Chapter 41: Conviction
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Anna was walking through the corridor, humming a song under her breath. She was happy being alive. Lady Erin really was a kind person, saving her. Going to her master's room, she knocked. There was no response, so she thought Erin was still asleep.


Going into the room, she prepared herself to wake up Erin, but in the next moment, she nearly screamed. Erin was looking at her, with blue lines under her eyes. She sighed and stepped into the room.


"Good morning Lady Erin, are you not feeling good? I can see you had a hard time sleeping." She bowed slightly to Erin, as she said that.


"Good morning Anna, I am fine! Will you help me freshen up? I would like to eat something soon." Erin tried to squeeze a smile as she said that. Anna was now worried. What had happened to her master that she couldn't even sleep? She removed that question from her mind and stepped next to Erin, helping her out with some water to freshen up and a change of clothes.


"I'll go and bring you breakfast, Lady Erin" She prepared to excuse herself, but Erin's hand suddenly caught her wrist. "Can you stay for a bit?" Erin hugged Anna to calm her emotions. Anna was startled from that, not knowing what to do, but she still obliged and stayed. After about five minutes, Erin finally released her.


"Please call me Erin from now on, don't use Lady. At least, in our private conversations, don't use it." Anna nodded her head at that request. Anyway, it wasn't a big issue, if her master wanted it, she would address her by her name.


"Alright, Erin. I'll go bring the breakfast." Saying so, Anna finally left the room. Erin was watching the closed door, with mixed feelings in her eyes. She really needed some support now, and Anna was the perfect person who could give it to her. She smiled to herself, Anna was a good girl in the end.


A few minutes later, Anna came with breakfast. But she wasn't alone. Richard entered the room as well. Seeing him, Erin frowned. She didn't want to see Richard now, but he had to come. Didn't he have other things to do? After all, he was the lord of a castle, and there was a battle until yesterday, surely, there was a lot of work to do, no?


Richard was a bit surprised at Erin's reaction. 'What's wrong? Why is she frowning? Is it because of yesterday?' He thought as he sat at the table, without saying anything.


Anna started serving the breakfast, watching the two of them. 'Seems like they had a fight? Is this why Lady Erin didn't sleep last night?' Anna was wondering.


The meal ended in a gloomy atmosphere, with no one talking. Richard finally looked at Erin. "We'll be traveling again, this time to the human empire."


"I refuse!" Erin shouted in impulse. She put a hand on her mouth, a bit surprised by her shout. She then said. "If we are going to the human empire, I want to bring Anna with us, or else I won't go." She watched Richard with an expectant gaze.


Anna was startled from this statement. Bringing her along? Why? The Lord would be offended about this for sure! She peeked at Richard and saw him frowning. 'I knew it, it's just not possible.'


"Alright, she will come with us. She is your blood slave now anyway." Saying that Richard stood up and left the room, leaving only the two girls. Erin had a smile on her face. As for Anna, her eyes widened from the unexpected answer. She would be going with them? The last time she left the castle was a long time ago. Thinking about that, she couldn't help but feel a bit excited.


"Anna, prepare yourself for the journey, I'll need your help. I hope you don't mind that?" Erin asked with a smile. Anna smiled back and nodded, leaving the room to prepare for the journey. She wanted to take her revenge too, against those humans.


Erin was again alone in the room. "The human empire, huh?" As she was thinking about that, Anna's bloody body came to her mind. She was once a human, but from another world. In this world, she was a vampire. She didn't mind killing a few humans, especially scumbags as those who had attacked the castle.


'The past is in the past, I am a vampire now. That won't be my first killing of humans. I should be fine.' She was a bit uneasy. After all, there were still some attachments with her past self and she couldn't accept it so easily, but in the end, she had to accept it, or else next it might be her laying in blood.


She then remembered the hunters in the forest. That feeling of being hunted just gave her the shivers. With a determined gaze, she said to herself." I am not a human anymore. The humans are against vampires. I have to accept that fact, even if I don't want to. From now on, there will be only me, the vampire girl, living in this world. I will take my revenge against the humans who attacked Anna."