Chapter 49: New companion
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As the girls separated from Richard, Lyse started to change her clothes. Erin's eyes widened when she saw the girl's body. The scars were all over her body. There wasn't actually a place without a scar. Those wounds were from whips and daggers. You could see that the girl was tortured in the past. That made Erin even more shocked.


"Those scars.." She couldn't help but murmur. Lyse' body trembled, hearing that. "S-some of those are from h-humans, some f-from elves. And s-some I got w-while I was trying to s-survive." Lyse said in a weak voice.


Anna wasn't surprised by this. After all, Lyse was a half-elf, so that was normal. She was even lucky to be still alive. Most of the half-elves couldn't survive till adulthood. It was not like they were born only to suffer. It was just that the elves were too prideful to acknowledge the half-elves in their society and the humans loved to play with them since the half-elves are mostly beautiful.


Lyse tried to put up the new dress on her, but almost stumbled and fell with the dress over her. Anna moved fast and picked her up. "Do you want me to help you with the dress?" She asked.


Lyse nodded and looked up at Anna with grateful eyes. The dress was quite simple as it was one of Erin's travel clothes. It consisted of a black shirt, leather trousers, and a tanned leather jacket. As Lys put them on with Anna's help, she looked quite pretty.


After Lyse finally managed to put her dress on, they returned to the camp where Richard was waiting for them. He already had the meat of some magical beast ready for eating. Lyse' stomach growled again and she put her hands on it. As she watched the meat, a bit of saliva dripped from the left side of her mouth.


The meat was served and even though it was half-cooked, the elf girl started eating it in relish. She filled her mouth to the point where her cheeks were puffed up and red.


Erin watched this with wide eyes. That girl sure was starving, or she couldn't actually try to eat so much in one go. As she was about to remind her to be slower, she heard a yelp from Lyse. The girl chewed a bit more and swallowed hard. "I-I bit my t-tongue."  Lyse' eyes were teary already. She was barely keeping her tears from falling. That scene was just too cute.


The two girls started giggling watching this. As for Richard, well, he really was at a loss for words. What could he think about this? An unknown girl just joined them, with who knew what in mind. But as he watched this, he couldn't see her as an enemy. She was just so... weak?


After finishing their meal, everyone turned to Lyse. Now it was her turn to choose whether she was to stay or not. Thinking about it, she finally made her choice. "I'll stay with your group f-for now." She said.


Erin grinned. She was happy to have one more companion, Anna was fine with it too, and about Richard, well even if he was against it, could he say it? But he was fine either way.


That night, the 3 girls slept together, and Richard was one more time alone... He felt quite frustrated about this. Erin would be his future wife, they needed to be closer! Giving it some more thought, he realized that he had never mentioned that to her. He shook his head. Even if he mentioned it, who knew if he would only scare her away.


The next day, they continued with their journey and Erin started her training again. Lyse watched from the side, with a smile at her face. That was the first time someone accepted her so fast and gave her food and clothes, and didn't even insult her. She liked that atmosphere.


As the journey continued, Erin got used to the new skill, finally able to summon shadows and engulf her surroundings. Still, it lasted only about 10 seconds. After that, she was fully exhausted.


Finally, after 12 days they reached the human city. It lay in the horizon. You could say that it was really a big city. Erin was a bit excited about it, whereas the others had mixed feelings. Especially Lyse, she was with a hood now, or else she might get in trouble.


Like that, the group finally came to the city.