Chapter 8: Pursuit through the forest
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The hunters slowly walked through the forest, tracking the vampire. Albeit slow, but they were sure that they are getting closer and closer. They were constantly on alert. After all, there were all kinds of beasts in the forest. And even worse, they were trying to pursue a vampire in the night time. That was definitely not an easy task.


"We are lucky that the vampire isn't going to the depths of the forest. This is just too dangerous with those demons."


"Yeah, but still, can we really kill the vampire? After all, a vampire is not something we have faced before. I heard rumors that they are really strong."


"Don't think about that. I am sure we can kill him. Follow the traces, we are getting closer."


As they walked and talked, they got closer to Erin's location after half of the night was already over.


Erin was still hunting in the forest, not knowing that there were people after him. He met a pack of wolves, but he was too scared to attack them. Though, when they saw him, they ran away. He was relieved and disappointed at the same time. He might be scared of them, but it looked like that even if he attacked one, the others would most probably run away.


His hunt was going pretty well though. Within a half of the night, he had already killed four rabbits. He was almost full. The feeling of drinking their blood was quite unique. Little by little, he started to adapt to his new body and its desires. After all, he had to do this in order to survive. He didn't want to die.


He saw a deer close to his location. That seemed to be a good prey. He was sure that after getting the deer, he would be full. Walking slowly through the bushes, he got ready to attack it. It was quite a unique experience to hunt in the night. Somehow Erin liked it.


He had to collect himself. After all, if he wanted to catch that deer, Erin had to concentrate. It wasn't an easy task at all. Going slowly close to it, he waited for the perfect moment. As he waited, a rabbit jumped from a bush not far away, startling the deer. As the deer looked in that direction, Erin felt that was the perfect moment and attacked the deer. With a wave of his hand, his nails cut through the deer's neck. Blood started to rush out and Erin got excited.


He started drinking the blood of the deer, the feeling still not something that he could resist. He was in a trance, so he didn't notice that a group of ten people was closing in on him.

The scene that the hunters saw, when they got close enough, was Erin just killing the deer and drinking its blood.




That sound made them shiver. They just couldn't believe in what was in front of their eyes. There was a beautiful girl, with long, black hair, like a queen ruling the night. It was mesmerizing but at the same time a dreadful scene.


Some of the hunters froze on the spot. They started trembling, asking themselves if they could really go against the vampire girl. That scene was just too much for them. Jack, the leader of the hunters patted everyone on the shoulders. They focused again and turned into his direction.


"We finally caught up, time to kill the vampire," said Jack.