Chapter 7: Follow the trail
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The group of people got busy with making the grave for Sam. They dig a grave and buried his corpse inside. In the end, they saluted the grave with respect. Some of them had tears in their eyes, some had a burning fire of revenge, while others had mixed feelings in their hearts.


After all, they all were from the same village, all of them were in the same group as hunters. They knew that if they went after the vampire, it was possible that half of them or even more wouldn't return. Still, they had to take their revenge for Sam.


They started tracking Erin. It wasn't hard to track him, after all. He wasn't in his mind when he had started running, and even if he was, he wouldn't be able to erase his traces. After all, he didn't know how to do it. He was just a gamer in his previous life.


As they followed the tracks, they met a few animals in their path. So they had to stop and kill them or chase them away. Of course, because of that, their tracking was slow but steady. Who knew when they would catch up with the vampire?


As they tracked Erin, dusk finally fell, but they didn't stop and continued forward, albeit slowly. After all, their vision was limited.


A few kilometers away, Erin finally woke up. It was already dusk, and he felt a lot better after sleeping. He was still a bit dizzy, but he didn't have any other problem. Taking a deep breath, Erin checked his surroundings. He was still in the forest, at the top of a tree.


"So this wasn't a dream. I am really in a foreign place, in a girl's body.


He was a bit hungry, but he knew if he had to fill his stomach, then he has to drink blood, and that wasn't an easy thing for him.


"Well, I might try to catch something and drink its blood. I hope that can help me with my hunger."


Thinking about that, he started walking through the forest again. But this time, he tried to be quieter. After all, he was looking for food. After thinking about last night's happenings, he finally understood why he didn't meet any beast on his path. It wasn't because there weren't any, but because they were scared of him, so the hunt for food was going to be really difficult.


He checked if he could change his nails and canines at will and he had been successful there. It looked like it wouldn't be a problem for him. Walking carefully, he finally saw a rabbit. When he saw it, the scenes from last night came to his mind. He trembled for a moment, still trying to deny the reality and concentrating at hunting the rabbit.


After some careful movements, he finally was close to it. He was on top of a tree, looking down at his prey. Waiting for the perfect moment. Those movements were like an instinct, his body moved of his own. Finally, he jumped forward and caught the rabbit.


After catching it, he didn't wait anymore, just a bit deep into the rabbit's flesh. His tongue and lips kept on sucking the blood into his mouth and again he felt the pleasure of it. But before he could be satisfied, he drank all the blood. After all, a rabbit didn't have a lot of blood.


A bit annoyed, Erin continued searching for more prey.