Chapter 9: Between life and death(1)
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"Alright brothers, separate and encircle the vampire. We will have only one chance. You know the vampires are abnormally fast, so don't miss this chance!"


As he said that, Jack started heading to the other side of Erin, detouring slowly. After all, he didn't want to alarm her. As he circled around, he couldn't help but watch the girl drinking the blood from the deer. It was really a strange scene. If he saw the girl in any other place, even if someone told him, he wouldn't believe that she was a vampire. She was looking just too fragile, but at the moment he could only see her dark side. That scene was just contradictory.


Finally, he managed to take a good spot for shooting. He checked the surroundings and after confirming that everyone was in place, he made a few gestures and they all started to load their arrows and aimed at the girl.


Counting down from 5, he let loose the arrow. At the same time, the other hunters also shot in the direction of Erin.


As Erin was absorbed in drinking blood, he neglected his surroundings. But at this moment, he felt danger, his instincts kicked out and he jumped in the air, all the arrows missing him. He was still confused, not knowing what was happening.


Erin checked his surroundings and was shocked. There was a group of ten people aiming at him with bows and arrows. He was frightened. But as he tried to analyze the situation, he was a bit late with his next movement and one of the arrows hit his left shoulder.




Screaming, he felt the unbearable pain. His mind clouded and the whole world through his eyes became red. In the next moment, he disappeared from the spot. He was just too fast for the human eye to follow him.
All the hunters were alarmed as they lost sight of Erin. Everyone was thinking the same thing at the moment. 'Fuck, we are screwed!'

In the next moment, Erin appeared next to one of the hunters. The hunter was trying to take out his dagger, but he was too slow. Erin slashed with his nails and the hunter's hand was severed from the shoulder. He screamed from the pain. But before his voice could be heard for two seconds, Erin was already biting him at the neck and drinking his blood.


That scene frightened the other hunters, but they knew if they didn't finish the girl now, then they all would be dead instead. With a new resolve, they shot again at her, ignoring their comrade. After all, in their eyes, he was already dead.


Erin jumped again, escaping from the arrows. In the next moment, the hunter that was bitten was shot to death from the arrows. Everything that he was doing now was by instinct. He didn't even think how he could manage to do that. He checked all the people around him and jumped to another man.


In the eyes of the hunters, the girl was just like the grim reaper. Reaping their lives. They were either thinking could they kill her or could they survive to see the next day.


The first battle of Erin had already begun...