Chapter 45: The test (2)
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Watching the pair on the bed, Erin started hesitating more and more. Her mind was in turmoil. The scenes from the past repeat themselves. Her body started trembling. She turned around and almost stumbled. Regaining her footing, she finally left the room.


Erin took a deep breath. Her task was to massacre the village and she had to do it, but why? Why did she need to kill those innocent people? That just didn't make a sense. Why Richard wanted her to do that? In her eyes, that wasn't right. Was she really a monster? She started questioning herself.


"Sam's family... Sam... I almost killed them too... Why... Why am I doing this? There is just no reason, why am I listening to Richard? Why is he making me do this..." She just couldn't answer those questions. Gathering herself, she finally turned around and started moving in Richard's direction. She just couldn't massacre the whole village! That wasn't in her nature.


As Erin came close to Ricard and Anna, Richard stepped forward. "Done with the killing?" He asked.


"N-No, I-I just couldn't massacre the village..." Erin's head lowered as she tried to explain herself. She started getting nervous as she saw the harsh look in Richard's eyes. Why was he watching her like that? Was she wrong? But, those were innocent people after all.


"What race are we? What the other races call us? Who am I? You should know that, right? I'll tell you again. We are vampires. People call us demons and I am a demon lord. So do you think you should let them live or should you just kill them?" Richard asked in an intimidating tone.


Erin started panicking. What Richard said was true, but she just couldn't do that. She was a vampire, true, but so what? That didn't mean she could massacre a whole village. Erin's eyes kept looking at all directions. Then she saw Anna, with her head tilted in another side, and Richard with his strict gaze. Her hands started trembling from the pressure she was feeling.


Her eyes started getting teary, her face becoming red, she finally said. "I won't massacre the village!" As she said that, she turned around and was about to run away, but Richard suddenly gripped her at the wrist. Startled, she looked at him with wide eyes.


As she looked at him, she saw his smile. Her eyes widened even more. Why was he smiling?


"Good for you, you passed the test." Richard patted her at the head and turned around.


Erin was frozen in one place. Test? What test? Did she pass it? What did he mean?


"Did you just said a test?" She asked.


Richard turned his head in her direction. "Yes, a test. If we are going to the human empire, you have to learn to control yourself. The human blood is too sweet and it's hard to control your impulses when you are around them. One more thing, I wanted to see your heart. Could you really massacre the village or not? I might be a demon lord, loathing the humans, even some other races, but I still have my limits in the killing. I kill so that I may stay alive and protect what I have. I am not a butcher."


As Erin listened to Richard, her body started trembling. So that was a test? He was just playing with her? She felt really wronged. Her eyes were already teary. With effort, she suppressing the tears. Her face flushed, she jumped at Richard, kicking him.


"You bully, why are you playing with me like that? Do you know what I had to experience because of you?!"


Richard didn't expect her reaction to being like that, so the kick connected with his leg. He inhaled sharply, that kick was too powerful. Looking at the raging beauty in front of him, he was at a loss. Yes, he was at fault, but did she really have to hit him?


At the other end, Anna watched this scene and couldn't help but smile. There was more into the story. If Erin lost herself in the slaughter, she would become something that would be a nightmare for everyone. But that test had to be taken for every vampire. After all, it had to be proved whether you could control yourself or not. The human blood was not only sweet but also gave you immense power. The intoxication from it was hard to resist. If they walked into a human city and Erin got crazy because of someone wounded, that would really be a predicament.


She didn't want to see her master falling for the dark side. The Lord was a Demon Lord, but he still had his morals. He wasn't fully at the dark side too, but that wasn't exactly the truth either since he wanted some races to pay for what they did. After all, the vampires had almost been exterminated before.