Chapter 6: With No Destination
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As he was running, Erin's mind was in turmoil. He had killed a human being, that was a big trauma for him. How should he face himself in the future? Why was all of this happening? Why did he come to this place? He really wanted to know the answers to those questions.


Running through the forest, he didn't notice that his speed was too fast for a human. He was like a cheetah, nimbly moving between the trees. He continued running for one hour and finally stopped, exhausted.


"Huu~ Haa~ Huu~ Haa~"


Taking a few deep breaths, Erin finally calmed down a bit. Sooner or later, he had to accept the reality. He was not a human anymore. That was for certain. He wasn't sure where this was, or if he really was into another world, but with the facts before him, he had to accept that he really was in another world. Before that, he still had some small hope that he wasn't, but not anymore.


As Erin calmed himself down, he remembered his movements through the forest. As he was running, in a few occasions he saw some animals like wolves and boars. But when they saw him, they ran away from him. That really baffled him. Was he so scary?


As for killing Sam, he chose not to think of it for now. Even if he thought about it, there was no point. It had already happened.


He started walking again, checking his surroundings. It was deep into the night already, and still, he could see everything clearly. That was really helpful. He tried to check what was different from his body at the moment. He saw his nails which were long and sharp. They looked more like a weapon. He checked his canines, too. They were longer and sharper now.


He started accelerating and jumping around the forest. The feeling was just amazing. He felt like he had boundless power. He could move through the forest like he was at flatlands. Excited, he continued like that for about 20-30 minutes.


Finally exhausted, he stopped to take some break and started thinking about the future. Could he eat normal food, or would he have to drink blood for the rest of his life? That was a big problem for him. If he couldn't eat normal food, then he would have to drink blood. He wanted to survive, after all. But only thinking about it, he had mixed feelings.


As he walked through the forest and from time to time took breaks and thought about the future, the night slowly came to end. The first rays of the sun broke through the darkness at the horizon. He felt like his power was leaving him. It wasn't like in the movies, where if you were a vampire, you couldn't walk under the sun, but the feeling was still depressing. He felt lethargic.


Looking around, he decided to hide in the shadows of a tree. He jumped onto it and laid down, finally calm and exhausted from walking the whole night. He closed his eyes and fell into slumber.


Back to the lake, at noontime, a group of ten people arrived.


"Hey, Sam! Are you here?"


One of them shouted as he looked into the surroundings. As they approached the lake, they saw the shelter that was made at night and started walking towards it.


As they walked, they saw the corpse of Sam. Everyone froze. They rushed to him.


"S-Sam, is that you? What happened here? How is this possible? This, this..."


"Hey, Jack! Check this wound! It seems it's the work of a vampire! Those filthy creatures, they deserve to be killed!"


As the people checked the body, they found some clues as for what had happened there. One of them checked the surroundings and found the traces of Erin.


"Hey, look over here! That vampire doesn't even hide his footsteps! Let's catch him and kill him!"


"Yes, we have to avenge Sam!"


"Alright, let's first make a grave for Sam, then we will go after the vampire." Said Jack.