Chapter 11: Between life and death(3)
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The first to move was one of the hunters. He slashed forward, and Erin was about to sever his head, but at that moment another of the hunters slashed from the other direction. This saved the first hunter. He got only a kick and was sent flying behind Erin.


Jack was the third one to attack. He chose to go for the legs. With no choice, Erin jumped backward to avoid the attacks. Those three were better fighters than the previous ones. So Erin had some problems dealing with them. He was forced to seek an opportunity to attack.


'If it continues like this, sooner or later, we will be the ones who die. That's no good!' With that in mind, Jack started thinking how he could reverse the situation. Everything was happening so fast! They were just unable to keep up against the speed of the vampire.


'Why did I bring everyone to hunt that girl? If I knew vampires are this much stronger, I would never risk and go after this vampire! Damn those merchants, they deceived me with their information regarding the vampires!'


Jack was panicking in his mind, but his moves didn't stop. He attacked and defended without a pause. You could see that he was a seasoned hunter who had survived multiple battles against beasts. But those beasts were only boars and wolves, nothing like a vampire.


He looked at his comrades, who were still alive. One of them was lying more than ten meters away, maybe unconscious, and the other one was sweating all over, at the end of his energy. That was a really dangerous situation. He didn't want to die in the hands of that girl. His mind was working like never before, thinking of all kinds of scenarios, but still, he saw no hope.


The hunter at the back finally started to move. He struggled to stand up. he looked back and saw that his comrades were still fighting the vampire. He felt like he had a few broken ribs, but except for that, there weren't other injuries.


Clearing his mind, the hunter looked around him. There lay a bow and a quiver next to him, from one of his fallen comrades. Struggling to get it, he loaded an arrow and aimed at Erin.


Seeing their comrade stand up and aim at the girl from behind, the other two had a glimmer of hope. But before they could rejoice, Erin found an opening and severed the neck of the nearby hunter. The hunter's eyes were open wide with shock. In one moment, he saw hope, in the next moment, he was sent to the grave. His expression as he died was one of despair.


Jack was the only one left in front of the girl. He calmed himself down, not thinking of anything else except the next attack that he was going to make. He saw that the girl was moving on instinct. This gave him a chance. He took a deep breath and attacked her legs again, trying to make her jump.


That trick really worked. Erin jumped backward. As he jumped, the hunter behind him finally let the arrow loose from his bow. The arrow hit the girl in the back, next to the heart. It was a close hit, but still, it missed.


Erin screamed from the pain. Turning around, he bit the hunter who had shot the arrow. He was in a really dangerous situation. First, he was hit in the left shoulder, then in the leg. Now he got hit in the back and the arrow was deep into his body. He was losing blood rapidly. Drinking the blood from the hunter was only a temporary replenishment for his energy.


After drinking for a few seconds, he finally stood up and turned around to face Jack. Jack was the leader of the hunters and the only one left. But still, he could see that the vampire didn't have much left. She was almost drained of energy. He waited for her to attack first, but in the next moment, Erin fell down unconsciousness.


Jack walked next to her and as he was about to behead her, his head was severed. Next, to the unconscious girl, a tall man had appeared. He was the same one from the castle. He cradled the girl's head in his arms and severed his wrist, giving her his own blood to drink. At the same time, he started removing the arrows from her body.


The girl in his hands trembled. She was a real mess by then. But his blood helped in healing her wounds.


"I have finally found you." Saying so, he disappeared from the spot, carrying her in his arms.


One kilometer away to the east, there lay one more corpse. It was the hunter who had escaped earlier...