him. He just had to drink someone's blood. What was that?! That was not normal at all!


Erin panicked, he really didn't know what he should do now. That was out of his imagination. He ran away into the forest, with tears in his eyes.