Chapter 105
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'Hmm, in the last few days, there was a lot of activity here. What's going on?' The dark elf was once again trying to spy on the information. The third elder of the werewolves just left his mansion and heeded for the village.


The village was in the middle of the forest. There were no walls and everyone in it was a werewolf. The other races lived close by the village as their followers and slaves. The atmosphere at the moment was tense, with all the inhabitants wondering what was going on. The third elder moved to the square and joined the other elders.


'Something big is going to happen.' Her body tensed as she moved closer bit by bit, trying to make out the conversations going on around. Though it was impossible to go too close, she could still be around twenty meters away from the actual spot, hiding on the roof of a building.


"Is he coming?" The nervous expression of the first elder and the words she heard made her a bit puzzled. 'They are waiting for someone? But who? Why are the elders so nervous?' A lot of questions popped up in her mind, but she calmed down and concentrated on her spying.


"He should be here soon. Prepare!" The third elder answered. He looked relaxed with both hands crossed on his chest. The slight smirk on his face was disturbing even for Vaeri, while she watched their interactions. 'I hope I won't get stiff again like the last time in the mansion.' The elf thought to herself. She rubbed her neck, trying to relax some of the tension, but remained guarded. After all, that was enemy territory. If she was spotted, there would be a lot of trouble.


'I wonder if all of us are here?' She looked around, but couldn't find the other spies. With a sigh, she returned her gaze to the square. All the inhabitants started to gather there and the security at the moment was lax. That made her job easier and she smirked.


'Let's see what you all are up to.' With some expectations, she waited patiently on the roof. The time slowly passed and even when all the werewolves were at the square, the elders just waited. There were no announcements. That disappointed her a little, but her interest in the person they waited for only increased.


'Who can be so important?' Just as she was thinking that she felt the earth to shake slightly. The shaking wasn't strong, but only in seconds it grew more and the sounds of heavy steps sprinting in that direction echoed from afar. She looked at the scene and her whole body froze.


'Shit.' She stood there, petrified, too scared to move. With the sound, silhouettes started to emerge from the mist. They were tall and muscular. Their hair was long, but they were all males. They were wearing leather clothes, their bare chests full of muscles. Those people were giants in comparison to the werewolves. The shortest person was well over two and a half meters, while the tallest one was around three meters in height.


'Bears!' Vaeri gulped, her forehead full of sweat. Her gaze was fully focused on the man in front. With brown hair and eyes, and a body taller than anyone else, he strode forward with confidence. The aura around him was heavy and he had a slight smirk on his lips. He stopped in front of the village and his voice boomed.


"Well, well, well, what a surprise! To be invited by our friends, the prideful wolves!"


The smirk only grew, as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.


"Welcome, Chief of the bear tribe! We are grateful for your visit!" Fenris strode forward, moving between the crowd around him. He had a faint smile at the moment, and his crafty eyes looked pleased. Vaeri instantly realized that was something the third elder had planned. Or else, why would he be like that?


"Oh? Grateful? But I see some uninvited guests here. From their expressions, it seems like I'm not welcomed from all of you!" Roth's eyes narrowed for a moment, as he looked at the surroundings. His gaze fell for a brief second on Vaeri. She felt goosebumps all over her body and shuddered from fright.


'Shit, shit, shit, I'm discovered!' Her frantic eyes started to look for an escape route, as the whole village became silent with the last remark from the chief. She looked, but there wasn't a safe route. If she moved now, she would be hard-pressed to escape.


"Can I ask, what do you mean with those words, Chief?" The third elder asked, his brows furrowed.


"Oh, I can see some dark elves in the village, aren't they part of you?" Roth asked back, his voice full of mockery. All the people around froze. The third elder's face turned red from shame. How could they not detect a few spies?


"They aren't a part of our people, please, chief, can you help us locate them?" Fenris asked, his face only reddening further.


Roth scoffed at that. "Why should I help you? Fine! Only this time! It's all up to you if you can get rid of them, it's none of my business." With a shrug, like it couldn't be helped, his aura spread out in the whole village.


Vaeri jumped from the roof, feeling the danger of death if she stayed there for even a second longer. She had no choice. The only option now was to run and try to escape with everything she had. Taking out both of her daggers, she sprinted forward from an allay, moving out of the village. Around twenty more dark elves started to move in different directions with her.


Even though the werewolves already knew of their presence, the elves still managed to catch them off-guard from their fast reaction. The guards needed a few moments to be able to react, which gave Vaeri an easier time passing by two groups of them.




With that as a signal, all the werewolves started to charge at the spies. Three of them pounced on Vaeri at the same time, their fangs bared. She took a side step, evading the first attacker. Tilting her body backward, she managed to evade the claws of another werewolf passing through a few centimeters from her. Finally, she parried the last attack, her body pushing backward.


She leaned against the first werewolf, who was still trying to turn around. In a backhand grip, she thrust the dagger deep into his back. A whimper came from her victim. Only the third werewolf was able to continue his attack. He swept his claws once again at her, but she jumped in the air, using the one that she leaned on as a step and jumped once again on the roofs.


Vaeri stopped for a second to take a breath and looked around, only to see five of her comrades already dead. Her hands trembled for a moment after looking at that scene. She took a deep breath and started sprinting. The exit was already close. In a few leaps, she was already in the forest, her silhouette merging with the mist all around.