Chapter 43: The first task
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In the forest, a weak girl was walking with unstable steps. She had cuts all over her body and some scars from the past. Still, her skin was white, her eyes blue, with long blond hair and a petite body. She wasn't really big, about 1.60m tall. If you looked closely, you could see that her ears were a bit pointy, so she wasn't a human.


You could say she was a beauty. But her scars and her rugged clothes had made her look quite ugly. Walking a few steps forward, she stumbled and fell over. "Ouch!" As she got up slowly from the ground her nose started bleeding. Her eyes were already full of tears.


"W-Why did t-they treat me l-like this? A-am I r-really not accepted b-by anyone?" She stuttered as she murmured to herself. It was really a tragic scene. In the next moment, her stomach rumbled. "I-I am h-hungry." Standing up again, she continued her journey through the forest, stumbling from time to time.




In another part of the forest, Erin was taking her bath together with Anna close to the stream. Erin's face was a bit red since Anna was also naked. She wasn't used to seeing that. Anna was behind Erin at the moment, washing her up. Seeing parts of the reddish face in front of her, she couldn't help but tease Erin. She slid her hands to the two small mounds of Erin and whispered to her ear. "Your body is perfect, Erin. You are so beautiful."


In the first moment, Erin almost yelped from surprise as she felt Anna's hands. After she heard Anna saying that, her face flushed even more, to the point that her ears started getting red. "What are you talking about, Anna? Stop teasing me and let's finish bathing." Erin sighed in her heart. She had managed to change the topic smoothly without panicking. But her heart was still beating furiously. What was that? Why was she so nervous? They both were girls anyway. She had to calm herself down


Managing to get out of Anna's hands, Erin took a deep breath. "Now it's my turn to wash your body." Saying that she moved behind Anna. Anna, on the other hand, was a bit surprised. Her master wanted to wash her? Well, if she wanted, let her. It wasn't a big deal anyway.


Erin hesitated for some time, but finally started to wash Anna's body. Though she felt a bit embarrassed, she didn't feel anything else. She sighed again. Seems like this body wasn't attracted to other girls. She slowly washed Anna, enjoying the feel of her soft skin.


Finally, both girls finished bathing. Returning to the camp, they saw Richard waiting in front of one of the temporary shelters. He was waiting for Erin to come to sleep with him in the same shelter. But Erin ignored him. Taking Anna's hand she went to the other shelter.


Richard wasn't expecting that, so his reaction was a bit slow. Before he knew it, the two girls were already in the other shelter. He glanced at their direction and frowned. He really wanted Erin's company, but it seemed she hadn't forgiven him fully yet. Still, he didn't say anything. Getting into the shelter prepared for him, he lay down, ready to go to sleep.


On the other side, Erin and Anna were in the same bed. It wasn't really big, so it was a bit cramped. But none of the two girls minded that. Erin hugged Anna, coiling her legs around her. She just used Anna like a hugging pillow. Anna was surprised by this sudden reaction, stiffening for a moment. After seeing what Erin was doing, she couldn't help but smile. She hugged Erin back and closed her eyes, ready to fall asleep.


Erin finally relaxed. She was apprehensive that Anna could reject the hug, but she didn't. That way, at least even if it was cramped, they could sleep peacefully. At this moment, the scene of Richard sleeping next to her came to her mind. Shaking her head a bit, she decided to just stop thinking. She closed her eyes and soon, fell asleep.


The next day, they continued their journey. At the beginning of dusk, they finally managed to come near the first human village. Erin didn't know what she should think as she was returning to the humans, though it wasn't the same as in her previous world. Still, she had some mixed feelings.


Richard looked at Erin and finally opened his mouth. "Alright, your first task will be given to you now. I want you to massacre the whole village. Don't leave anyone alive!"


Erin wasn't prepared for such a command. Shocked, she raised her eyes to his face. Had she heard him clearly? Did he really want her to massacre a whole village of humans? She just couldn't bring herself to believe that. But Richard wasn't smiling, which told her that she had heard him right.


Then she looked at Anna, but Anna didn't say anything either. Seems like she had to do it. Resolving herself, Erin started to move to the village.