Chapter 88: Wait til Sunset
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Hakuta was ecstatic about his ability to convince her, even though it was about the equivalent of whenever his friends forced him into doing something he didn’t want to do. Perhaps the gals were influencing him a bit too much these days.

Either way, he was able to achieve his wish on being with this girl again. Now all he wanted to do was find a way to continue this without her once again avoiding him once things were all over.

Rouko also had her eye close on the circumstances. If there was one part of him that confused her the most, it was his fixation on the class’s representative. He had always been a bit of a recluse from her time of knowing him. Ignoring his forced situation, this one seemed to be out of this boy’s character.

So it interested her a bit to see how he ticked. Despite knowing about the feelings from Ninka, he hadn’t shown any signs of wanting to get with her. The same went with his supposed denseness towards Shiuka’s feelings. But perhaps it wasn’t because he was simply an ignorant person. Rouko wonder if perhaps it was actually this other girl, one much more reserved than her own friends, which had captured his heart.

“So were you enjoying the party without us?” She started off the conversation as they aimlessly wandered about to search for the student council president. “Hope we didn’t put too much of a damper for you.”

“I’m not personally interested in parties, but I made an exception in respect to the president.” It was an honor to have their council president interested in her becoming the eventually successor. Even if there were connections made due to her family, both on the board and because of her father. “I’m not surprised to see you here, but Yamamoto is definitely a curiosity.”

“One thing led to another and I guess here I am.” He gave a poor explanation on his presence here. There was no particularly good reason for the boy to be here nor was he actually enjoying himself. “I’m just more awestruck at how many students are here. I thought it would’ve just been a single class or something.”

“It does seems that there’s more than just third years too.” She replied, noting other students beyond just themselves. “But that’s likely because I’ve been informed there will be an idol coming in to perform.”

“An idol!?” Rouko’s jaw dropped from the news. “Wow, the seniors really went all out today.”

“It’s more that she’s an alum from the school. Graduated before we all came here, so that’s why you’re not aware of her.”

“The school I go to really is special, isn’t it?” Hakuta made a comment to himself. Everyone seemed to be important or have something else going on for their lives. When he first started, it seemed like he was the only one who was normal. Well, most people probably thought he basically represented the kid who was comically poor. While his financial situation was absurd, he certainly didn’t find it funny at all.

“Don’t worry.” Rouko overheard his muttering. “I think you’re a special guy too.” She gave him a playful punch into the arm, making reference and light about his living circumstances. If she wanted to hide it, then the boy wasn’t a fan of her playing so loose with this information.

“It’s not really a big deal.” Said Ino, giving him a cold look from his newfound relationship with Rouko.

“Ah, there you are.” As they walked while searching, it was their student council president who found them instead. “Here’s a bottle of the tea you were asking for.”

“Thank you.” She took it politely, attempting to avoid eye contact with the boy and girl she was with.

“Are these two your friends?” The older girl asked. “I know every third year and I’ve never seen them before.”

“We’re classmates.” Ino answered before the other two were able to make their introductions. “We just happened to run into each other here, that’s all.” It was a cold enough answer that it was abundantly clear she did not consider herself friendly with either of them at all. Even the president was surprised to see her being so upset.

“Ino, would you like to talk elsewhere?” There was another girl who was with the president. She was the vice president, a girl whom wore glasses and shared a resemblance to Ino. Which was not a shock given they had some relation through their parents.

“Sure.” She agreed, then turned to say one last thing to the other two. “You two go ahead and enjoy yourselves, don’t worry about me.”

“Have fun!” Rouko gave a cutesy wave goodbye, while Hakuta only managed a small awkward wave as the two girls left them.

“A-anyway, p-president.” Once they were alone, the boy realized they were not alone with the student council president of all people. She had a reputation for being nice, she till had that cool beauty look to her. The one which meant business and he got scared considering they shouldn’t be here. “Hope we’re not intruding on anything.”

“Geez could you act a little less suspicious?” Rouko gave him a nudge on the side. It astounded her how he had managed to keep his secret for as long as he did. “We’re not doing anything wrong.”

“You weren’t invited. But I suppose as long as you don’t cause any trouble, then things will be fine.” She told them.

“Oh, I heard there’s going to be an idol performing.” Said Rouko, which caused Hakuta to want to hide his face from her mentioning a piece of information they likely were not supposed to be aware of. “Is that true? ‘Cuz I bet my friends would love to see her perform.”

“This is what I was worried about.” The president shook her head in disappointment. “I wanted to keep that private so we wouldn’t get swamped by everyone already. But yes, there will be an idol performance later tonight.” It was most assured that by then, more people who weren’t even students would want to show up to want to watch it. This was a rather popular young idol after all, even if she wasn’t available anymore in terms of the dating market.

“Wow, I need to tell the others.” Rouko whipped out her phone from a place where Hakuta wasn’t sure how she had this the entire time considering she was only wearing a rather skimpy bikini. “They’ll love this.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t.” He put his hand over her phone to give her a momentary pause. “Technically we’re not supposed to be here either. So I don’t know if they want us to bring more people.”

“He’s not wrong.” The president told them. “But this idol did used to go to our school and she said she’d love to have performed for the entire student body, not just us third years.” Though the circumstances of making it basically a free show meant it wouldn’t be easy finding a venue to fit a constantly growing list of guests. Which was why they chose the open area of a beach for this concert.

“How about I just wait a little bit then.” Rouko saved the draft of her message for the other girls. “They probably would blabber their mouths if I told them now. So if I hold off, that means less people will find out.”

“It certainly will help out.” She responded. “Fine, I’ll allow it since you two seem like good people.”

“Wow, that’s real kind of you.” Hakuta commented on her actions towards people who were essential strangers. “We haven’t even done anything.”

“Were this last year, I’d probably be more strict on you two and have kicked you out.” She admitted. “But a real special boy taught me to be willing to give people better chances.”

“Ooh, sounds like our student president’s got a boyfriend.” Rouko teased.

“It’s really not like that.” The joke didn’t fly real well for the other girls. So Rouko quickly laid off the humor so they wouldn’t push it and get themselves kicked out anyway. With that, they were let off to be free to do whatever they wished without any concern anymore. There was only one problem, that being what to do was how they could pass the time until night came.

“Ugh, I think the lamest thing about you is that you’re not really into all the fun stuff at a party.” Said Rouko as they returned to moving around aimlessly. It was a common occurrence for the boy whenever he was in a situation he was not used to.

“It’s not my fault all there is to do around here is dance to music, eat food, and swim.” Two out of the three things he had listed were far from what the boy considered to be fun at all. And the only part that he was cool with was only because it was a necessity for living.

“What about that TV over there?” Rouko pointed over to a spot where someone had set up a medium size television. When he took a look at it, Hakuta’s eyes lit up when he saw this wasn’t just some TV setup. There were video games being played.