Chapter 10: Between life and death(2)
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Erin landed in front of another man, bitting him. The arrow at his left shoulder shattered from the collision between the two bodies. Erin frowned slightly at that but continued with his feast.


One of the hunters couldn't take it anymore and rushed forward with his knife. It was obvious that he had lost his sanity. After all, anyone watching this scene wouldn't be able to remain calm. As he rushed, he gave a war cry to encourage himself.


In the next moment, the hunter's head separated from his body. Erin was already behind him, all covered in blood, licking his lips. Seeing that scene, one of the hunters couldn't restrain himself and started running from the place where all hell had broken loose.


The others were too late to stop him. They were fully focused on the vampire girl in front of them. They had the feeling that if they blinked, they might be the next dead person. Trying hard to calm themselves, they aimed again at Erin.


Erin dodged the arrows again, going for his next target. The guy in front of him tried to jump back and avoid him, but Erin stretched his hand forward and his hand pierced the hunter's stomach. Taking out his hand, he started licking it. As for the hunter, his intensities started dripping out of the hole made in his stomach. He collapsed on the ground, his eyes opened wide from shock.


That was a bloody massacre. Now they remembered why the vampires were so dangerous. After all, the vampires were a part of the demon race. They were one of the strongest demon races. No ordinary human could stop them.


They now regretted their decision to chase the vampire. How were they supposed to kill that monster?


Erin was now too close for them, so they couldn't use their bows and arrows. Everyone unsheathed their daggers and got ready for the final struggle. In this world, you would either kill or be killed. They braced themselves and started running towards Erin.


Erin saw this and stepped back to one of the corpses. He started drinking blood again. That only wavered the resolve of the hunters. One of them slightly paused. Seeing that there was a gap in his posture, Erin threw himself to him and beheaded him.


There were only four hunters left now. They were like struggling beasts, their eyes bloodshot. They cried in unison and attacked Erin. She was trying to dodge the blades, but still, she couldn't dodge all of them and one pierced her leg. In retaliation, Erin kicked him and he flew five meters away, hitting a sharp branch of a tree with the back of his head. His brain and blood splashed everywhere.


That scene was just too disgusting. The smell of blood and the mutilated corpses everywhere around them were nauseating enough. But the remaining hunters did not back away. They braced for what was coming at them, with a clear bloodlust and heightened senses.


This was going to be the final struggle between Erin and those hunters.