Chapter 46: A sudden ambush
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Richard suddenly hugged Erin tightly. Erin's body stiffened. What's going on? Why is he hugging her?


"Calm down, that was necessary for you. Every vampire goes through this. Don't get angry, alright?" He whispered to her.


Erin was at a loss, still unable to understand how it came to this. Her mind baffled, she pushed Richard away with all her strength. Her face was red, and there were still tears threatening to fall from her eyes.


"Don't touch me as you like! Stay away from me!" Saying that she ran into the forest, trying to be alone for a while and organize her thoughts. She stopped after running for a few hundred meters, away from Richard and Anna. Her body was still trembling from the pressure she had been under so far. Taking a deep breath, she sat at the ground and started pondering.


If that was a test, and it was necessary to go through it, she could understand Richard. But why did he try to make her forcefully exterminate those people? Remembering the speech which he had given, she felt that he was trying to hide the fact that he really wanted to exterminate them.


That was understandable, too. After all, the humans almost exterminated the vampires! Of course, Richard would have such feelings. But she had mixed feelings about this. She was a vampire now, yes. But, she had been human once. She might deny that fact, but it was still there in her heart. She sighed and started thinking about what to do from now on.


In the meantime, Richard had been watching in the direction of Erin. She was just too kind, but well, that wasn't really a bad thing. He looked at the direction of the village. Should he destroy it? Shaking his head, he decided against that. If he did it, Erin would take another blow from this. He had to slowly change her, but still, keep some of her good nature. Though for him the humans were an eternal enemy. She wasn't there at that time and didn't experience that nightmare.


"Anna, let's move to the forest. We'll prepare a camp nearby and rest there. Call Erin too. Tomorrow I'll teach her a new skill. After that, we'll move to the human territory."


Anna nodded and started searching for Erin. Two minutes later, she found her under a tree. Erin was lost in thought, not noticing her at all.


"Master, it's time to make a camp. Do you want to stay here a bit more or come with us?" She asked.


Erin turned her head slowly and nodded. She got up and started walking with Anna. Her mind was finally cleared. For her, Richard was at fault, so she would still ignore him. As they walked, Erin saw something moving in the bushes. Her instinct kicked and she moved fast to avoid what was coming. In the next moment, a huge tiger jumped from the side, trying to pin her down, but it missed its target.


Anna was startled from the sudden ambush. Seeing that she was not its target, she heaved a sigh of relief. But it was still troublesome. The tiger was quite strong for a normal beast. They could rival some of the magical beasts. She watched as Erin prepared to fight the tiger.


Erin concentrated on it. In the next moment, her silhouette disappeared, merging with the shadows. The tiger's body stopped for a moment, losing its target. As he tried to find it again, there was suddenly a sharp pain at his abdomen. Erin was next to him, piercing him.


As the tiger was about to retaliate, she disappeared again. As Anna watched that, she was amazed by her master's skills. It seemed like she was well trained. Anna felt that there was no need to worry. She relaxed and started watching the fight.


Erin appeared again, trying to pierce the tiger's neck. But this time, she failed. The tiger avoided her attack and used his paw to make a bloody mark at her hand. She inhaled sharply and returned to the shadows, circling the tiger slowly and waiting for an opportunity.


A few moments later, she appeared again, making another wound at his back.




The tiger was furious, trying to snap at Erin, but she merged with the shadows again. Now his instincts warned him that he should run, so the tiger prepared to run away from there.


As he was about to start running, Erin appeared again, making a wound at his left leg at the back. The tiger roared again, using the tail to hit Erin. The tail was like a whip, hitting her and leaving a bloody mark at her waist. She hissed from the pain and returned to the shadows again.


Now the only thing she had to do was to wait for the tiger to bleed to death. He was already seriously wounded. Waiting for about ten minutes, the tiger finally succumbed to exhaustion. There were already a few more wounds on his body in those ten minutes. Finally, it fell down to the ground, breathing weakly. Erin used this chance to finish it off and thrust her nails at the tiger's neck. As she did that, she started drinking its blood to regenerate her wounds and energy.


Anna was waiting at the side with a smile. After Erin finished her bloodsucking, Anna came next to her. " Master, let's go make a camp now. We need to change your clothes too. They are all ruined.


Erin nodded and started walking with Anna. "I told you to call me Erin!" She murmured. Anna's smile widened. "Yes, Erin," she said.